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 Panasonic RP-SDUD128AK 128GB Gold Series SD Card

Panasonic RP-SDUD128AK
Product Code: RPSDUD128AK
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Ready for 4K – Panasonic's SD Card
UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) for 4K video support and faster speeds (reads up to 95 MB/s and write up to 90 MB/s). UHS-I ultra-high-speed, high durability and toughness for professional performance and reliability.
Great for 4K Video and Burst Shooting
UHS Speed Class 3 (U3) is a new speed class standard that delivers smooth video recording to meet the demands of advanced applications like 4K and high-bit-rate Full-HD. Its guaranteed constant minimum write speed of 30 MB/s (240 Mbps) *1 optimizes the video experience and eliminates dropped frames in both 4K and all-round video.*1 This speed performance is achieved under the conditions specified by the SD Association.

Panasonic RP-SDUD128AK

Ultra High Speed - UHS-I
UHS-I is an SD bus standard with the maximum data transfer speed of 104 MB/s.*1 High-speed writing lets you take burst shots without dropped frames, and RAW photos with a digital SLR. It also makes it suitable for all types of video shooting -- from the ultimate 4K, to Full-HD and standard video. High-speed reading lets you easily transfer even large amounts of data. UHS-I is ideal for both camera and video enthusiasts.
*1 This speed performance is achieved under the conditions specified by the SD Association.

Panasonic RP-SDUD128AK

Tough & Safe - PROOF7
All Panasonic SD cards and microSD cards feature the Tough & Safe design. They are accident proof against the 6 harsh conditions of Water, Static Electricity, Shock, Magnetism, Temperature, and X-rays. Also, a built-in-fuse operates to prevent the SD card and your personal host devices from being damaged due to unexpected problems such as overheating in an electric current. *If the fuse blows, the data in the SD card is no longer readable.

Panasonic RP-SDUD128AK

Smart Guard to protect data
Panasonic‘s “Power Failure Guard” automatically retrieves the affected part to preserve important data, even in the event that data is damaged by a sudden power interruption. “Data Damage Guard" reduces the defect risk and makes the card's operating life longer by equalizing the re-write frequency of each writing sector. *This function does not guarantee permanent data retention.

Panasonic RP-SDUD128AK

Long-lasting MLC flash memory
The NAND flash memory, where data is stored on an SD, has an upper limitation on the number of re-writing cycles. MLC types can be re-written 10 times longer than TLC types can, and also have a lower error rate. MLC types help to save precious memories much longer.
Card Type SDXC Card (UHS-I Card*3)
Capacity 128 GB
Maximum Transfer Speed Read 95 MB/s
Write 90 MB/s
Speed Class UHS Speed Class 3 (U3), Speed Class 10 (C10)
Others Long Lasting --- MLC NAND Flash Memory
Proof 7 (Water-, Shock-, Magnet-, X-ray-, Electrostatic-, Temperature-proof, and Built-in fuse)
Smart Guard (Power failure recovery, Error Guard)
Number of Still Images Aspect ratio 4:3 (Approx.) RAW: 4,608 x 3,456 pixels (16M) 6,390
JPEG High/L: 4,320 x 3,240 pixels (14M) 27,950
JPEG Normal/S: 2,048 x 1,536 pixels (3M) 75,250
Recording time for Video [Aspect ratio 16:9] (Approx.) 4K Movie MP4 (LPCM) 3,840 x 2,160 60p (150 Mbps) 1 h 50 min
MOV/MP4 (LPCM) 3,840 x 2,160 30p (100 Mbps) 2 h 50 min
Full HD Movie MOV/MP4 (All-Intra) (LPCM) 60p (200 Mbps) 1h 20 min
AVCHD Progressive (DSC) 60p (28 Mbps) 9 h 55 min
MP4 (DSC) 30p (20 Mbps) 13 h 20 min


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