Azden 1201URX/AB On-Camera Receiver

Azden 1201URX/AB

On-Camera Receiver

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 Azden 1201URX/AB On-Camera Receiver

Azden 1201URX/AB On-Camera Receiver
Product Code: 1201URX/AB
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Whether you use a Panasonic® or Ikegami® camera with "slot-in" receiver capabilities, or use the Anton-Bauer® Gold Mount®, or a V-Mount battery, there's an Azden 1201 designed specifically for your use.

The all new receivers and transmitters include:
• New compander circuit for more natural sound
• New DTV-compatible (188) frequencies covering 4 UHF TV bands
• True diversity system with 2 complete front-ends and high-gain antennas
• Dielectric filters throughout, for improved image rejection and superior diversity isolation
• High 5th-order filters for improved S/N ratio
• Multi-function LCD shows channel, frequency, battery info, AF level, and diversity operation

Transmitters also feature: New circuitry, powered by only 2-"AA" batteries, new plug-in transmitter with 48V phantom power capability

1201URX/AB - 1201URX/Si - 1201URX/VM
RF Carrier Frequency Range: 188 steps ~ 638.125 - 661.875 MHz
Micro Computer Controlled PLL Synth.
Noise Reduction: Expander (THAT)
Effective Operating Range: 200 - 300 ft ~ 60 - 100m
Frequency Response: 50 - 15kHz (± 1.5dB)
RF Sensitivity: (12dB SINAD) 1.2μV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: > 70dB (± 250kHz)
Image Rejection: > 93dB
IF Rejection: > 93dB
Audio THD: < 0.8%
Audio Output: 40dBm ± 40kHz Deviation (-20dBm ± 40kHz Deviation for 1201URX\Si)
Output Impedance: 600Ω (300Ω for 1201URX\Si)
Signal/Noise Ratio: > 62dB (± 5kHz Deviation) "A" Weighted

Power Requirements: 11 - 15V DC @ 220mA (10 - 17V DC @ 200mA for 1201URX\Si)
Dimensions: 68W x 84H x 18D mm - 1201URX/Si insertion
93W x 119H x 49D mm - 1201URX/AB
82W x 150H x 60D mm - 1201URX/VM
Operating Temperature Range: -50 - +122 F ~ -10 - +50 C
Weight: 8.8 ounces ~ 250g for 1201URX/Si
15.87ounces ~ 450g for 1201URX/AB
26.45ounces ~ 750g for 1201URX/VM
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