Studio lighting for Professional Video

On Camera Lighting


On Camera Lighting

Studio lighting for Professional Video Studio lighting for Professional Video
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At Expandore, we offer comprehensive range of professional Studio lighting, 3 points lighting system , On cameras lighting and outdoor lighting. Please visit our store  and may seek advice from us. Brands we are offering include LitePanel, BBS, Visio, Kioflo Socanland and etc.. Regionally we have presence in Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand , India and Singapore.

Aputure LED Lights

Aputure AL-H198 Aputure Amaran AL-H160 Aputure AL-M9 Aputure Amaran AL-MW Aputure AL-MX Aputure AL-MC LED Light

Litepanels LED Light Products

Litepanels LED Lighting            
LED Lighting            

Visio Light Products

Visio Light LED Lights Visio Light Fluorescent Lights Visio Light RedHead Visio Light Lighting Stands Visio Light Background Series
LED Lights Fluorescent Lights RedHead Lighting Stands Background Series

 Socanland LED Lights

Socanland Digital Bi-color Lights Socanland Bi-color Lights Socanland Bi-focus Lights Socanland Single Color Lights Socanland LED On-Camera Lights
Digital Bi-Color Lights Bi-color Lights Bi-focus Lights Single Color Lights LED On-Camera Lights

Studio lighting for Professional Video


Expandore house of worship equipment
Expandore is the leading dealer for the house of worship equipment. We do everything from design, supply, integration, and finally commissioning. The equipment entails mainly professional audio and video systems. Expandore house of worship equipment is now available in our stations in the South East region, which includes Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand.

House of worship equipment remains to be one of the most significant demand for professional audio and video systems. We understand the need and requirements of the different house of worship, and thus we supply excellent quality audio and video systems to help spread teaching to the ever-growing congregations. Below we look at some of the houses of worship equipment and why they are a great choice.

High-Quality Audio and lighting
Audio and lighting systems are a must-have for every house of worship. The high-quality audio system ensures that the message is passed to the congregants accurately and in the right manner. A high-quality audio system demands an equally high-quality lighting system. Both the leaders and congregants should have an ambient environment during the house of worship sessions.

For the house of worship equipment, we invite you to contact us and discuss your requirements. From wireless technology and video streaming house of worship equipment, we have equipments for all types of the house of worship, including Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Buddhists, Taoists, and Hindu temples, which all have different requirements. Our specialists can tailor solutions to cater to each house of worship equipment requirements. Call us today to find out more about what we have to offer to enhance your worship experience.