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12G-SDI Solutions

Serial Digital Interface is a collection of digital video interfaces to enhance transmission of videos and audios. You know that as part of technology, cameras, and other routing technology continue to evolve each day. That's not just it; different grade SDI standards are also being implemented to provide resolutions for uncompressed video signals. AJA technology has gone ahead and sought to bring to the table, yet another tool to enhance the consistency and competence of digital video in the world today.

Advantages of SDI
Many factors influence the success of SDI. Apart from a system that is good at transmitting professional audios and videos, consumers also have an eye on other aspects that are friendlier to them. Below are some of the advantages that make SDI stand out:

It is secure
As compared to Coaxial cable, SDI functions to establish a transmission system that cannot be transmitted further. The case becomes different only when it is connected deliberately to a Router or a Distribution Amplifier (DA). The system also guards against accidental uncoupling of connectors.

It has a great length
HDMI cables cannot run pas about 30 feet without requiring connection with a repeater or amplifier. SDI outworks that to transmit and receive signals up to about 30 feet before an amplifier or repeater is needed. The transmission is made even better when a converter such as AJA’s technology-3G-SDI and 12G FIDOs. It can run or receive transmission up to about 10km from the source.

Time Code Support
Unlike SDI, HDMI does not support Time Code. Well said, SDI has SMPTE Time Code Support, which primarily identifies every video with a unique number. The Time Code Support also:

- Synchronizes music
- Automates effects in live concert production. These include pyrotechnics, video, and lighting, etc.
- Supports frame-accurate digital editing
- Produces audios and videos that have a high focus and associates them with other data.

Not about video only
SDI carry video, but there’s more to it. The system also handles non-video information, commonly known as Ancillary data (ANC).

SDI is cost-effective
The standard RG-6 coax cable SDI uses is relatively cheaper to produce, which in turn reflects on its affordable price in the market. On the other hand, HDMI has a higher price tagged on it per meter or foot of HDMI cable.

Fiber Solutions
As people continue to venture into a world with internet solutions, traditional cabling continues to be written off from the technology market to achieve longer data transmission. For this reason, traditional copper cabling is being replaced with fiber systems to accomplish that. The system applies the science of fiber optics to primarily transfer digital information as light pulses to carry massive data over vast distances.

Fiber solutions have something exceptional about them. When compared to traditional cabling, they are on edge in terms of;
- Having less resistance to electromagnetic interference with no necessary shielding
- Covering a great distance, which is facilitated by its long attenuation that allows longer cable runs without repeaters
- A greater data bandwidth that gives it a higher capacity
- Using low power due to less attenuation
- Meeting security requirements of many states and governments that are concerned about sensitive data transmission.
- Taking less space and weighing less as compare to copper cabling.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Solutions
In simple words, HDR is a display system that is modeled to provide a better representation of what the eye sees. When it comes to the display systems, humans want to get the best experience out of it. Actually, think of it as a pursuit for something that has more of the Human Visual System. AJA technology takes an approach to achieve a balance of this experience and deliver to display. HDR solutions employ the following methods to preserve artistic intent;

-It increases color space representation to provide a more immersive viewing experience that makes the display more real.
-It enhances easy monitoring of the process and other editings such as color correction on images and videos.
-It provides an HDR functionality display, which achieves a viewing experience that is more immersive and realistic.
-Its capacity to improve presentation manages color space correctly to avoid confusion

Streaming Solutions
Streaming is looked at as a way of delivering video media live via the internet. Now, a sound streaming system demands good signal connection and an essential number of cameras for use to deliver the stream. AJA technology simplifies your live stream, be it for a concert, live events, corporate events or video conferencing. It offers solutions to enhance the capturing and streaming of live videos around the globe and on-site.

Streaming is the primary functionality of a streaming video delivery system, but in most cases, a recording might be essential to keep archives. As such, the recording capability of AJA technology is facilitated by quality appliances such as the HELOH.264 recording and streaming device. Below are two devices that offer great solutions for your streaming:

U-TAP USB 3.0 Connected HDMI and SDI Capture and Streaming
The device uses USB 3.0 to connect directly to computers, including Linux, Windows, and Mac. It does not require drivers to feed an SDI or HDMI output from a camera to a computer. Besides, the portable size of the USB can fit into your pocket and supports a wide range of other remote productions.