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About Analog Way

Pioneering Cutting-Edge Video Processing with Ease

For over three decades, Analog Way has remained steadfast in its unwavering commitment to innovation, consistently delivering top-tier, dependable, and high-end video processing equipment to the professional audiovisual sector.

Throughout our evolution, it has cultivated a unique expertise in furnishing uncompromising video presentation experiences to our discerning clientele. Analog Way’s solutions find application in a multitude of integration endeavors and event scenarios worldwide, spanning from electrifying concerts and live performances, grandiose displays adorning lobbies and corporate auditoriums, expansive multi-window video walls gracing stadiums and casinos, immersive virtual reality studios tailored for television, to sanctuaries and cultural institutions.

Explore Analog Way’s Product
With its headquarters, cutting-edge research and development teams, and manufacturing facilities situated in France, coupled with branch offices in the United States and Singapore, we have established a global presence that remains intimately connected to both our clients and end-users.Analog Way products are disseminated across the globe, facilitated by Analog Way's direct sales offices in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Additionally, we nurture a global network of trusted distributors, dealers, and representatives.

Analog Way Academy
Unearth and Master Our Product Portfolio through Analog Way Academy's Comprehensive Training Initiatives

From product simulators and instructional guides to rigorous certification programs, our online courses and on-demand training modules are meticulously crafted to accommodate your learning requirements, irrespective of your location on the map.

Analog Way’s certified programs have garnered accreditation from AVIXA.

Our Pledges to Our Esteemed Customers

Analog Way Embark on a Journey of Technological Advancement and Unparalleled Performance

• Cutting-Edge Technologies: Pioneering technological frontiers to redefine the industry's landscape.
• Rugged Design and Uncompromising Quality: Exemplifying durability, quality, and unwavering reliability.
• Attractive, User-Friendly Products: Crafting solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and effortless to maintain.
• Consistent, Modular, and Scalable Designs: Architecting systems that are both steadfast and adaptable.
• Cutting-Edge User Interface: Presenting a user experience that sets new standards.
• Unwavering Customer Focus: Putting clients at the forefront, driven by exacting performance demands.
• Full-Spectrum Support: Backed by our dedicated training and technica support teams.

Analog Way - A Saga of Innovation

• 1989: Analog Way's inception in France.
• 1990: Launch of VIGA, the inaugural European real-time Scan Converter PC card (sans software).
• 1992: Unveiling the SV315, the world's first standalone Scan Converter.
• 1997: Pioneering Smart Cut, the globe's inaugural Seamless Switcher.
• 1999: Introducing the Graphic Switcher, the first-ever combined Mixer and Seamless Switcher.
• 2004: Unleashing CentriX, the pioneering amalgamation of Matrix, Mixer, and Seamless Switcher.
• 2005: The dawn of Di-VentiX, the world's first Mixer featuring embedded soft edge blending mode.
• 2008: Welcoming Di-VentiX II, Analog Way's Mixer and Seamless Switcher boasting edge blending and four scalers.
• 2012: The birth of the LiveCore™ series, an innovative lineup of premium image processors and accessories.
• 2013: The debut of the Midra™ series, a fresh range of mid-range Mixers and Seamless Switchers.
• 2015: Relocation of Analog Way's U.S. office, established in 1998, to metro-Atlanta, GA.
• 2016: Introduction of VIO 4K, the globe's inaugural multi-format converter accommodating formats up to 4K60p 4:4:4 and the latest connectivity standards.
• 2017: Acquisition of Finnish Media Server manufacturer Picturall and the launch of Analog Way's robust playback systems.
• 2018: Inauguration of direct sales and service office in Dubai, accompanied by the relocation of the Singapore office to Hong Kong.
• 2019: Unveiling the LivePremier™ series, game-changing 4K/8K live presentation systems, along with a comprehensive range of Aquilon systems dedicated to high-end staging and premium system integration.
• 2020: Introduction of Midra™ 4K, a suite of 4K60 presentation switchers catering to small/medium-sized fixed installations and live environments.
• 2021: The release of Picturall™ Mark II, a next-generation heavy-duty media server.
• 2022: The debut of Alta 4K Presentation Switchers.


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