Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller

Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller

Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller

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MatteBox for Production Cameras

 Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller

VOCAS DV Mattebox

In addition to the current line of matteboxes, Vocas proudly presents the most exciting advance in image control and light management for EFP/HD/film cameras, the MB-450 Item #0400-0451

Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance creativity, this mattebox is perfect for any EFP/HD/film production. This mattebox is the biggest Vocas mattebox currently available. It comes standard with two fully rotatable 5,65”x5,65” filter trays as well as one fixed 4”x5.65” tray. It also features a rigid compartment in the front end of the mattebox that can house either a matte, a fourth filterframe or the new patented tilt filter unit. A 16:9 matte and three filterframes are included with the base MB-450 set. Just like all other Vocas matteboxes, the MB-450 also includes a top-flag and externally operated patented eyebrows.
Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller
Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller


- For use with up to 5 filters (3 fully rotatable).
- Made to fit the new filter standard 5,65"X5,65" or smaller.
- Fits on large diameter lenses (up to 144 mm.)
- Optional patented Tilt filter unit.
- Newly designed and patented flag fixation.
- Externally operated patented Eyebrows.
- Exchangeable matte system.

- Optional Swing away bracket for either 15mm lightweight rails, 19mm rails or 15mm studio rails.
- The MB-450 can also be used as Clip-on or on 15mm lightweight rails support and barsadapter.
- Weight of the mattebox with filterframes: 850 grams.

This mattebox (Item #0400-0451) comes standard with:

3pc. filter frame #0410-0001, #0410-0002 and #0410-0003
1pc. top flag#0430-0001
1pc. mask (16:9)


Baradapter for MB450
Buy Sell Sale Baradapter for MB450

Item: 0460-0001 Baradapter for MB450
Adapter with quick-lock mechanism.
If a Vocas MB-450 mattebox is used on a standard 15mm lightweight rail support, this (or #0460-0200) adapter is always needed.

Adapter for 19mm
Buy Sell Sale Adapter for 19mm

Item: 0460-0250 Adapter for 19mm
Swing-away bracket for MB-450
This bracket enables the user to quickly change lenses without having to disassemble the mattebox setup. If a Vocas MB-450 mattebox is used on a standard 15mm lightweight rail support, this (or #0460-0001) adapter is always required.
Adapter for 19mm rails:
Adapter for 15mm studio rails:

15mm Swing away bracket
Buy Sell Sale 15mm Swing away bracket

Item: 0460-0200
15mm Swing away bracket for MB-450

Flexible Adaptor Ring Kit
Buy Sell Sale Flexible Adaptor Ring Kit

Item: 0420-0001 Flexible Adaptor Ring Kit (144mm)
144mm Flexible Adaptor Ring
Compatible with MB-450 Mattebox
Includes Holder for 138mm Round Filter

Side Flag Kit for MB-450
Buy Sell Sale Side Flag Kit for MB-450

Item: 0440-0001 Side Flag Kit for MB-450
Protection against Lens Flare
For Use with MB-450 Matteboxes
Includes 2 Retractable Side Doors

Please refer your camera ring size by the following form

Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size   Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size
Sony Panasonic
Sony DCR-VX1000 52 mm Panasonic AG-EZ1 52 mm
Sony DCR-VX9000 52 mm Panasonic AG-DVX100 72 mm
Sony DSR-200 52 mm Panasonic AG-DVX102 72 mm
Sony DSR-PD100 52 mm Panasonic AG-HMC150 72 mm
Sony TRV-900 52 mm Panasonic AG-HPX170 72 mm
Sony DCR-VX2000 58 mm Panasonic AG-HPX171E 72 mm
Sony DSR-250 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX200 82 mm
Sony DSR-PD150 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX203 82 mm
Sony DSR-PD170 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX201 82 mm
Sony HVR-V1 62 mm
Sony HDR-FX1E 72 mm Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size
Sony HVR-S270 72 mm JVC
Sony HVR-Z1 72 mm JVC GY-DV300 (lens 14x5.6) 52 mm
Sony HVR-Z5 72 mm JVC GY-DV550 (lens 14x7.3) 62 mm
Sony HVR-Z7 72 mm JVC GY-DV5100 82 mm
Sony PMW-EX1 77 mm JVC GY-HD100 82 mm
Sony PMW-EX3 77 mm JVC GY-HD101 82 mm
JVC GY-HD110 82 mm
Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size JVC GY-HD200B (lens 126x5.5) 82 mm
Canon JVC GY-HD200U (lens 12x5.5) 82 mm
Canon GL-1 58 mm JVC GY-HD250 (lens 16x5.5) 82 mm
Canon GL-2 58 mm JVC GY-HD251 (lens 16x5.5) 82 mm
Canon XM-1 58 mm  
Canon XM-2 58 mm
Canon XH-A1 72 mm
Canon XH-G1 72 mm
Canon XL-1 72 mm
Canon XL-2 72 mm
Canon XL-H1 72 mm
Canon XL-H1A 72 mm