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Sony Digital Betacam
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Sony DVW M2000 (Discontinued)

This model has been discontinued
The DVW-M2000 Digital Betacam Recorder/Player is the redesigned successor to the DVW-A500. It is 4 RU tall, weighs less, and consumes less power, gives longer head life, and includes composite analog video input as a standard feature. It will also play back all of Sony's 1/2 inch SD tape formats (Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX and Digital Betacam.
High Quality Digital Betacam Recording
"Legacy" Format playback (Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX, Digital Betacam)
Accepts BKMW-104/1 HD Upconverter
Smaller, more lightweight than DVW-A500
Longer head life
Sony Digital Betacam
Product Code: DVWM2000
Features Benefits
High quality Digital Betacam Recording Highest quality SD images for program mastering
Legacy format playback Vast tape libraries remain viable
4 Channels of uncompressed audio Highest audio quality for program mastering
Accepts BKMW-104/1 HD Upconverter Standard definition tapes can be used in HD programs at 1080i or 720P
Bandwidth 0 to 5.75 MHz +0.5/-2.0 dB
Differential Gain 2% of less
Differential Phase 2% of less
K factor (2T pulse) 1% or less
S/N Ratio 56 dB or more
Y/C Delay 20 ns or less
Digital Audio Performance Specifications Detail:
Headroom 20 dB (18 dB selectable)
Quantization 20 bits/sample
Sampling Frequency 48 kHz (synchronized with video)
Wow & flutter Below measurable level
Digital Video Performance Specifications Detail:
Error Correction Reed-Solomon code
Quantization 10 bits/sample
Sampling Frequency Y: 13.5 MHz
General Specifications Detail:
Applications Studio Recorder/Player
Dimensions (W x H x D) 427 x 174 x 544 mm (16 7/8 x 6 7/8 x 21 1/2 inches)
Fast Forward/Rewind Time Approx. 3 min with BCT-D124L cassette
Format Digital Betacam
Load/Unload Time 6 s or less
Operating Humidity 20% to 90% (relative humidity)
Operating Temperature +5 °C to +40 °C (+41 °F to +104 °F)
Power Consumption 220 W
Power Requirements AC 100 V to 240 V 50/60 Hz
Servo Lock Time 0.5 (NTSC) 0.7 (PAL) s or less (from standby on)
Storage Temperature -20 °C to +60 °C (-4 °F to +140 °F)
Tape Format Digital Betacam
Weight 23.5 kg (52 lb 11 oz)
General - Record/Playback Time Specifications Detail:
HDCAM Max. 124 min with BCT-D124L cassette
General - Search Speed Range Shuttle Mod Specifications Detail:
Betacam/Betacam SP ±35 (NTSC)
±42 (PAL) times normal playback speed
Digital Betacam ±50 times normal playback speed
MPEG IMX ±78 times normal playback speed
General - Shuttle Mode Specifications Detail:
Betacam SX ±78 times normal playback speed
General - Tape Speed Specifications Detail:
Betacam SX 59.515 (NTSC)
59.575 (PAL) mm/s
Betacam/Betacam SP 118.6 (NTSC)
101.51 (PAL) mm/s
Digital Betacam 96.7 mm/s
53.776(PAL) mm/s
Input/Output Specifications Detail:
Analog Audio Input (CH1/2/3/4/CUE)
XLR (x4) (4CH: channel selectable)
Analog Audio Monitor Output XLR (x2) (channel selectable)
Analog Audio Output (CH1/2/3/4/CUE)
XLR (x4) (4CH: channel selectable)
Analog Component Output BNC (x3 including one character out)
1.0 Vp-p
75 Ω
Sync negative
Analog Composite Output BNC (x3 including one character out)
1.0 Vp-p
75 Ω
Sync negative
Control Panel Circular connector 10-pin
Digital Audio Input (CH1/2 3/4)
BNC (x2)
4 channels
Default 48 kHz (32 to 48 kHz with sample rate converter)
Complies with AES-3id-1995
Digital Audio Output (CH1/2 3/4)
BNC (x2)
4 channels
48 kHz fixed
Complies with AES-3id-1995
HD-SDI Output BNC (x3)
Headphone Output JM-60 Stereo phone jack
Parallel Remote D-sub 50-pin (x1)
Remote 1 Input D-sub 9-pin (x2)
Sony 9-pin remote interface
Remote Control D-sub 9-pin (x1)
RS-232C interface
SDI Output BNC (x3 including one character out)
SMPTE 259M (ITU-R BT.656-3)
270 Mb/s
Time Code Input XLR (x1)
Time Code Output XLR (x1)
Video Control D-sub 15-pin (x1 for connection with BVR-50/50P Video Controller)


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