Canon W80Y-85 Crossover Adapter

Canon W80Y-85

Crossover Adapter and Wide Converter

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 Canon W80Y-85 Crossover Adapter and Wide Converter
Canon started out as a company with a handful of employees and a burning passion to produce the finest optical equipment available. That company soon became a world-renowned camera maker and is now a global multimedia corporation. Their ongoing development of new and existing technologies has given Canon hi-ranking status as manufacturers of extremely fine broadcast cameras, lenses, and accessories.

Switching to 4:3 mode on a 2/3" camcorder results in a 20% loss of width in your image. The Canon W80-85 0.8X Crossover Adapter and Wide Converter allows you to regain that width. This device is a cost effective solution that eliminates your need to buy a ratio converter equipped lens.


Reduces M.O.D. by 0.64x
No light loss, aperture remains constant
0.8x magnification delivers a 20% wider angle of view
Applicable to Canon 20x, 19x & 18x lenses and Switchable 4:3/16:9 Canon Cameras

Canon W80Y-85 Crossover Adapter
Product Code: W80Y85

Type: Crossover adapter and wide converter
Application: Canon ENG lenses
Format: 2/3"
Lens Mount: Canon bayonet
Zoom Through: Yes
Magnification: 0.8x
Converted Focal Length: Not applicable, depends on master lens
Minimum Object Distance: M.O.D. is decreased by 0.64x




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