AJA FR2 Rackmount Frame


R-Series 2RU Rackmount Frame

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 AJA FR-2 R-Series 2RU Rackmount Frame

AJA FR2 Rackmount Frame
Product Code:FR2
FR-2 Rackmount Frame, 2RU Buy Sell Sales AJA FR-2
FR-2D Rackmount Frame with dual power supply Buy Sell Sales AJA FR-2D
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AJA FR2 is a 2RU frame with slots for 10 R-Series cards. The frame features high-capacity power supplies with no power restrictions for any module combination. FR2 features multi-fan forced-air cooling, which provides ample cooling capacity without the need for an empty rack space above the units. An optional redundant power supply is available - FR2's power supplies are easily changed from the front of the unit. AJA FR2 also features a frame color black reference input that is distributed to all slots.
 Technical Specifications of FR 2
•10 Slots, 1 Rack Unit
•RJ 45 Communications Port/Power Supply Monitoring
•Reference Input, BNC
•100 Watt Capacity
•Universal Input 90-240 VAC Power Supply
•Optional Redundant Power Supply, Diode Isolated
•Multiple-Fan Forced Air
•19" x 3.5" x 13" (2RU)
•Leitch® 6800-Series Compatible

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