VOCAS DV Mattebox 

VOCAS DV Mattebox

VOCAS DV Mattebox

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Vocas MattBox

Sony PMW-F3K 

For the most popular camera's Vocas has put together ready-to-use mattebox kits.
Please see the fitchart for more accessories for this camera.

The Vocas MB-255 (item #0200-0255) has been specifically designed for use with Zeiss CP.2 lenses.
There for this mattebox is compatible with lenses that have a front side diameter of up to 114mm.
The mattebox features a Quick-Lock mounting system that attaches directly to the front lens barrel.
If required, an MBS-100 mattebox support and a barsadapter on standard 15 mm rails can be used.
This mattebox accommodates 3x3" through 4x6" filters and works with most wide angle lenses in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.
The Vocas MB-255 has one rotatable and one fixed 4" wide filter tray.
and also features a patented "heavy duty" French flag clamper.
Internal eyebrows are standard on the MB-255. They can be operated from the outside of the mattebox.
These patented internal French flags allow the user to adjust the matte (or mask) to the zoom position of the lens.
Although the MB-255 can be used as a clip-on mattebox, we recommend the use of a barsadapter and a MBS-100 mattebox support.

This mattebox comes standard with:
2pc. 4"x4" filter frame
1pc. standard top flag
2pc. patented eye-brows
1pc. 114mm to 105mm step down adapter ring
Weight of mattebox with filter frames: 350 gram.

Sony PMW-F3K with Vocas MB-255

MB-255: wide-angle mattebox compatible with Zeiss CP.2 Lenses. Item #0200-0255
Wide-Angle Mattebox with 2 stages of filtertrayholder (one fixed and one rotating) including 2 pcs. 4x4"" filtertray (0310-0001), Eye-brows and a Top-flag (0330-0001)."
Sony PMW-F3KVOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox
VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox

Compact MB-255 mattebox kit for Sony PMW-F3, Item #0255-2000
This kit consists of:
MB-255 mattebox, including 114mm to 105mm step down ring. #0200-0255
Barsadapter for MB-2XX for 15mm rails. #0360-0100
105mm flexible adapterring kit for MB2XX. #0320-0010

High end production mattebox kit for Sony PMW-F3. Item #0455-2000
This kit consists of:
MB-450 mattebox. #0400-0451
Swing-away bracket for MB-450 for 15mm rails.
144mm flexible adapterring kit for MB450. #0420-0001

VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox
VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox

Handheld kit for any of the above three mattebox kits. Item #0255-3600
Handgrip set, including two handgrips. #0390-0002
15mm offset bracket. # 0350-0021
Weight attachment plate for Vocas shoulder support.
Weight 1kg Stackable, add more if you like. #0370-0210
15mm Pro Rail support. #0350-0600
15mm shoulder support. #0370-0001

15mm Rail support Kit DV ‘Pro’ for Sony PMW-F3. Item #0255-3700
This rail support kit has everything needed for optimal shoulder mounted use of the heavier DV cameras.
Consisting of:
- 15mm rail support 'Pro' Type K (#0350-0700)
- 15mm offset bracket (#0350-0021)
- Shoulder support 15mm (#0370-0001)
- Weight attachment plate (#0370-0200)
- Weight 1KG (#0370-0210)
- Handgrip set including two handgrips (#0390-0002)

VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox
VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox

Conversion kit for 15mm to 19mm rail support. Item #0480-1000
19mm to 15mm adapter. #0490-0001
Set of two pieces 19mm rail, 400mm long. #0480-9400
Balance plate / tripod attachment for 19mm rails.

15mm universal lens support. Item #0360-0500
Universal lens support for 15mm rails.
When using large lenses Vocas recommends using a lens support to support the higher weight of the lens.
Adjustable for lenses varying from 65mm to 105mm in diameter.

VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox
VOCAS DV Mattebox VOCAS DV Mattebox

MFC-1 follow focus kit for any camera with 15mm LW support. Item #0500-2300
MFC-1 follow focus. #0500-0001
Flexible gear ring kit. for all cylindrical focus barrels with an outside diameter between 40mm and 100mm. Tooth size M0.8. For lenses without toothed focus ring.
Drive gear, tooth size M0.8, 46 teeth. #0500-0101


VOCAS DV Mattebox  
VOCAS DV Mattebox  


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Please refer your camera ring size by the following form

Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size   Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size
Sony   Panasonic  
Sony DCR-VX1000 52 mm Panasonic AG-EZ1 52 mm
Sony DCR-VX9000 52 mm Panasonic AG-DVX100 72 mm
Sony DSR-200 52 mm Panasonic AG-DVX102 72 mm
Sony DSR-PD100 52 mm Panasonic AG-HMC150 72 mm
Sony TRV-900 52 mm Panasonic AG-HPX170 72 mm
Sony DCR-VX2000 58 mm Panasonic AG-HPX171E 72 mm
Sony DSR-250 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX200 82 mm
Sony DSR-PD150 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX203 82 mm
Sony DSR-PD170 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX201 82 mm
Sony HVR-V1 62 mm
Sony HDR-FX1E 72 mm Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size
Sony HVR-S270 72 mm JVC
Sony HVR-Z1 72 mm JVC GY-DV300 (lens 14x5.6) 52 mm
Sony HVR-Z5 72 mm JVC GY-DV550 (lens 14x7.3) 62 mm
Sony HVR-Z7 72 mm JVC GY-DV5100 82 mm
Sony PMW-EX1 77 mm JVC GY-HD100 82 mm
Sony PMW-EX3 77 mm JVC GY-HD101 82 mm
JVC GY-HD110 82 mm
Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size JVC GY-HD200B (lens 126x5.5) 82 mm
Canon JVC GY-HD200U (lens 12x5.5) 82 mm
Canon GL-1 58 mm JVC GY-HD250 (lens 16x5.5) 82 mm
Canon GL-2 58 mm JVC GY-HD251 (lens 16x5.5) 82 mm
Canon XM-1 58 mm  
Canon XM-2 58 mm
Canon XH-A1 72 mm
Canon XH-G1 72 mm
Canon XL-1 72 mm
Canon XL-2 72 mm
Canon XL-H1 72 mm
Canon XL-H1A 72 mm

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