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Wise External Battery Pack

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  External Battery Pack

 Wise External Battery Pack

Wise SKU16141 External Battery Pack






Product code: SKU16141
Offer Wise SKU16141 External Battery Pack


External Battery Pack for Hot-Shout Mount
- Each battery pack includes a 2-pin power cord to CitiDISK HDV or DV's external power plug( accept DC +6V to +18V ) to extend your CitiDISK DV for additional 3-hour in addition to internal battery's 1 and half hours operating time.

- Exchange the external battery while it's near depleted, CitiDISK HDV or DV internal battery automatically switches on without stopping recording. After the external battery is fully charged again, put back the external battery and CitiDISK HDV DV internal battery switched off.

Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Fixed Output Voltage and Flash Light

 Battery Status Test
Press the TEST button to read current battery capacity status. GREEN is good, YELLOW is OK and RED is "need to charge".

  • Extends CitiDISK operating time an additional 3 hours
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery use the same power adapter for CitiDISK .
  • Test button to read battery's current capacity – RED , YELLOW ,and GREEN lights .
  • Regulated 7.2volt output voltage preventing unnecessary spikes to the operating unit .
  • Serves as a flash light for reading the readouts of the camera in the dark .

 Technical Specifications
Model No. BATT 21865
Output voltage 7.2V
Output capacity 2200mAh
Input power 12V / 1A
Charge current Max. 700mA
Protection Short / Over charge / Over discharge / Over current
Charge function CV 8.4V
Charging display Red LED ( Charging ) / Green LED ( Full )
Capacity display Red LED ( Charging ) / Yellow LED ( Middle ) / Green LED ( Full )
For CitiDisk DV Approximate 180 minutes
Weight Approximate 133g
For CitiDisk DV 76 ( L ) * 58 ( W ) * 26 ( H ) mm

  A Full Setup View with Camera:

Wise SKU16141 External Battery Pack