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 Blackmagic ATEM Studio Converter Integrate 10-bit video data baths and support HD/SDI video technology

Blackmagic ATEM Studio Converter
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With ATEM Studio Converters, live production experience for professionals is well set to experience a revolution. The ATEM Studio Converter comes with phenomenal features such as support for tally, audio and talkback signals as well as bi-directional video. This has been made possible by the fact that you can connect the switchers with cameras as far as 28miles away using optical fiber cables and be able to use the converter either independently or together with other devices and achieve great results. With ATEM Studio Converter, you can connect as many as four camera converters as it supports four independent and bi-directional SDI converters via optical fiber.

ATEM Studio Converter delivers best when used as a unit for control rooms, flyaway kits or OB vehicles. It is designed to convert camera feeds coming from the optical fiber into HDMI or SDI which are then used as inputs for the Switcher. The ATEM Studio Converter is also designed to allow for monitoring at camera position using the talkback and feedback program that it comes integrated with.

Live Production

The ATEM Studio Converter has been categorically designed for live production. With unique and great features such as SDI and HDMI audio outputs as well as EBU and AES for each of the 4 bi-directional fiber converters, support for connection of up to four camera converters connectable to a single ATEM Studio Converter and a one rack size unit that makes the converter a perfect fit for flyaway kits and OB vehicles.

Tally and Talkback
With the ATEM Studio Converter, you can connect up to four cameras to your switcher over a long distance for all your needs. The converter comes with a single optical fiber connection that eliminates the necessity of running up to four separate video cables for each camera. Talkback, a feature embedded in the optical fiber connection allows for communications between the switcher and camera operators. The operators are also kept in the know about when each camera connected to the switcher is live through the use of program feeds and tally signals sent from the cameras.

ATEM Studio Converter can connect over a long distance because of integration of high-level technology of superior quality laser drivers. The converters also integrate 10-bit video data baths and can support HD/SDI video technology as well as optical fiber SDI. ATEM Studio Converter comes with an a Press To Talk (PTT) button that allows for operators to communicate and a level control button on the keypad for controlling headphones. Studio converters by ATEM integrate high-quality audio technologies, and operators can listen to audio on channels 15 and 16 using headphones, and this audio is inputted talkback embedded from the video output on the camera�s optical fiber.

Optical Fiber
ATEM Studio Converter uses the most technologically advanced connection option with its camera by using optical fiber. This is perfect and gives the converters a new dimension in the sense that they can be used with cameras that are placed up to 28miles away from switchers. The use of optical fiber is also an economical alternative when compared to other options such as coax.

SDI/HDMI Cameras Support
With ATEM Studio Converter, you can connect up to four SDI/HDMI cameras to your switcher using optical fiber. This allows for operators to access important features such as tally, talkback, video and audio connections.

Blackmagic Utility Software
For easy handling of your ATEM Studio Converter, Blackmagic has designed utility software that gives users total control over the converter and its functions. With this software, you can number cameras connected to the switcher for easy identification, update the software run by your ATEM Studio Converter using a USB 2.0 and add new features through the download of firmware updates. The software can be run on Windows or Mac OS platform.

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Optional Accessory:

Blackmagic ATEM Camera Converter
Product Code: ATEM Camera Converter
Buy Sell Sales Blackmagic ATEM Camera Converter

Connect your camera's SDI or HDMI outputs for conversion to optical fiber, while your switcher program feed can be fed back via optical fiber for camera monitoring. ATEM Camera Converter includes an internal battery, talkback, tally, and microphone inputs!

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