Extron Matrix Switchers

Extron Matrix Switchers

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 Extron Matrix Switchers

 Extron Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers

Extron XTP CrossPoint Matrix Switchers

Extron Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers

Fiber Optic

XTP CrossPoint

Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers

Matrix switchers for complete, end-to-end digital AV signal transmission and routing over fiber optic cable

Modular digital matrix switching and management of local and remote AV devices

Work in conjunction with Extron twisted pair transmitters and receivers to route RGBHV, composite video, S-video, and audio signals

Extron Modular & Expandable Switchers

Extron HDMI Matrix Switchers

Extron DVI Switchers

Modular & Expandable

HDMI Matrix Switchers

DVI Switchers

Field-configurable digital and analog matrix switchers ideal for switching applications requiring future expandability

HDCP compliant matrix switchers with intelligent technologies for ease of integration.

Route multiple DVI sources to several displays

Extron SDI/HD-SDI Switchers

Extron Ultra-Wideband RGB Switchers

Extron Media Presentation Switchers

SDI/HD-SDI Switchers

Ultra-Wideband RGB Switchers

Media Presentation Switchers

Switch multiple SDI or multi-rate SDI serial digital video signals up to 2.97 Gbps

Designed to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding, very high resolution computer-video and audio routing systems

Combine routing for multiple formats - VGA, composite video, S-video, and stereo audio - into a single, compact enclosure .

Extron Scaling Matrix Switchers

Extron VGA & Stereo Audio Switchers

Extron AV Video Switchers

Scaling Matrix Switchers

VGA & Stereo Audio Switchers

AV Matrix Switchers

Designed for applications requiring all video input signals to be scaled to a common video output rate

Designed to switch high resolution RGBHV and stereo audio signals

Designed for applications that route composite video, S-video, HDTV/component video, stereo audio or mono audio signals

Fiber Optic
XTP CrossPoint
Twisted Pair
Modular & Expandable
DVI Switchers
Ultra-Wideband RGB
Media Presentation
VGA & Stereo Audio
AV Matrix Switchers

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