Bokkelux 25mm T2 Cine Lens

Bokkeh 25mm T2 Cine Lens
Bokkelux 25mm T2 Cine Lens   

Bokkeh Bokkelux 25mm T2 Cine Lens

Product Code: BOKKELUX25mmT2

Bokkelux 25mm T2
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  • Provide extreme resolution and integrity of color consistency
  • Apochromatic design
  • Cine-base design
  • Long distance of focus rotation
  • Consistent of length
  • Suitable for cinematographers

Bokkelux Series are cinema lenses developed by Bokkeh-Optics.
The latest series are set of T2 lenses, developed for 3 years, announced on April, 2016.
This set lenses is to provide extreme resolution and integrity of color consistency. Apochromatic design makes image very solid, vivid, and good in bokeh. The lens body is cine-base design, long distance of focus rotation, consistent of length and diameter, suitable for cinematographers.

Focal Length 75mm
Iris T2.1-T22
CFD (Close Focus Distance) 0.23 m / 0.75 feet
Length 130mm
Weight 1.4 kg / 3 lb
Focus Rotation 250°
Iris Rotation 45°
Number of Blades 12
Front Diameter 110mm
Front Filter Thread 105mm x P1.0
AOV 24X36 Full Frame 27°
AOV 18X24 Super35 19°
Lens Mount PL, EF, E-mount, MFT (m4/3)
Marking Meters, Feet