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LaCie 12big Rack Fibre StorView Snapshot Licenses

LaCie 12big Rack Fibre StorView
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12big Rack Fibre StorView Snapshot Licenses
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LaCie 12big Rack Fibre StorView

  LaCie 12big Rack Fibre StorView Snapshot Licenses
LaCie 12big Rack Fibre StorView

Product code: 131018
StorView’s Snapshot software has been de¬signed to give the user considerable flexibility when setting up and performing snapshot and snapback operations. A snapshot allows the user to create a point-in-time image of a logical drive that contains exactly the same data at the point the Snapshot was taken. Snapback allows the user to restore the logical drive to that point in time. For Windows-based systems, it is recommended to use the VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) to take and manage snapshots. Although you will use VSS to take the snapshots, StorView will still be used to create arrays, create logical drives, create ODAs, enable Snapshot and perform Snapback operations. Mac OS and Unix-based systems will use the StorView snapshot functionality for their implementation of Snapshot. This includes creating arrays, logi¬cal drives, ODAs, and enabling and managing the Snapshot software, as well as performing Snapback op¬erations. To prevent slowing down the full SAN when using Snapshot, the volume on which one would take a snapshot a logical drive has to provide equal or greater read/write speed than the actual logical drive.


  • Back up your data through Snapshots
  • Snapback in a click
  • Easy setup of periodic snapshots

  • Item Number : 131018