VOCAS DV Mattebox 

VOCAS DV Mattebox

VOCAS DV Mattebox

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Vocas MattBox

Sony HVR-A1E 

For the most popular camera's Vocas has put together ready-to-use mattebox kits.
Please see the fitchart for more accessories for this camera.

Sony HVR-A1E with clip-on mattebox: For all 37mm threaded cameras.

MB-210 clip-on kit #0210-0037
consisting of:
-MB-210 mattebox (#0200-0210).
-Screw adapterring 105mm to M37 (#0250-0125).

VOCAS DV Mattebox  
Price Less than USD 500

VOCAS DV Mattebox


Optional Side Flag kit #0340-0001 VOCAS DV Mattebox



Please refer your camera ring size by the following form

Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size   Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size
Sony   Panasonic  
Sony DCR-VX1000 52 mm Panasonic AG-EZ1 52 mm
Sony DCR-VX9000 52 mm Panasonic AG-DVX100 72 mm
Sony DSR-200 52 mm Panasonic AG-DVX102 72 mm
Sony DSR-PD100 52 mm Panasonic AG-HMC150 72 mm
Sony TRV-900 52 mm Panasonic AG-HPX170 72 mm
Sony DCR-VX2000 58 mm Panasonic AG-HPX171E 72 mm
Sony DSR-250 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX200 82 mm
Sony DSR-PD150 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX203 82 mm
Sony DSR-PD170 58 mm Panasonic AG-HVX201 82 mm
Sony HVR-V1 62 mm
Sony HDR-FX1E 72 mm Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size
Sony HVR-S270 72 mm JVC
Sony HVR-Z1 72 mm JVC GY-DV300 (lens 14x5.6) 52 mm
Sony HVR-Z5 72 mm JVC GY-DV550 (lens 14x7.3) 62 mm
Sony HVR-Z7 72 mm JVC GY-DV5100 82 mm
Sony PMW-EX1 77 mm JVC GY-HD100 82 mm
Sony PMW-EX3 77 mm JVC GY-HD101 82 mm
JVC GY-HD110 82 mm
Camera Model by Brand Lens Ring Size JVC GY-HD200B (lens 126x5.5) 82 mm
Canon JVC GY-HD200U (lens 12x5.5) 82 mm
Canon GL-1 58 mm JVC GY-HD250 (lens 16x5.5) 82 mm
Canon GL-2 58 mm JVC GY-HD251 (lens 16x5.5) 82 mm
Canon XM-1 58 mm  
Canon XM-2 58 mm
Canon XH-A1 72 mm
Canon XH-G1 72 mm
Canon XL-1 72 mm
Canon XL-2 72 mm
Canon XL-H1 72 mm
Canon XL-H1A 72 mm

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