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 Professional Video Outdoor Lighting Studio lighting for Professional Video Studio lighting for Professional Video
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At Expandore, we offer comprehensive range of professional Studio lighting, 3 points lighting system , On cameras lighting and outdoor lighting. Please visit our store  and may seek advice from us. Brands we are offering include LitePanel, BBS, Visio, Kioflo Socanland and etc.. Regionally we have presence in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand , India and Singapore.

Aputure LED Lights

Aputure LS 1 Aputure LS 1 Studio Aputure LS 1/2W Aputure HR-672 Aputure AL-528C Aputure AL-528S
LS 1 LS 1 Studio LS 1/2W HR672 AL-528C AL-528S
Aputure AL-528W Aputure AL-H198 Aputure Amaran AL-H160      
AL-528W AL-H198 AL-H160      

Litepanels LED Light Products

Litepanels LED Lighting Litepanels LED Light Kits          
LED Lighting LED Light Kits          

BBS Products

BBS Lighting Area 48 LED BBS Lighting Flyer Kit    
BBS Lighting Area 48 LED
Area 48 LED has interchangeable phosphor panels that helps to change the fixture in seconds.
BBS Lighting Flyer Kit

Flyer Kit is portable, can carry easily and can do fast lighting setup with full kit.



 Socanland LED Lights

Socanland Digital Bi-color Lights Socanland Bi-color Lights Socanland Bi-focus Lights Socanland Single Color Lights Socanland LED On-Camera Lights
Digital Bi-Color Lights Bi-color Lights Bi-focus Lights Single Color Lights LED On-Camera Lights