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Anton Bauer UL2-20

Anton/Bauer Ultralight is the first and only camera mounted light designed specifically to work with any available light to create truly studio quality images.  Virtually all interior locations are lit totally from above which creates objectionable shadows on the foreground subjects making it impossible to achieve professional quality video. Studio lighting, on the other hand, is a careful blend of light from above and light from the front that eliminates these shadows. The unique and innovative design features of the Ultralight create studio quality images under virtually all available light conditions.  Equally impressive to the cameraman, the Ultralight achieves this vast improvement in visual quality without adding any perceptible weight, bulk, or external cables.
Ultralight 2
The Ultralight 2 is designed specifically for camera mounting. This compact super-lightweight (only 10 oz.) version of the Anton/Bauer Ultralight system shares many of the features and accessories of the original Ultralight. A patented universal mounting system for 1/4-20 or shoe-type mounting is standard - eliminating the need for special studs or adapters.  With the head module removed, the Ultralight 2 can be folded into itself like a pocket knife and practically disappears into the camera handle. Thus, unlike any other light, the Ultralight 2 can remain mounted and connected to the camera at all times, even when the camera is in the case. The integral PowerTap cable plugs directly into the PowerTap receptacle on all Gold Mounts and is available in three lengths as indicated below. The Ultralight 2 comes complete with universal mounting system, one head module, one BAB bulb (25 watt Flood), and integral PowerTap cable. 
  • UL2-6. Ultralight 2 camera mounted light with integral 6" PowerTap cable.    Anton Bauer UL2-6
  • UL2-20. Ultralight 2 camera mounted light with integral 20" PowerTap cable. Anton Bauer UL2-20
  • UL2-28. Ultralight 2 camera mounted light with integral 28" PowerTap cable. Anton Bauer UL2-28

Click here for Ultralight Accessories


Changing bulbs in the Ultralight system is as easy as rocking the light head  forward and up to remove head module.  A different head module with another type bulb can be mounted. Always remove the light head to change the bulbs.

Ultralight - Original    backtotop_button
Anton Bauer ULTRALIGHT The original Ultralights are available in both single and dual head versions both with standard 5/8" stud mounting which makes them ideal for a wide variety of applications in addition to camera mounting. The original Ultralights also feature a choice of power sources: 12-14 volt and 30 volt. The integral 4 pin connector accepts a variety of power cables which must be ordered separately. (see power cables). The original Ultralights are available separately or in complete lighting kits.
  • ULS -Ultralight Single. Single base, head module with 4 pin XLR input. Includes one AB-60 (25 watt, 60 flood) bulb.
  • ULD-Ultralight Dual. Dual base, two head modules with two switches, and single 4 pin XLR input. Includes one EYR bulb and one AB-60 bulbs.
ULTRALIGHT - Accessories    backtotop_button
  • For- Ultralight 2
  • For- Ultralight -Original
  • For- all Ultralights
Ultralight 2 - Accessories    backtotop_button
Anton Bauer ULTRALIGHT Ultra DAY light

The UltraDAYlight is the latest addition to the studio quality Ultralight system.  The high efficiency of HMI lighting can be added to any Ultralight 2 system by simply changing head modules - a patented Ultralight 2 exclusive.

The UltraDAYlight head module delivers 56OOK light at less than half the power required of tungsten/halogen - without the need for dichroic adaptors.  Uniquely designed to share power from camera battery using the PowerTap on every camera Gold Mount.

Instantly change from daylight to tungsten and back by swapping head modules - no twisting, turning or handling of bulbs.  And since the rugged Ultralight head modules house and protect the bulbs, they can be stored in the head module until next use.

The UltraDAYlight head module is a unit - 25 watt bulb and ballast all in one.  Perfect for daylight fill situations, the UltraDAYlight can be converted to tungsten with the UL-GF and UL-GELKIT (not included).

UltraDAYlight also features a unique color temperature adjustment which allows the ballast to adjust the color temperature of the light, compensating for bulb variations and aging.

Specifications: 5600K nominal color temperature
350 footcandles at 3 ft (1m), 25 watt ballast.

UltraDAYlight- head module size: 5.60" x 2.62" x 2.22" (14.22 x 5.92 x 6.65cm), weight: 13oz., (380g) 

ULDL-SS - UltraDAYlight - Satin Soft Replacement lens - replaces standard UltraDAYlight Diffussion lens with satin filter.  Lowers light output approximately 1/2 F-Stop. 

To fully realize the versatility of the Ultralight System, It is highly recommended that addition head modules be part of every system.  Spare head modules allow safe storage of bulbs and quick change to different wattages and beam patterns for every shooting situation.
  • UL2-HM -Quick change head module for UL2; with clear safety glass.
  • UL2-HMD -Quick change head module for UL2; with diffusion glass.
  • UL2-HMDC -Quick change head module for UL2; with dichroic glass for daylight correction.

