EVS XTnano Production and Media Server

EVS XTnano Production Server

Product Code: XTNANO

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  • Live replay system
  • HD or SD configurations
  • Live feed with permanent loop recording
  • Secured RAID storage
  • Replay with instant control, unmatched reactivity and variable speeds
  • Highlights editing functions
  • Playout control
  • User-friendly and intuitive Nano Remote controller
  • Fully redundant power supply
  • Built-in multiviewer (Quad split) with HD and SD outputs
  • GigE network for faster than real time A/V file transfer between servers and digital archive on removable media
  • Full 3D capable (dual link)

Designed for Live sports productions and operating in low-cost budgets. XTnano is the slow motion replay server from EVS for HD/SD. XTnano is ideal for necessary high-speed operations with more reliability. XTnano features adjustable design. Like XT3, XT nano also supports the same broadcast codecs, but supplied with one codec choice while order.

XTnano can be used in various applications such as live feed recording, slow motion and super motion replays, clipping
and playlist control. XTnano has GigE networking options that helps to play Audio and Video files at the same time and convey to other EVS servers as well as to all standard NLE and archive systems.

XTnano is available in four or six channel models as well as it can be expanded upto eight channels by using its Channel
Max option. It uses loop recording technology which makes effective production in live sports broadcasting. XTnano is well built, strong replay server for HD/SD production workflows. XTNano can record both normal frame rate cameras as well as. high frame rate supermotion cameras

XTNano can be used in the following applications:
- Live OB/Remote production
- Outside Broadcast facilities
- Small to medium-sized mobile production units
- Arenas

  • Up to 8 SD/HD video channels
  • 4 Full 3D/1080p video channels
  • 4RU Chassis
  • Optional Super Motion support (triple and double frame rates)
  • 30h @ DVCPRO HD
  • 60h @ DVCPRO 50
  • Optional built-in multi-viewer with SDI outputs
  • Fully redundant power supply (hot swap)
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