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AntonBauer ULHM-LED light
AntonBauer ULHM-LED light
Product Code: ULHMLED
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The ULHM-LED fits any UL2 base providing heat free and flicker free soft 5600K light. These LEDs are ideal for many applications, yet consume very little battery power. A 3200K filter is included with each light, allowing for quick changes to properly match color temperatures, and a dimmer allows for adjustment of 0-100% with minimal color temperature change.
Note: Requires UL2 base which is sold separately or standard with the purchase of the UL2 LED package.

Specifications of ULHM-LED:

• Size: 5.64 x 1.62 x 4.50 in (14.33 x 4.11 x 11.43 cm)
• Weight: 0.4 lbs (0.2 kg)


Ultra light
UL 2-6
UL 2-20
UL 2-L
Ultralight Dimmer
Satellight Adapter
Ultralight Filters


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