Lumos 300MK

Lumos 300MK

Lumos LED Light

Lumos 300MK
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Lumos 300MK LED Light

You can control color temperature and the brightness at the same time
only with one solution. Enjoy multiple functions.

You can control color temperature by turning the kelvin and control the brightness by turning the dimmer. If you work in movie or broadcast industry and need high precision in your work, Lumos 300 MK would be much convenient for you and finally your satisfaction.

Lumos 300MK
Product Code: Lumos 300MK
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· Optics
Lumos R&D is keep researching and studying the optimized structure and material of lens for developing maximum quantity of light and effective lighting in various situation and environment.
Lumos has been upgrading the technical know-how by accumulating the database through a lot of studies of angle, thickness, size, design, mixture, etc. Lumos always think of your working environment and will develop customized solutions you can select as you want.
· Hardware
By making the most of electrical features in designing PCB artwork, Lumos heightens the energy efficiency successfully.
This technical know-how also makes it possible to stabilize the lighting and minimize the tolerances and errors.
· Mechanics
For the optimized and maximized lighting, the structural arrangement of LED on PCB board is the main key. Almost all the engineers developing Lumos have much experience in hand-set makers’ R&D such as Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG. Lumos engineers are trying hard to apply cutting-edge integrated spacing technology into the development of maximum efficiency in lighting.

Lumos does not only think of LED lighting itself, but also studies the body of lighting and its accessories for realizing more complete solutions. By studying customer’s taste and environment intensively, Lumos is developing safer and more convenient brackets and knobs. With several brackets, 16 Lumos 300 F or 300 MK products can be connected and used in such a extreme situation.

Beyond that, Lumos are also researching and developing innovative structure and material for convenient and ergonomic barn doors and hand grips.
· Protection against heat
Lumos is using simulation program from the first stage of drawing for providing best way to protect against heat.
Lumos never stop researching and studying until 100% energy efficiency is achieved.

· In/out terminal for DMX control - Max. 512 channels are available, numeric marks for setting address numbers
· Terminal for connecting remote control
· Remote control is available through electronic wire controller (sold separately)
· On/Off
· Kelvin / Dimmer - For adjusting color temperature and brightness each showing 1 to 12 levels)
· Power adapter
· Separable Power adapter guide

Division 300MK 3200K 300MK 5600K
Size/Weight 300×300×73mm / 1.9kg
Photometric 1100 lux @1m
1200 lux @1m
CRI (Color Rendering Index) 98Ra
Color temperature 3,200K ~ 5,600K
CCT tolerance 3,200K ± 150K
5,600K ± 150K
Power Consumption 50W
Electrical Characteristics AC / 100~240V / 60
DC / 12V~24V
Dimming Manual / DMX 512
Color Control Manual / DMX 512
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45°C
Optional Accessories:

Lumos Bracket

Lumos Knob


Product Code: Lumos Bracket
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Product Code: Lumos Knob
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Lumos Bracket

Lumos Knob    

16 products can be connected at the same time






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