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Mackie - MIXER - d.2

Model: d.2(Discont.)
12 Channels of Premium Analog Mixing, with 24-Bit/96kHz FireWire I/O

For most of Mackie's 15-year history, we've been asked by professional DJs, remix artists and producers to bring our world-renowned mixer expertise to the world of DJ mixers. But we didn't think the world really needed another DJ mixer, unless it would bring something truly new and different to the game. Today, we're proud to announce the DJ mixer of the future. Introducing the d.2.

The d.2 is the world's best-sounding, best-built 2-channel DJ mixer. It's also the first DJ mixer with a FireWire option, letting you mix and record music directly to and from your Mac or PC laptop or desktop. Among the d.2's standout features are a clean, intuitive layout, bulletproof construction, premium analog VCA circuitry, and ultra high-performance components.

Just a few of these standout components include:

An Infinium® optical, no-contact crossfader with adjustable tension
Mackie-designed mic and turntable preamps with superior detail and maximum "punch"
Smooth analog EQ with full kill capabilities
Optional FireWire I/O card for recording and playback of 24-bit audio directly to Mac or PC
3-position spring-loaded Transform switches
A solid 14-gauge all-steel chassis (thicker than Vestax, Rane, etc.)
Why should you care about these components? Because they directly effect the sound and reliability you get out of your DJ mixer.

The d.2 is the world's first DJ mixer to incorporate the revolutionary Infinium optical crossfader with adjustable tension. Based on the world's first optical, no-contact design, the Infinium crossfader delivers precise, ultra-smooth response for years... no matter how much you scratch. And without the risk of dust and grime deteriorating its audio performance, this crossfader will sound as good in 10 years as the day you bought your mixer. The Infinium crossfader features an adjustable tension control which can be set using a small screwdriver. So you can customize the fader feel to be as loose or tight as you desire.

The d.2 uses an all-analog Voltage-Controlled Amplifier (VCA) design with ultra high-performance components, tuned to provide the maximum headroom and lowest noise of any mixer in its class. Thanks to its VCA design, the d.2 is immune to the deterioration in sound quality plaguing traditional DJ mixers. Dust particles and the general crud of life will wreck old-school faders — but VCA faders power right through these obstacles night after night, year after year, to deliver rock-solid performance with zero audio degradation. VCAs also let you fine-tune the curves of all three faders to perfectly suit your style, and even reverse them via conveniently positioned controls.

The d.2 is the world's first mixer with an optional FireWire computer connection. With the FireWire card installed, you can connect the d.2 mixer to any Mac or PC (Mac OSX 10.3.5 and higher, Windows XP) to directly play back music from almost any music software application—including Traktor, Live, iTunes, and Windows Media Player. You just set the Input Select switch at the top of either or both channels to "FireWire," and mix two stereo tracks directly from your computer.

The FireWire card also lets you simultaneously record your DJ sets to your computer with no additional hardware required. This is perfect for DJs making mix CDs, recording podcasts, and literally dozens of other applications. It’s the next step in the evolution of the DJ mixer, and you can only get it with the d.2.

In addition to its ultra-robust construction and comfortable layout, the d.2's control surface offers several cool performance features. Rotatable spring-loaded 3-position (on/off/momentary) switches provide a whole new world of Transformer effects. (Check out the video [.mov] or [.wmv].) A Reverse switch and variable Contour control for each fader let you dial in the feel that’s just right. And the Channel EQ gives you up to 10dB of boost or complete kill of each frequency range—complete with backlit blue knobs so you can see your EQ settings, even in low-light clubs and DJ booths.

As you might expect, the d.2's rear panel is equally impressive. A genuine Mackie mic preamp provides up to 50dB of gain with +48V Phantom Power, so you can connect both dynamic mics and studio condenser mics. Balanced XLR Main outputs with a Mic/Line level switch assure a great-sounding connection to any PA system. RCA outputs include a Live/Record switch so that volume adjustments to the Main output won’t wreck your recording levels. The built-in Stereo FX Loop offers dual 1⁄4-inch inputs and outputs with dedicated master Send and Return level knobs. And separate 1⁄4” Booth outputs include a dedicated volume control and Stereo/Mono switch for tailoring to your exact monitor setup.

Finally, thanks to its Planet Earth switching power supply, the d.2 can accompany you wherever your gig takes you (~100-240 VAC / 50-60Hz). Just plug-in and start spinnin’ wherever you are, worldwide.

  • Premium 2-channel DJ mixer with analog VCA circuitry
  • FireWire option card for recording and mixing mp3’s and other files directly to/from Mac or PC
    45mm "no-contact" Infinium optical crossfader for years of use with no audio degradation
  • Mackie-designed mic and turntable preamps for ultra-low noise and maximum “punch”
  • 2 stereo program channels with CD, Phono/Line, and FireWire input select
  • 3-band EQ per channel w/ complete kill filters and blue backlit knobs
  • User-rotatable 3-position spring-loaded Transform switches with latching mode
  • Flexible effects routing with variable FX send control
    Neutrik combo jack for XLR and 1/4" microphone connections
  • "Planet Earth" Power Supply - no need for power converters, no matter the country
  • XLR main outs with mic/line switch for easy stage integration (No D.I.'s)
  • Crossfader features Resistance and Curve controls and Reverse switch
  • Fader Reverse switches and Curve controls
    1/4" Booth Outputs with Stereo/Mono switch and volume control
  • Individual program meters plus main out meters
  • Ideal mixer for turntablists, remixers, and digital DJs alike

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