Panasonic AV-HS450E Live Switcher

Panasonic AV-HS450E

Multi-format Live Switcher

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 Panasonic AV-HS450E 16+ Input HD/SD Switcher with Dual-screen MultiViewer display

Panasonic AV-HS450E Live Switcher
Product Code: AVHS450E
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The Panasonic AV-HS450E HD/SD video switcher offers a greater value than any other in its class. The two-rack-sized HS450E switcher comes standard with 16 HD/SD-SDI inputs (expandable to 20 with optional I/O boards), four HD/SD-SDI outputs and two DVI-D outputs. The switcher incorporates full 10-bit HD processing for maximum picture quality, and accepts optional boards for additional up-conversion, down-conversion and scaling of many video formats. This high-performance switcher is a flexible, economical solution for mid-size studios, mobile vehicles and mobile production systems.

The Panasonic HS450E's built-in dual-display Multi-Viewer lets you display up to 20 different images on two monitors (up to 16 on one screen), eliminating the need for a rack full of expensive monitors. Additional standard features include four independent AUX busses, up-conversion on 4 inputs and full color correction on 8 others, dual Picture-In-Picture display, two downstream keyers, a very high-quality chroma key, dual 3D DVE's, shot and PiP memories, and much more.

Key Features (Standard Equipment):
• Built-in dual-display Multi-Viewer lets you display up to 20 different images on two monitors (up to 16 on one screen)
• MultiViewer windows can be assigned to any outputs and offer with easy control of labels and borders, Preview (green) and Program (red) Tally Indicators
• Four independent AUX busses, with mix transitions to AUX 1, also offers a clean feed with layer selection for IMAG, Webcasts and other applications
• 16 HD/SD-SDI Inputs standard. HD/SD (format depends on switcher system setting)
• 4 HD/SD-SDI outputs standar. (format depends on switcher system setting)
• 2 DVI-D outputs standard (scalable to 1920x1200) for display of MultiViewers (or other outputs) with large flat panel monitors or projectors.
• Switchable frame-synchronizers on all inputs ensure reliable, glitch-free switching, even with asynchronous sources
• Color correction adjustments (with 6-axis matrix) standard on eight inputs, for precise image matching of different sources
• Switchable up-conversion standard on four inputs - for easy integration of legacy sources
• Wide range of high-quality 3D digital effects (2 channels) for creative versatility
• One upstream and two downstream keyers, super-clean chroma keyer employing Primatte® algorithms
• 10 shot memories and 10 PinP memories with timed transitions, for streamlined operation
• Six User programmable function buttons - for customized workflow
• The switcher supports HD (1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/24Psf,* 1080/23.98Psf,* 720/59.94p and 720/50p) and SD (480/59.94i and 576/50i) formats
• SD card slot for graphics import/export and saving of all system settings
• Ethernet port for PC graphics transfer with auto sizing software and alpha channel support
• 4 Frame Memories for rapid access to stills and graphics
• Direct Control of one Panasonic pan/tilt/zoom camera via RS-422 remote port, with storage and recall of up to 10 presets per camera.
• Expanded control of up to five Panasonic pan/tilt/zoom camera (with source/control switching) when used with AW-series controller, storage and recall of 10 presets per camera.
• Two I/O option slots for expansion to 20 inputs or 10 outputs using AV-HS04M series cards.
• Dual RS-422 ports for editor, pan-tilt, expansion panel control and machine communication
• Tally/GPI with Preview and Program Tally
• Genlock with Blackburst or TRI input, plus switchable frame syncs for easy systemization
• Dual redundant power supplies. (2) A.C. for mainframe, (2) 12V DC for control panel (AC adapters also included.)
• Compact, two-rack size mainframe, perfect for mobile or studio use
• Control Panel: weight - 8.6 pounds; dimensions: approx. 22" W x 3-1/2" H x 11-13/16" D
• Mainframe: weight - approx. 21.6 pounds; dimensions: 19" W x 3-1/2" H x 18-1/2" D


16 Standard Inputs/Six Standard Outputs (Max. 20 Inputs/10 Outputs)
The Panasonic AV-HS450E comes standard with 16 SDI (HD/SD) inputs and six outputs (four SDI (HD/SD) and two DVI-D). Two expansion slots accommodate either input or output optional boards, providing a maximum of 20 inputs,*1 and 10 outputs.*2
*1: When using two AV-HS04M1, M2, M6, or M8 Input Boards.
*2: When using two AV-HS04M4 or M7 Output Boards.

HD/SD Multi-Format Support
The Panasonic AV-HS450E supports a variety of HD/SD formats, including 1080/24PsF,* as standard. System frequency is 59.94 Hz/ 50 Hz/ 24 Hz switchable. This makes it ideal for digital cinema production and worldwide operation. A wide range of optional boards also allows the input and output of analog component and various other signals.

* 1080/24PsF (or 23.98PsF) input signals are supported only by the standard input terminals of the AV-HS450. These signals are not supported by the optional AV-HS04M1/M2/M3/M4/M5/M6/M7/M7D/M8 boards.

Built-in Frame Synchronizer for All Input Channels
All standard input channels feature a built-in frame synchronizer for use in switching unsynchronized video signals. A gen-lock function also supports synchronizing systems based on external sync signals (black burst or tri-level).

Up-Converter, Dot by Dot and Video Processing
The Panasonic AV-HS450E is equipped with an SD/HD up-converter function for four standard inputs, and a dot by dot function for 16 inputs. Dot by dot input can be used for P-in-P display of HD images from SD footage without degradation. A video processing function with color correction is also provided for eight inputs.