Note: Not for use with original UL-S or UL-D models.

ULTRALIGHT WEDGE MOUNTS    backtotop_button
Anton Bauer ULTRALIGHT UL-2 Wedge -Provdes the Ultralight 2 with an additional 20% of down angle lighting for shooting extreme close-up camera shots (less than 3 feet or 1 meter). A universal design allows quick adaptation to cameras using either 1/4-20 stud mount or shoe-type lighting mounts.

XL Wedge -Same as UL2 Wedge but 3-1/2" long to prevent any shadows from microphone and lens shade in close up shooting situations.


Ultralight -Original -Accessories    backtotop_button
PowerCables (Ultralight-Original- Only)

Also SEE - PowerTap CablesAccessories - for multi function PowerTap applications

PowerTap—28. A 28" long cable for connecting a camera mounted Ultralight-Original w/ 4 pin XLR (UL-S or UL-D) to the PowerTap receptacle on the Gold Mount of any size camera/camcorder or two-piece dockable.

PowerTap—20. Same as above but 20" long. Ideal for virtually all cameras and one-piece camcorders.

LC-L. Five foot 13-14 volt power cable. Mates with PowerStrap 13, PPSA-D, and 30/13 Battery Belt in 13 volt mode. 5 pin male XLR to 4 pin female XLR connector

LC-30. Five foot 30 volt power cable. Mates with 30/13 Battery Belt in 30 volt mode. 2 pin male to 4 pin XLR female.

Lighting Studs (Ultralight-Original - Only)

Ultralight ULS and ULD can be mounted to any 5/8" stud mounts or light stands in either a horizontal or vertical position (facing down).

  • BR STUD 1/4 (Short). 1" long 1/4-20 screw light stud.

  • BR STUD 1/4 (Long). 2-3/4" long 1/4-20 screw light stud.

  • BR STUD 3/8. For cameras with 3/8-16 threaded accessory hole.

  • BR SHOE . For all cameras with slide-in type microphone/accessory shoe.

  • BR UNIV. Universal mount that clamps onto the handle of virtually any camera.

Ultralight -Accessories (for all Ultralights)   backtotop_button
The Satellight is an Ultralight 2 mated to an integral Gold Mount and can be easily stored in a pocket or cameraAnton Bauer ULTRALIGHT case.

When an additional light becomes necessary or desirable, the Satellight is instantly set up by snapping on an appropriate head module (bulb) and a spare camera battery. It is then a self-contained lighting unit that can be placed anywhere with the battery as a stable base for the light.

  • Satellight - Includes Ultralight 2 with head module and BAB bulb (25 watt Flood). May be used with any Anton/Bauer Gold Mount battery. (HyTRON 50, Trimpac, and ProFormer batteries recommended with 25 watt bulb only)
  • Satellight Adapter - Similar to above but without the Ultralight 2. Can be used with any existing light including Ultralight UL-S and UL-D. BR-Stud 1/4 and PowerTap cable required except when mounting an Ultralight 2.

The following adaptors fits for all Ultralight models

UL-WA. Ultralight Wide Angle Adapter. Converts both spot bulbs and medium flood bulbs into full flood (36°) patterns. A very efficient optical device that provides an extremely smooth and even pattern that will cover the widest angle zoom lenses. Also effective with certain flood bulbs to smooth out uneven filament patterns.

UL-DF. Ultralight #1 Diffuser. For use with spot bulbs. Lowers light output by one "F" stop (50%) while softening and spreading the edges of the beam pattern.Anton Bauer ULTRALIGHT

UL-DC. Ultralight Dichroic Filter. Converts output of all bulbs listed to match 5500°K daylight. Must be used when using Ultralight for daylight fill or cool white fluorescent fill.

UL-GF. Ultralight Gel Frame. Oversized adapter hold any type of gel or silk for custom color correction and/or diffusion of Ultralight. Ideal for creating soft-box soft lighting effects for close fill work. See UL-GELKIT below for pre-cut package of widely used gels and spun.

UL-BD. Ultralight Barn Door Kit. Includes two hinged barn doors to fit Ultralight. Anton Bauer ULTRALIGHT

UL Soft Box. The UL-Soft Box mounts easily to any Ultralight head module to soften and diffuse light output. The UL-Soft Box is collapsible allowing easy storage or can fold and swing away while remaining on the Ultralight until needed

UL-GEL KIT includes all of the most popular gel and spun types to customize the Ultralight system for any available lighting situation. Specially pre-cut to fit the UL-GF gel frame (see above). Kit includes individual envelopes containing 4 each of the following:
  • 1/4 spun 
  • 1/2 spun
  • full spun
  • Lee #103 Straw
  • 1/2 Blue
  • Cosmetic peach
  • Pink (cosmetic highlight)
  • Middle Rose
  • Lee #204 daylight tungsten
  • Lee #219 florescent
POWERTAP CABLES (for use with all Gold Mounts)   backtotop_button
PowerTap-Open End - A 3 foot power cable that mates with the PowerTap receptacle in any Gold Mount.  Can be used to power any 12-14 volt accessory (mic, microwave receiver, etc.)  from the camera battery.  Customer must install connector to match the specific accessory power input (10 amp. max).


