Sony HXR-NX80 4K 1.0 type Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor palm-sized NXCAM camcorder

Sony HXR-NX80 1.0 type Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor palm-sized camcorder with XAVC S, Fast Hybrid AF & Instant HDR Workflow

Product Code: HXR-NX80

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• Instant HDR workflows
• Revolutionary imaging performance with Exmor RS
• Enhanced Fast Hybrid auto focus captures action
• Stunning slow motion in Full HD
• Professional quality 4K (QFHD) and HD
• Networked for high mobility
• Wide-angle zoom lens with great control
• Dual XLR inputs

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Sony HXR-NX80 4K NXCAM Camcorder
Technology has made it easier to capture some of the most scenic memories in lenses. While it is possible to point at an endless list of companies that have collectively contributed in making this a reality, one would easily agree that the buck starts with Sony. Over the years, Sony has equipped its customers with amazing products, allowing them to tell their stories in the best of ways. If you thought the camcorders available in the shops are the best Sony can offer, you are wrong. In a press statement earlier in the year 2017, the giant electronic company announced three camcorders, new and HDR. Handy-cam FDR-AX700, NXCAM HXR-NX80 and XDCAMPXW-Z90 are on their way. For the filming enthusiasts and professional who can't get enough of Sony HXR-NX80 4K NXCAM Camcorder, this review has you covered.

Effortless capture
HXR-NX80 palm camcorder is one you will fall in love with at first sight. The features available ensure you have an easier time when focusing on subject in-frame. This gives you an ample time concentrating in what you love most; capturing accurate shots.

12x optical zoom and 29mm ZEISS lenses featured in the camcorder makes the experience even more breathtaking. With 4K HDR recording capabilities, one cannot expect anything short of instant HDR workflow where this device is concerned. As many people have admitted, this camcorder sufficiently addresses the shortcomings of other common cameras.

An amazing bundle
Sony HXR-NX80 4K NXCAM Camcorder can as well be considered as a bountiful bundle of irresistible features. In the past, camcorders have focused on the actual filming while ignoring the essential aspect of post-production. This new camcorder comes handy in addressing this challenge. Ideally, one is a guaranteed a less involving post-production process.

Besides the common standalone features, one will also be delighted to know that the camcorder features other amazing properties including;
• Remote control
• Dual XLR audio input
• Detachable handle
• Exmor RS ensuring revolutionary performance in imaging
• Quality 4K and HD
• Super slow motion in Full HD
• High speed Auto Focus

HDR shooting made easier
Focusing and tracking a subject while shooting just got more interesting with lock-on autofocus technology available in this camcorder. HXR-NX80 boasts of being the first professional palm-held camcorder that is able to deliver unique HDR content. Since the camcorder is supportive of S-Log3, the user is also guaranteed startling imagery and additional abilities to cover a wide range of colors.

It is agreeable that high frame rate shots have the abilities of turning normal actions into slow motions. Well, SonyHXR-NX80 4K NXCAM Camcorder has unique capabilities of delivering 120fps. This can as well be considered 5 times slow motion compared to other common camcorders.

Dual storage media slots
A camcorder is considered efficient if it can endure a long recording time without the user worrying about memory status.HXR-NX80 NXCAM Camcorder supports that. The camcorder comes ready with double memory card slots that are compatible with SDHC and SDXC cards. In addition, the slots are also compatible with PRO-HG Duo. In case the first memory is full, there is automatic switching from the first memory card to the second one, thanks to relay mode. If you set Simul mod, there will be simultaneous recording to both memory cards. This comes handy in cases where one requires an instant back up. Just in case you missed it, the Start and Stop buttons can be used to start and stop recordings on individual memory cards without affecting the working of the other one.

Multi-Interface Shoe
Yet again, Sony has taken advantage of its Multi-Interface Shoe. This has the ability to supply signal connections and power to Sony accessories. For instance, one will be able to control Sony UWP-D wireless microphone after facilitating the connection.

MI Shoe aside, SonyHXR-NX80 4K NXCAM Camcorder presents out of the ordinary monitoring options, thanks to advanced OLED viewfinder. The excellent high resolution guarantees nothing less than stunning brightness in addition to response and contrast. With additional composition options provided by the LCD, it is agreeable that this camcorder delivers better precision. Ideally, it allows the user to focus more on the things he loves most while carefully taking care of the rest!

If your palms are already itching for this device, you will only have to wait for a few more months. It is expected that Sony HXR-NX80 4K NXCAM Camcorder will be released in December 2017 alongside the other two amazing camcorders. As for the price, you can set aside US$2700 as you wait for the official confirmation. Taking a closer look at the sea of amazing features evident in the camcorder, you will agree that a sweet deal it is indeed! Remember, we are authorized distributor so you can always make your pre orders early. After release, we will have the product delivered promptly and in good condition to your address.

• Amazingly fast precision auto focus
• First NXCAM professional palm camcorder with 4K HDR
• Super slow motion up to 960fps* and S&Q motion up to 120fps**
• Versatile connections for professional workflows
• Remote operation
• Dual media slots
• Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe
• Superb quality monitoring with enhanced OLED viewfinder
• Simple live solution
• Revolutionary imaging performance with Exmor RS
• Enhanced Fast Hybrid auto focus captures action
• Instant HDR workflows
• Stunning slow motion in Full HD
• Professional quality 4K (QFHD) and HD
• Networked for high mobility
• Wide-angle zoom lens with great control

* 960 fps (NTSC). 1000 fps (PAL).
** 120fps (NTSC)/ 100fps (PAL)