Sony HXR-NX5R Multi-purpose Full HD NXCAM Camcorder

Sony HXR-NX5R Professional HD Camcorder with Latest technology

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Please note there are 2 types of Sony HXR-NX5R, one for 50 Hz countries, the others is for 60 Hz
We offer both here.

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Latest Sony HXR-NX5R!
Sony HXR-NX5R Full HD Professional Camcorder
Sony launched the impressive Sony HXR-NX5R Full HD Professional Camcorder. This professional camera comes as a perfect replacement for previous versions Pro camcorders like HXR-NX5, HXR-NX5U, and Sony HXR-NXCAM. This latest production features an array of spectacular specifications that makes it desirable for professional videography. From the lenses to the hardware components, this Sony professional video camera is almost irresistible.

Exclusive Specifications
Sony HXR-NX5R camera boasts a record of 20 times zoom. That makes it a better Sony Pro camera compared to Sony HXR-NX5 when it comes to zooming experience. Also, the camera also features 40 times magnification capability. Ideally, that features makes it one of the best in the market on pixel counts. Sony HXR-NX5R also has an enhanced transparent display for better functionality. To make the most out of this incredible feature, it is advisable to take advantage of an ideal app called OLED VF. It focuses on providing enhanced color description of the resulting videos.

Easier sharing than ever before
Unlike most pro camcorders that require connection to external media storage to enable transfer of files, this Sony HXR-NX5R latest camcorder enjoys an inbuilt Wi-Fi system. Taking advantage of this spectacular features means will now be able to upload the video contents using FTP wireless networks. Even better turning on the Wi-Fi enabled sharing via smart phones. This spectacular feature is not evident in other competing camcorders. The alternative sharing option is the USTREAM. This high-end product allows faster and flawless distribution of videos via USTREAM..

Better Videography Experience
It is more of the passion and intense involvement. Nothing brings out that experience better than this professional camcorder. Sony HXR-NX5R grants the professional an opportunity of monitoring live video directly from the camera. With the start and stop recording buttons, you can now set up the camera, focus, and sit back. It also comes with advanced technology that enabled live streaming of movies to the external devices. Lastly, the camcorder enables the use of wireless microphones like UWP-D11. You would not need any cables or external batteries to use such earphones with this system.

Better Functionality
The Sony HXR-NX5R camera comes with 3G-SDI port, which offers better Full HD output functionality. For easier access without necessarily using the menu process, this professional piece comes with a joystick. This improved functionality enables easier capturing of more shots within a short time. Storage is yet another critical aspect that Sony HXR-NX5R takes into consideration. Sony HXR-NX5R camcorder comes handy with two SD card slots to enable increased recording time and recording flexibility. Even more resoundingly, the video camera is designed with minimum power usage in mind.

Designed for Professionals
Sony HXR-NX5R choice of camcorder largely depends on one's niche. For professionals handling major cooperate events, weddings, graduation ceremonies, celebrity parties and commercial sports, a good choice of the camera with impeccable specifications is necessary. You need a camera with a longer battery life, enhanced storage capacity and one that guarantees quality shots. Most importantly, you need enhanced lighting for clarity of pictures and videos. Unlike its predecessors like Sony HXR-NX5 and Sony NXCAM, which required external lighting sources, Sony HXR-NX5R is a professional camcorder with built-in LED light.

Sony HXR-NX5R Review

**Admin** 09/05/17
Firmware Update HXR-NX5R Ver.1.10
1. FLANGE BACK Adjusting is supported.
2. The update of USTREAM Certificate List is supported.

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