Roland Switchers and Mixers


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7% Goods Service Tax (GST) will be imposed over the total invoice value if purchased locally in Singapore. However if you are a tourist visiting Singapore, this GST amount can be refunded at the Changi International Airport Departure Hall GST Refund Centre before departure with goods within 60 Days from the date of purchase. Please note that only Tourists who have met the Tourist Refund Scheme's conditions and eligibility criteria can claim for the GST refund. Please visit: for GST Guide for Visitors on Tourist Refund Scheme.

Analog-Way Live Premier Series

Analog Way Aquilon RS4 Analog Way Aquilon RS3 Analog Way Aquilon RS2 Analog Way Aquilon RS1
Aquilon RS4 Aquilon RS3 Aquilon RS2 Aquilon RS1
Analog Way Aquilon RS alpha Analog Way Aquilon C Analog Way Aquilon C-Plus  
Aquilon RS alpha Aquilon C Aquilon C+  
Image Processor
Analog Way NeXtage 08 - 4K Analog Way NeXtage 16 - 4K Switcher Analog Way Ascender 16 LE - 4K Switcher Analog Way Ascender 32 LE - 4K Switcher
NeXtage 08 - 4K NeXtage 16 - 4K Ascender 16 LE - 4K Ascender 32 LE - 4K
Analog Way Ascender 48 LE - 4K Switcher Analog Way Ascender 16 4K Analog Way Ascender 32 - 4K - PL Analog Way Ascender 48 - 4K - PL Switcher
Ascender 48 LE - 4K Ascender 16 - 4K Ascender 32 - 4K - PL Ascender 48 - 4K - PL
Presentation Switchers Series
Analog Way Pulse-3G Mixer and Switcher Analog Way Saphyr Analog Way QuickVu-3G  
Pulse²-3G Saphyr QuickVu-3G  
HDBaseT Presentation Switchers
Analog Way Saphyr-H Analog Way Pulse - H Presentation Switcher    
Saphyr-H Pulse² - H    
Media Servers
Analog Way Picturall Pro Analog Way Picturall Quad Analog Way Picturall Twin Analog Way Picturall Quad Compact - MSQC04-R1
Picturall Pro Picturall Quad Picturall Twin Picturall Quad Compact
Analog Way Picturall Twin Compact - MSTC02-R1 Analog Way DPH104 Wall Processor    
Picturall Twin Compact DPH104