Azden SGM-DSLR Shotgun Microphone

Azden SGM-DSLR Shotgun Microphone

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Azden SGM-DSLR Broadcast Quality Shotgun Microphone

Azden SGM-DSLR Shotgun Microphone
Product Code: SGMDSLR

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A broadcast quality shotgun microphone, the new SGM-DSLR is designed to meet the demands of the advanced DSLR user. Unlike the plastic housing of many competitor's microphones, the all-metal SGM-DSLR with its' shock-mount holder eliminates camera lens motor noise. Additionally, its long, metal, lightweight barrel offers superior directionality and wide response. Powered by a supplied LR-44 Alkaline battery, the SGM-DSLR comes complete and also includes: a shock-mount microphone holder with shoe, Azden logo foam windscreen and DSLR output cable.

Technical Specs:
Frequency Response: 80-18,000Hz
Sensitivity: Super Cardioid -33dB re: 1V/PA
Impedance: 1.5k ohms @ 1KHz
Max. SPL Input Level: 103dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 65dB
Dynamic Range: 78dB
Battery Type: LR-44 - supplied Alkaline battery
Battery Current: 0.5 mA
Battery Life: 150 hours w/Alkaline battery
Weight w/o Battery: 3.75oz (106grams)
Dimensions: 8.34" (212mm) length
Dimensions: 0.83" (21mm) diameter
Output Type: 3.5mm mini-jack
Supplied Acc.: Shock-mount microphone holder with shoe
Supplied Acc.: 1-Azden logo windscreen
Supplied Acc.: 1-DSLR cable (3.5mm mini - 3.5mm mini)
Supplied Acc.: 1-LR-44 Alkaline battery
Weight 2.00 lbs

Comparison Chart:
Frequency Response 60Hz - 18kHz 80Hz - 18kHz 80Hz - 18kHz 80Hz - 16kHz
Low Cut Roll off 6dB / octave @200Hz 6dB / octave @200Hz N/A N/A
Sensitivity Super Cardioid -41dB @ 1V/Pa -38dB @ 1V/Pa -33dB @ 1V/Pa -33dB @ 1V/Pa
Sensitivity Omni-directional 45dB @ 1V/Pa N/A N/A N/A
Impedance 130Ω 130Ω 1.5Ω 130Ω
Max. SPL 120dB 120dB 103dB 120dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 70dB 70dB 65dB 70dB
Dynamic Range 85dB 80dB 78dB 80dB
Power Requirement AAA (1.5V) battery / 0.2mA AAA (1.5V) battery / 0.2mA LR-44 alkaline battery / 0.5mA Phantom DC 11-52V / 2.5mA
Battery Life 1000 hours w/ alkaline 1000 hours w/ alkaline 150 hours N/A
Weight (w/o battery) Long: 6.5oz (185g)
Short: 3.9oz (110g)
4.75oz (135g) 3.75oz (106g) 3.9oz (110g)
Dimensions Long: 15" (380mm) length
Short: 7.6" (193mm) length
0.83" (21mm) diameter
12.3" (312mm) length
0.83" (21mm) diameter
8.5" (216mm) length
0.83" (21mm) diameter
5.9" (150mm) length
0.83" (21mm) diameter
Output 3-pin XLR 3-pin XLR 3.5mm mini-jack 3-pin XLR
Accessories Shock mount, 2 Windscreen, Carry pouch, O-Ring x 4pcs Shock mount, 1 Windscreen, Carry pouch, O-Ring x 4pcs Shock mount, 1 Windscreen, Carry pouch, 1 Output cable, 1LR-44 Battery Shock mount, 1 Windscreen, Carry pouch
* Due to constant improvements, Specifications are subject to change without notice
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