EVS XS4K Media Production Server

EVS XS4K Live Production Server
EVS XS4K Production Server   

EVS XS4K Media Production Server

Product Code: XS4K

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  • Flexible I/O
  • Native Sharable XAVC-4K content
  • Mix-On-1 channgel for HD and 1080p
  • Loop Recording Technology
  • Expandable Internale Storage

In today's fast environment, XS4K Live production Server provides more flexibility and reliability in production.

EVS XS4K makes simple the ingest workflows and remaining highly flexible. XS4K features rapid access in delivering the multiple camera content. XS4K supports various formats and codec configurations for UHD-4K and HDR (higher dynamic range) operations. It is able to create the most clear and realistic content in UHD-4K outputs, HD 1080p productions and fill & key operations simultaneously.

XS4K uses special loop recording technology which makes the production simple and effective. With its advanced control and playback options, XS4K produces extraordinary output for recording several audio and video recordings.

The recording of more than 130 hours of UHD-4K content is possible in XS4K Server through expansion of its on-board or external expandable options. XS4K supports XAVC-4K intra encoding and decoding without transcode or degrade content workflows.

  • 6RU orderable option
  • Available with 4-, 6-, 8- channels HD
  • Up to 4 channels of UHD-4K Support (Square-
  • Flexible codec support: DNxHD (VC-3), ProRes 422, AVC-Intra, XAVC-Intra
  • Audio options: (192 uncompressed audio tracks, built in audio router, with AES, Embedded and MADI support
  • 4x Integrated Multiviewers
  • Storage up to 9TB (Externally expandable up to 40TB)
  • Recording capacity: Up to 380+ hours of HD or 135+ hours of UHD-4K
  • Triple Networking
    - EVS XNet - 3Gbps Production Network
    - Dual 10Gbps Media sharing network
    - Redundant management LAN ports
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