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Order and Payment Procedure - via www.expandore.biz

Common Q and A

Where can I place my order
How do I make the order : Step 1, 2
How do I make my payment
What is the delivery arrangement
Which Country can we ship
About our offered price
Why are the web prices different from your shop
If your cargo are insured and in Event of loss cargo or damaged cargo, what can you do ?
About GST refund for Tourist

Select your equipment :
1 ) Please select the product/ equipment/ you need from www.expandore.biz, by clicking the .
2 ) Select  " Continue Shopping"  for more purchase or   "Checkout " button to submit the final order.
3 ) If you are new to this web page, upon Clicking " Checkout" button you will be promoted to make a registration
     and select your choice of password for the next ordering purpose.
4) The next step is to select your payment mode and followed by
5) Clicking " Calculate  Shipping charge "

If you are agreeable to the final offer, please click " confirm " or else  abort.
Note : You may also submit your order via
www.expandore.com by clicking on, you will be re-directed to www.expandore.biz

You will then be prompted to  register your detail for delivery purpose

Place your order :

Once you have check out and submitted your order via our www.expandore.biz, you should be receiving
an e-mail informing the order status and estimated delivery schedule for your order.

If you are agreeable with our offer and delivery time , you may then proceed with the next step - Payment.

Note :
If you are an organization or company and need document to effect the payment please send your request or e-mail us. We will then send you our Proforma Invoice/ Sales Agreement.

If all terms and conditions stated in our offer are agreed, you need to endorse on our Proforma Invoice/Sales Agreement ,
this can be done either by faxing or e-mail us.

You should receive our acknowledgement and instruction via e-mail before proceeding with your payment.


Payment :We accept the following payment modes only
  • Wire Transfer through the bank to our account prior to the delivery.
  • www.paypal.com + 3.5 % surcharge payable to sales@expandore.com
  • Credit card on line - this is only possible through www.paypal.com gateway, once they have accepted
    your registrations then you may pay us using credit card thru www.paypal.com.
  • We DO NOT accept online credit card. For credit card payment, you need to be presence in person in our office/Shop.
  • Cash - this is only applicable if the purchase is done in our  shop with prior arrangement
    and with deposit placed earlier before your arrival for self collect. Please note for Cash Payment we accept only Singapore Dollars.


Delivery Arrangement:

There are several ways we can help you to arrange the order & delivery and estimate your freight cost to your
required destination. Please furnish sufficient details for us to assist you.

1) Recipient's or Consignee's name.
2) Country, Name of the International Air/Sea Port (For Bulk cargo only)
3) Your Address, Contact Telephone and fax no. (This is needed if you've chosen delivery to your door step)
4) Preferred Method of delivery. (See below)
5) Other information which you think is important for your delivery.
6) Arrangement of cargo Insurance. (We can get one for you if requested )

Note: Only Delivery mode 1 and 4 are available in for order via
Others are meant for bulky purchases.

Delivery Methods
By Express courier services, door to door e.g.  UPS, FedEx , DHL etc Good for speedily and door to door services, small parcel or weight less than 45kg. You can monitor the movement and whereabouts of your cargo on the internet. The courier companies can also act as your agent to settle the import duties, VAT etc, if applicable, on your behalf.

By Air to your selected International airports. Good and economical for total shipping weight 45kg and above. You need a local forwarder to assist you. This is best for bulky goods

By Sea-freight to International sea ports. Most economical for bulky and heavy items , but it takes longer time.
eg, at least 5 days to HK, 8 days to Japan and 20 days to USA.

Self-collect in Singapore If you have representative or delivery agent in Singapore, or you are visiting us to do  your own collection. You are in complete control of goods yourself.
Please note you have to pay for the GST  in Singapore, but this is refundable upon your departure from the International airport . For details please view the URL below.


If you need our assistance please do not hesitate to inform us, we will do our best to serve you.
Note : Our freight cost estimate does not include  import duties and taxes in your home country, if applicable.
Unless otherwise requested, the buyers/ customers have to arrange their own cargo insurance for the shipment.

Countries Covered :

As far as UPS , FedEx and DHL  couriers services covered, we honor the order

List of countries

Our offered price as stated in our web :

Please note the price stated in our www.expandore.biz  is based on Ex-warehouse Singapore
in currency  ( USD, Euro or  SGD ) selectable by you.
Price stated is before GST and Duties ( if applicable )
It does not include your local duties, VAT, sales tax etc if applicable.

Your order will be in good hand of the courier companies, please hear  the comments from our customers
Why are the web prices different from your stores

Our shop are staffed with a comprehensive range  of product and manned by sales support staff, each of whom strive to be responsive and pleasant to deal with.

We're also able to assist customers with any item from our inventory to inspect and test.

The cost of this customers' service is an increased overhead for our in-shop prices, to pay for the store space, the training of our employees, and other considerations not present online.

We're happy to offer competitive prices online and hope that you will be satisfied with your purchase no matter where you decide to buy.



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