Sony PXW-FX9K 6K Sensor Full-Frame Camera System With Lens

Sony PXW-FX9K 6K Sensor Full-Frame Camera System with Full Frame Lens -28-135mm f/4 OSS lens

Product Code: PXW-FX9K

Two Models available for sales PXW-FX9 - Body only and
PXW-FX9K Body with Full Frame Lens -28-135mm f/4 OSS lens

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Introducing the Sony PXW - FX9K
Sony PXW-FX9K 6K resolution is the way to go for new-age cameras, as the continuously advancing technology broadens the scope of what we can achieve. The Sony PXW-FX9K is a full-frame camera, almost the same size as its predecessor the Super35.

This amazing product has broken the myth, by being an upgrade of the Super35 4K cameras, despite its similar size and body weight to the predecessors. It had been previously assumed that 6K cameras would have to be 2 times the size and weight of the Super35 cameras but that couldn't have been further from the truth.

A brief history of the PXW-FX9K and how it came to be
To better understand the Sony PXW-FX9K, let's take a short trip back in time and follow the FX9's journey to today. 2012 was the year when Sony launched its F5 and F55 Super 35K models. This would mark the beginning of an exciting journey that would see the growth and introduction of innovations that would shape the telecommunications industry.

In September the following year, Sony NEX-VG900 came into the picture. This was a Full Frame E-mount HD camcorder and it would be followed by the a7 a few weeks later. The a7 opened a new phase, being the first full-Frame Interchangeable Lens camera with an E-mount. This would pave the way for the VENICE and PXW-FX9K models.

Come September 2013, and Sony would announce the FS7 Super 354K cine camera, with shoulder resting feature and a suitable option for documentary-style applications. This camera was a lot lighter than would be expected of a machine its caliber and camera enthusiasts would refer to it as Sony Minima or Sony Verite. (This is due to the cameras verite documentary style and its similar size to a 16mm format Aaton A-minima)

2016 would see the launch of FS7 II with a new lock lever lock E-mount, SmartGrip, a versatile viewfinder, In-camera Electronic Variable, and an improved interface. Then September 6, we had a Full-frame 6K camera, the Sony VENICE.

And two years later, the new and affordable Full-Frame Sony PXW-FX9K is launched in Amsterdam. This is the latest of the Sony line of cine cameras. As we can see from the brief history of Sony products in this decade, there is an undeniable pattern; Sony launches a high-end camera, and shortly later, they introduce an affordable version.

6K Full-Frame �Exmor R� Sensor
The Sony PXW-FX9K has a Full-Frame 6K sensor that allows you to take stunning pictures and record in DCI 4K* Ultra HD as well as HD resolutions. The image quality produced surpasses Super 35's, thanks to PXW-FX9's image processing with debayering and oversampling capabilities.

15+ Stops Dynamic range
With the Sony PXW-FX9K, you will have superb 15+ stops of dynamic range, allowing you unparalleled freedom of choice in color grading and post. You can excellently capture the mood in your scenes by setting the proper color and detail beyond what you can achieve with regular cameras.

Cinematic color science with S-Cinetone
The Sony PXW-FX9K S-Cinetone allows you to capture content superbly, producing fresh and vivid images from your camera. This feature is designed to meet the requirements of every content creator, with rich mid-range colors, excellent facial tones, and a softer tonal look. The expertise is similar to Sony's leading digital cine camera, VENICE.

Selectable Frame Rates
The Sony PXW-FX9K also lows you to choose your desired frame rate, from 1fps - 180fps* to produce impressive quick and slow-motion footage. The Full -Frame sensor provides the ideal wide-angle view and a shallower depth of field and combining this with quick and slow-motion footage enhances the operator's experience for quality production.

Enhanced Fast Hybrid AF
The Sony PXW-FX9K allows you to capture fast-moving subjects with sharp focus and detail, the camera's Full-Frame once again coming through to maintain a shallow field depth. The enhanced fast hybrid AF provides accurate subject tracking to enhance quality. The face detection automatically detects human faces and locks in on them for exceptional footage.

Ergonomics and Accessory Compatibility
The Sony PXW-FX9K body is the latest refinement of the FS7 design, so you can be sure that matters of comfort and accessory compatibility have been considered. The camera offers comfort and compatibility, to give you a great feeling while shooting from any position.

Whatever your preferred pose handheld, waist level or shoulder-mounted, the Sony PXW-FX9K is designed to provide comfort and ease for the operator. The SmartGrip further improves your experience, with an updated design and easy reach for all key shooting control features, thus, allowing you to shoot easily with zero distractions.

The Sony PXW-FX9K is an affordable and lightweight cine camera that is an excellent option for any camera lover and operator today. Whether you want a powerful Full-Frame 6K camera to shoot your documentaries, reality TV, or corporate productions, you should consider this new model to perfectly meet your needs.

Sony PXW-FX9K camera comes with many advanced features and a 6K EXMOR R CMOS sensor allowing you to take awesome footage with cinematic depth of field. This is a superb choice for anyone looking for an affordable, yet powerful cine camera with an unlimited range of applications.

- Body Cap (1)
- Viewfinder (1)
- Eyepiece (1)
- Grip Remote Control (1)
- IS1293 power cord (2) **
- AC Adapter
- BC-U1A battery charger (1)
- BP-U35 battery pack (1)
- Power cord (2)
- USB cable (1)
- Operating Guide (2)
- CD-ROM "Manuals for Solid-State Memory Camcorder" (1)
** For India only. Not supplied in other countries

Stock will be available in Feb 2020