Sony NEX-FS100EK
Super 35mm Exmor™ CMOS Sensor Camcorder

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Sony NEX-FS100EK Super 35mm Exmor™ CMOS Sensor Camcorder with 11x Zoom E-Mount Lens

Memory Card
Product Code: NEXFS100EK

Recommended Microphone

Panasonic AG-AF101
Sennheiser ME66+K6

ME 66 Short gun Microphone Head + K6 Powering Module for Batter/Phantom Powering

ME 66 Short gun Microphone Head

This model has been Discontinued

Regarding the release of NEX-FS100P, NEX-FS100PK Firmware upgrade programs
Firmware upgrade programs of NEX-FS100P, NEX-FS100PK are scheduled to be ready at March 29th in 2012(Japan Standard Time). Detail upgrade procedure will be provided at the same timing.

Additional Features
[For NEX-FS100P, NEX-FS100PK]
1. 60/50Hz(NTSC/PAL) switchable feature
2. Camera Profile (camera setting saved in the memory card)
3. Expanded Focus (x4/x8, selectable focus area)
4. ISO sensitivity display
5. Focus feet (E-mount lens only), Shutter angle display
6. Variation added for “Aspect markers”
7. “Zebra” and “Histogram” can be turned on by “Display on/off” for line out purpose.
8. Compatibility with new A-mount to E-mount adaptor [LA-EA2] with Translucent Mirror Technology (Auto Focus operation is available with alpha lens)

NEX-FS100P Firmware Upgrade ver2 for Win

*Details on each feature will be updated before the actual update program release

AC adaptor/charger
and battery kit
Less than
Sony's ACC-L1BP accessory kit includes
AC-VQ1051D dual charger / AC adaptor and an
NP-F970 high capacity InfoLITHIUM® battery
Memory Card
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Exmor™ Super35 CMOS Sensor for Shooting Motion Pictures
Equipped with a large CMOS sensor equivalent in size to Super 35mm film, the NEX-FS100EK enables shooting with the same creative depth of field as the PMW-F3.

The sensor also features the optimum number of effective pixels for shooting HD moving images. At a high 50fps in all-pixel scan mode, this allows images to be captured with less colour aliasing, jaggedness and rolling shutter than DSLR cameras, while providing the sensitivity to shoot at a minimum illumination of 0.28lux*. Another advantage of Exmor™ technology is minimal noise when shooting low-light scenes.

* When using a fixed shutter speed of 1/25, auto gain and an iris setting of F1.4 The SEL18200 lens supplied with the NEX-FS100EK enables shooting in illumination as low as 1.5lux when using a fixed shutter speed of 1/25, auto gain and auto iris

E-Mount Interchangeable Lens System

Sony's E-mount interchangeable lenses let you enjoy a level of creative freedom unimaginable with camcorders of the past. All feature precision-crafted optics with aspherical glass elements for compact high performance, and circular iris mechanisms for smooth background defocusing. The supplied SEL18200 (E 18–200mm F3.5–6.3 OSS) with the NEX-FS100K boasts 11x zoom power, a quiet AF motor for cleaner sound recording, and Optical SteadyShot™ image stabilisation with an advanced Active mode that lets you take steady handheld shots while walking around — even without a bulky stabilisation rig. An ultra-compact SEL16F28 wide-angle lens and SEL1855 3x zoom lens are also available.

Thanks to the E-mount's short 18mm flange-back distance, using a mount adaptor allows shooting with a wide range of existing lenses. For example, with the optional LA-EA1 mount adaptor, you can take advantage of the abundant lenses (A-mount lenses). Third-party adaptors enable use of an even wide variety of lenses.

Modular design for a variety of shooting styles

Featuring a compact, lightweight body with detachable grip, handle, and viewfinder, the NEX-FS100EK is ideal for a wide range of shooting situations.

During hand-held shooting, the angle of the grip can be changed as desired, and recording started and stopped with a button on the grip. Recording start/stop buttons are also provided on the top and lower right of the camera.

There are also 1/4- and 3/8-inch screw holes on both the handle and the bottom of the camera body for mounting various peripheral devices. Plus a tape measure hook and an image sensor position index on the body.

XtraFine LCD panel

Located on the optical axis, the 3.5-inch-type XtraFine™ LCD panel enables easier, more intuitive framing, especially during hand-held shooting. And the LCD panel can be rotated for stress-free operation when shooting low-angle scenes and digital signage footage. For easier, more precise focusing in daylight, the viewfinder comes with a detachable 1.2x magnifier.

1920 x 1080P Slow and Quick Motion

Recording images at a different frame rate from that used for playback provides the extra versatility of slow and quick motion shooting. Furthermore, the NEX-FS100EK enables Full HD (1920 x 1080) progressive slow and quick motion. Frame rates are selectable from among 50fps, 25fps, 12fps, 6fps, 3fps, 2fps and 1fps. So, for example, when recording at 1080/25p, if the frame rate is set to 50fps, images are recorded in 2 times slow motion. This means you can create impressive slow motion scenes without the need for troublesome editing.