NEW PowerTap Extension - 7 foot (2m) cable with PowerTap on one end and PowerTap female at the other. Allows the extension of any PowerTap equipped device from the Gold Mount

NEW PowerTap Multi -PowerTap male connector to 4 female PowerTap receptacles.  Expands any Gold Mount PowerTap to accomodate 4 separate devices.  Perfect for powering multiple wireless receivers as well as an Ultralight from a single camera battery (10 amp. max).

Anton Bauer ULTRALIGHTNEW PowerTap CL - PowerTap male connector to universal female cigarette lighter connector.  Plug into PowerTap on any Gold Mount and power any device - cell phone, CD player - using the device's automobile adapter cable from a camera battery.

PowerTap Kit - Kit includes male PowerTap components, pins and housings (cable not included).

Female PowerTap Kit - Kit includes female PowerTap components, pins and housings (cable not included).


Low Voltage (12/14v) Bulbs. All rating at center pattern, 3200K normal. UL-HM is with clear safety glass.  UL-HMD is standard diffuser glass.

Bulb Type/Beam

Bulb Code


Ft. Candles @ 5 ft(1.5m)

Ft. Candles@3 ft(1m)

Run Time w/Propac 65 WattHour Battery






85 / 75





150 min.
  75 min.
  45 min.

Med Flood EXZ 60 250 195 720 625 65min.
 Full Flood


85 / 75





150 min.
  75 min.
  45 min.

Wide Flood







150 min.

30 Volt Bulbs.  While low voltage bulbs offer maximum versatility, the following bulbs can be used with a 30 volt battery belt.  NOT FOR USE WITH ULTRALIGHT 2.

Purpose/ Type

Bulb Code


Ft. Candles@3 ft(1m)

Run Time w/4AH Battery Belt

Full flood.
Needs no adapter




35 min. 

Long runtime
Flood only
EKP-ENA 80 140 90 min.
  (Bulbs EKP-ENA must be used with UL-WA -Wide Angle Adapter.  The pattern of the plain bulb is unacceptable.)

UltraDAYlight - HMI Replacement Bulbs

Purpose/ Type

Bulb Code


Ft. Candles@3 ft(1m)

Run Time w/Propac 65 Watt Hour Battery

Spot ABH-10 25 370 120 min.
Medium Flood




120 min.

Ultralight Packages   backtotop_button
By popular request we have packaged the combination of Ultralight 2 accessories most requested by the discriminating videographer into a single easy to store package.  The premier shooters package includes the most popluar bulbs, a spare head module, the complete complement of filters as well as an assortment of gels.  The premier shooter's package features everything  you need to customize the Ultralight for every shooting situation, from evening light to soft effects.  Studio quality and flexibility in one package.


  • One UL2-20 or UL2-28
  • Focus Adaptors-UL-DF and UL-WA
  • Dichroic Adaptor-UL-DC (converts 3200K to 5600K)
  • Gel Frame - UL-GF
  • Gel Kit - UL-GelKit
  • Spare UL2-HM (head module) with clear safety glass
  • EYC - 75 watt flood bulb
  • EYP - 50 watt flood bulb
  • BAB - 25 watt flood bulb

Ultrakit packages come in 13 volt & 30 volt, and include a custom fitted case complete with a battery belt and accessories.

Ultrakit 13-S -"13 volt Ultralight Single Kit"
Ultrakit 13-D -"13 volt Ultralight Dual Kit"

• One UL-S (Single kit) or UL-D (Dual kit) as described on page14.
PowerStrap 13 battery belt: 13.2 volts 55 WH (fast charge compatible)
• 5 foot Power Cable (LC-L) Power Strap 13 to Ultralight,
• AB-60 25 watt flood (One AB-60 and one EYR 50 watt bulbs included w/Dual Kit)
• Heavy-duty shipping/carrying case with custom cut foam interior.


Ultrakit 30-S -"30 volt Ultralight Single Kit"
Ultrakit 30-D -"30 volt Ultralight Dual Kit"

• One UL-S (Single kit) or UL-D (Dual kit) as described on page14.
30/13 Battery Belt : 30 volt, 120 WH (switchable to 13.5 volts)
• 5 foot Power Cable (LC-30) 30/13 Battery Belt to Ultralight
• ULWA Wide Angle Adapter
• Bulb (EKP/ENA) 80 watt flood (Two EKP/ENA bulbs included w/Dual Kit)
• Heavy-duty shipping/carrying case with custom cut foam interior.

Note: Chargers, Filters, focus adapters, spare head modules, handles and mounting studs must be purchased separately.




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