Sony PXW-Z90 Palm camcorder with broadcast quality 4K HDR, Fast Hybrid AF & 3G-SDI

Sony PXW-Z90 Palm camcorder with Broadcast quality 4K (QFHD) and HD

Product Code: PXW-Z90

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• Dual XLR inputs
• Dual media slots
• Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
• Wide choice of connections
• Easily Synchronize Multiple Camcorders
• Broadcast quality 4K (QFHD) and HD
• Stunning slow motion in Full HD
• Instant HDR workflows

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Sony PXW-Z90 4K HDR Palm Camcorder
For several years now, Sony has pride itself in being a leading manufacturer of communications, IT products, audio and imaging products. It can as well be said to be among the leading electronics and entertainment powerhouses. Out of the multiple state of the art products Sony boasts of, camcorders have stood out as some of the most sought after. In the past, Sony has produced a series of spectacular 4K camcorders, second to none.

Earlier in the year 2017, Sony announced three startling new camcorders, the HXR-NX80, FDX-AX700 and the startling PXW-Z90. While each camcorder has something unique to offer, it is un doubtable that the magnificent Sony PXW-Z90 4K HDR Palm Camcorder has gotten so many people talking. What is so unique about this camera? Why would one want to invest in it? Saying there are two or three reasons for this would be a lie. People love this camcorder because of the plethora of features it boasts of.

Instant High Dynamic Range (HDR)
For a start, this camera supports instant HDR workflow. As such, the camcorder is capable of recording in Hybrid Log Gama with very little post-production. In addition, this device also promises highly accurate tracking and focusing while shooting. With the help of the advanced AF algorithm, it is easier for the camera to focus even when one is shooting in Ultra-HD. Considering these latest changes in Sony's AF System, we can as well say that it is giving Canon, which is famous for the dual Pixel AF Systems, its run for the money.

4K Camcorders
With this product, you will be able to achieve full HD at 120fps. It is worth noting that the 4K is restricted to 30p. Yet again, you won't fail to notice the top-notch resolution OLED viewfinder featured in the new camcorder. Together with enhanced touch screen operation, one will be able to change focus between subjects with lots of ease. In summary, some of the most outstanding features of this camcorder include;
• Full HD recording of up to 120fps
• 3G-SDI
• Slow motion recording enable. One can set up to 960fps
• 4K pixel readout(full)
• Detachable handle
• XACV format recording

Efficient system
With the new camcorder comes an extensive range of efficiency benefits. From relay recording to proxy recording, there is so much that comes in place. Also featured are double slots for memory cards. Focusing and tracking while filming just got easier with the presence of Fast Hybrid AF System and lock-on auto focus.

The PXW-Z90 takes pride in being the first palm-size camcorder with the abilities to deliver 4K HDR content HLG workflows. The versatile connections evident in this new camcorder also ensure ease of broadcast workflows. With the camcorder also comes standard 3G-SDI output. Such features promote the compatibility and remote control of several Sony accessories. From the look of things, one can only arrive at one conclusion; things are bound to be more interesting in the filming arena.

Enhanced Experience
When shooting 4K films, there is need for accurate focusing. Achieving that with the normal camera recorders isn't an easy feat and Sony seems to have observed that. What it brings is an improved device that scales down the heavy burden of focusing. With the help of face detection AF frames, users can now find it easy monitoring subjects under focus.

The 4K HDR capabilities featured in this camcorder delivers nothing short of an elegant experience. The instant HDR workflow coupled with other advanced features ensure that one has less post-production work to deal with.

Technology at its best
To ensure versatile shooting and exhilarating filming experience, Sony PXW-Z90 4K HDR Palm Camcorder comes fully fitted with an assortment of fine technological features. For one, the device features 4K full pixel readout without any chance of pixel binning. In addition, you will have the liberty of working easily with various images as you please, thanks to S-Log 3G. In case your subjects are in motion while shooting, you will have less to worry about in terms of image distortion because this camcorder has you covered.

Making a difference
Whether you are a freelancer working under strict deadlines or a journalist covering new stories as they unfold, Sony has once more equipped you with the right device. As they said in their press release, they have succeeded in empowering customers tell their stories in the most amazing ways.

Given the amazing features exhibited by this camcorder, professionals and filming enthusiasts cannot wait to get hold of it. If you happen to be one of them, the wait will soon end. The device is scheduled for release later in December 2017 alongside the much-anticipated HXR-NX80. For now, the best you can do is to exercise patience. Even as you do so, one thing is certain; you will fall in love with the product the moment you hold it in your palm!

• Amazingly fast precision auto focus
• First professional palm camcorder with 4K HDR
• Super slow motion up to 960fps* and S&Q motion up to 120fps**
• Versatile connections for broadcast workflows
• Dual XLR inputs
• Remote operation
• Dual media slots
• Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
• Wide choice of connections
• Simple live solution
• Revolutionary imaging performance with Exmor RS
• Enhanced Fast Hybrid auto focus captures action
• Instant HDR workflows
• Stunning slow motion in Full HD
• Broadcast quality 4K (QFHD) and HD
• Networked for high mobility
• Wide-angle zoom lens with great control

* 960 fps (NTSC). 1000 fps (PAL).
** 120fps (NTSC)/ 100fps (PAL)