Note: Shooting in slow and quick motion is possible during HD recording and in the progressive mode. Simultaneous recording to a memory card and the flash memory unit is not possible.

Hybrid recording

Recording to the directly mountable HXR-FMU128 Flash Memory unit allows continuous recording for over 10 hours without changing the recording medium. Simultaneous recording using memory cards and other media is also possible for secure backup when shooting footage that can't be reshot.

Note: When recording on different media, the resolution must be HD or SD. HD and SD cannot be simultaneously on different media.

NXCAM Recording Format

Like other NXCAM series cameras, the NEX-FS100EK uses the well established AVCHD recording format supported by a wide range of nonlinear editing systems. Better still, it's ready to shoot with a maximum frame rate of 1920 x 1080/50p (28Mbps) for even higher quality recording. For more flexibility, it's also possible to record in Standard Definition MPEG-2 format.

Uncompressed 4:2:2 Output with Embedded Time code

When shooting, the NEX-FS100EK can output uncompressed 4:2:2 footage via HDMI (with an embedded SMPTE Time Code) which can be recorded onto external media, such as HDD.

Geotagging with built-in GPS receiver

A built-in GPS receiver makes the NEX-FS100EK an ideal choice for professional videographers. The receiver gives you the ability to “geo-tag” shooting locations - making it easy if you need to return to the same location or to create a log when surveying remote locations. Your locations can be tracked on Google Maps and all GPS data can be extracted with a PC.

Additionally, the receiver automatically adjusts your camcorder’s clock to the proper time zone when international travel is part of your assignment.

Picture Profile™

Six picture profile settings for different shooting conditions are provided as default settings. Selecting a picture profile for a particular scene offers an easy way to creatively change your shoot.

Last Scene Review

Press a single button to immediately review the last recorded scene.

Expanded Focus

Press a button and this enlarges the centre of the displayed image by 2x, a particularly useful feature when making critical focusing adjustments.


Onscreen display of a histogram enables easier exposure adjustment. The histogram also shows the point where the zebra pattern appears (the zebra point). This enables confirmation of overall brightness distribution and the brightness level set with the zebra function. As well as preventing overexposure, this is useful as a guide when aiming for optimum exposure of certain parts of an image, such as faces.


A peaking function draws a defined line around the subject displayed in the LCD monitor and viewfinder. Peaking sensitivity and colour (red, white, yellow) can be selected to enable more precise focusing.


Centre, aspect, safety zone, guide frame and other markers can be displayed on the LCD.

Firmware Update

Sony has implemented a firmware update scheme for future functions.

Supplied Accessories**

· E 18–200mm F3.5–6.3 OSS) E-Mount lens, with 11x zoom power
AC-VL1 AC Adapter/Charger
· NP-F770 L-Series Info-Lithium Battery Pack (7.2v, 4400mAh)
· DK-415 Connecting Cord
· ECM-XM1 Microphone
· RMT-845 Remote Commander
· Component Video Cable
· A/V Connecting Cable
· USB Connecting Cable
· USB Adapter Cable
· Viewfinder Tube
· Lens Hood with Lens cover
· Accessory shoe kit
· Large Eyecup
· CR2025 Lithium Battery , clock Lithium ( Installed )
· Application Software (CD-ROM)

Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss Lightweight Zoom LWZ.2

Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses

EF-Mount Lightweight Zoom
LWZ.2 T2,6/15 - 45 T*XP (meter)

Carl Zeiss Lightweight Zoom

EF-Mount Lightweight Zoom
LWZ.2 T2,6/15 - 45 T*XP (feet)

Carl Zeiss Lightweight Zoom


Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses
Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses

CP.2 - Lens Custom Sets
3-Lens Custom Set (Basic) + Transport case Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses 3-Lens Custom Set (Advanced) + 3 Interchangeable Mount Sets + Transport case + Torx torque wrench Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses
4-Lens Custom Set (Basic) + Transport case Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses 4-Lens Custom Set (Advanced) + 4 Interchangeable Mount Sets + Transport case + Torx torque wrench Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses
5-Lens Custom Set (Basic) + Transport case Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses 5-Lens Custom Set (Advanced) + 5 Interchangeable Mount Sets + Transport case + Torx torque wrench Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses
6-Lens Custom Set (Basic) + Transport case Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses 6-Lens Custom Set (Advanced) + 6 Interchangeable Mount Sets + Transport case + Torx torque wrench Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses
7-Lens Custom Set (Basic) + 2 Transport cases Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses 7-Lens Custom Set (Advanced) + 7 Interchangeable Mount Set + 2 Transport cases + Torx torque wrench Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses

Completion Sets

Completion Set 1 (CP.2 100/T2.1 Close Focus + Interchangeable Mount Set) Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses    
Completion Set 2 (CP.2 50/T2.1 Makro + Interchangeable Mount Set) Compact Prime CP.2 Lenses