Four Aux Buses and Two P-in-P
Two P-in-P buses and four Aux buses are included. Borders and soft-edge effects can be applied to the P-in-P buses. In addition to a Cut transition, the Bus transition function (P-in-P bus and Aux bus* switching effect) also enables a Mix transition (Aux 1 only). Flexible operation is achieved by combining Aux buses and M/E sections.

* Embedded audio on SDI input signals can be passed through PGM, PVM, and MV.

A Wide Range of Transitions and Effects
In addition to standard wipe, mix, and cut transitions, powerful 2D and 3D DVE effects, such as squeeze, slide, rotation and page turn, are available. Dual channel DVE effects are also available for dramatic key effects and other creative transitions. Useful new effects include variable mosaic and selectable defocus.

Panasonic AV-HS450E

Video format: HD (1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 1080/23.98F*, 1080/24psF*, 720/59.94p, 720/50p)
SD (480/59.94i, 576/50i)
*AV-HS04 M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6 and M7 optional boards are not compatible.
Video processing: Y:Cb:Cr, 4:2:2 10 bit (8 bit for FMEM)
RGB, 4:4:4 8 bit
M/E: 1 M/E
Video Input: A maximum of 20 input channels
Standard: 16 SDI inputs (IN 1 to 16)
Optional: Maximum of 4 inputs (IN A1, A2, B1, B2)
(Up to 2 optional boards may be inserted into the 2 input/output optional slots)
Video Output: A maximum of 10 input channels
Standard: 4 SDI outputs (OUT 1 to 4 each, 2 output distribution for OUT1)
Option: Maximum of 4 inputs (OUT A1, A2, B1, B2)
(Up to 2 optional boards may be inserted into the 2 input/output optional slots)
Standard: 2 DVI-D outputs (OUT5, OUT6)*
XGA (1024 x 768), WXGA (1280 x 768), SXGA (1280 x 1024), WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050), UXGA (1600 x 1200), WUXGA (1920 x 1200)
Vertical frequency: 60 Hz
1080/50p, 1080/59.94p
*Does not support analog outputs
Reference input/output: GENLOCK: Black burst or TRI input signal (loop through inputs)
Internal synchronization: Black burst outputs
BKGD: WIPE/DVE pattern: Wipe, squeeze, slide, 3D, 2 channel DVE pattern
Transition type: Cut, mix, wipe (including DVE)
Image effect: PGM/A, PST/B BUS
Effect: Mosaic, mono color, paint
Keyer: Number of keys: 1
Key type: Linear key, luminance key, chroma key, full key
Transition type: Cut, mix, wipe
WIPE/DVE pattern: Wipe, squeeze, slide, 3D pattern
DSK: Number of keys: 2
Key type: Linear key, luminance key
Transition type: MIX
PinP: Number of PinP: 2
Transition type: MIX
AUX Bus: 1-4 *AUX BUS1 is compatible with MIX transition
Input function:
*Frame Synchronizer: IN 1 to 16
*Freeze: IN 1 to 16
*Up-converter: IN 13-16
Color collector: IN 9 to 16
*Specification for IN A1, A2, B1 and B2 depend on the specs of the mounted optional equipment.
Output function: Multi-viewer:
2 systems
Labels tally indication, split-screen (the screen may be split into 4, 9, 10 and 16 sections)
*A maximum of 20 channels may be simultaneously displayed on 2 screens
Other function: OSD, phase adjustment, chroma key sample marker
Memory function: Shot memory, BKGD/wipe memory, PinP memory
Interface: PANEL: RJ45 x 1 (to connect to the control panel)
EDITOR: D-sub 9 pin x 1, RS-422 (GVG protocol compatible)
COM: D-sub 9 pin x 1, pan-tilt system control
TALLY/GPI: D-sub 50 pin x 1
LAN: RJ45 x 1
Power supply/Power consumption (TBD): AC 100 V to 240 V
50 Hz/60 Hz, 170 W
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% (no condensation)
Dimensions (W x H x D) (TBD): (2RU 482 mm x 88 mm x 471 mm (19" x 3-1/2" x 18-1/2") (excluding protrusions)
Weight: Approx. 10.5 kg (23.1 lbs) (without options/excluding accessories)
Approx. 11.0 kg (24.3 lbs) (with full options/excluding accessories)
CONTROL PANEL - Interface:: Mainframe: RJ45 x 1 (to connect to the mainframe)
TALLY/GPI: D-sub 25 pin x 1
Removable media: SD memory card: Still image file loading/saving, setup data back up
Power Supply / Power consumption: DC 12V 2A, 24 W (comes with an AC adapter)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 560 mm x 88 mm x 300 mm (22" x 3-1/2 " x 11-13/16 ")(excluding protrusions)
Weight-2: Approx. 4.0 kg (8.8 lbs) (excluding accessories)


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HD/SD-SDI Input Board

Analog Component Input Board

DVI Input Board

HD Analog Component Output Board

Panasonic AVHS04M5 Panasonic AVHS04M6 Panasonic AVHS04M7 Panasonic AVHS04M7D
Product Code: AVHS04M5
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Product Code: AVHS04M6
Buy Sell Sales Panasonic AVHS04M6
Product Code: AVHS04M7
Buy Sell Sales Panasonic AVHS04M7
Product Code: AVHS04M7D
Buy Sell Sales Panasonic AVHS04M7MD

DVI/Component Output Board

Analog composite input board

HD/SD-SDI output board

3D Stereoscopic option card & software for AVHS450N switcher

Panasonic AV-HS04M8      
Product Code: AVHS04M8
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Full-HD Dual DVI Input Board

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