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Anton Bauer Ultra lightAnton Bauer Ultra light

Anton Bauer Ultra light

The Ultralight System was designed to include a variety of lighting options including tungsten - standard with the Ultralight 2 (UL 2), HMI with the Ultra DAY light and low power consumption LED with ULHM-LED . This complete system provides creative options and flexibility to achieve the perfect light for any shot quickly and seamlessly. Featuring the integral PowerTap cable which plugs directly into the PowerTap receptacle on all Gold Mounts, the Ultralight System shares power with the camera from a single battery.

The compact, lightweight UL2 base is the foundation of this quick change head module system without adding any perceptible weight, bulk or external cables. Simply select the type of light needed and slide the desired head module on the UL2 base. No special equipment or tools are required. Instantly change from daylight to tungsten to LED and back by simply swapping head modules - no twisting, turning or handling of bulbs. And unlike any other on - camera light, with the head module removed, the base folds down into itself like a pocket knife and can remain on the camera at all times even when the camera is in its case.

Note: The Ultralight 2 base is required for use with the Ultra DAY light or ULHM-LED. Anton/Bauer recommends plugging the UL2 into the Gold Mount PowerTap in all applications. This will avoid the limiting circuits of some Sony cameras.


Anton Bauer Ultra light
Anton Bauer Ultra light AntonBauer Satellite Adapter
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