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Panasonic Cinematography Camcorder- Discontinued

Panasonic DVCPRO Camcorder
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AJ-SDX900E PAL (Discontinued)
3 IT-CCD 2/3" Cinematography Camcorder with 50/25 Mbps recording (16:9/4:3)
Able to shoot 25 frames per second: the Cinematography Camcorder AJ-SDX900E.


We offer special bundle price with the following

AJ-SDX900E PAL  complete with
  AJ-MC700P         Microphone kit
- SHAN-TM700       Tripod Adaptor

AJ-VF20WBE      2 inch View finder

  Offer price : less than USD 19,350


SDI out (optional)

SD Memory Card, Shoulder strap, Adaptor for Anton Bauer digital battery,

User’s manual


Panasonic DVCPRO Camcorder
Product Code:AJSDX900E

  Optional Accessories

  Fujinon lens Canon Lens
  Battery and Charger


Optional Accessories:
AJ-B95   AC adaptor
AJ-HT900   Flight case
AJ-MC700   Microphone kit
AJ-MH700   Microphone holder
AJ-QVF900   Mounting adaptor for view fin.
AJ-SC900   Soft case
AJ-VF20W   2" viewfinder (16:9/4:3)
AJ-VF53   5" studio viewfinder
SHAN-C12TCA   TC and audio cable
SHAN-RC700   Rain cover
SHAN-TM700   Tripod adaptor

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