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Expandore Electronics Pte Ltd is the Singapore based Professional AV equipment distributor and system integrator for Audio, video , Lighting and Intercommunication studio set up.
Through harnessing our past years locally-integrated design and execution capabilities, we provide turnkey solutions for recording studio projects.
We offer holistic and proactive solutions based on ground experiences and deep relationship establishment with our valued customers from all fields.
We have vast experience for all types of Corporate / School / Campus / Company / Church and others House of worships / Institution studio projects from the temporary setup to permanent including most complex solutions for big events.
Our key strength has always been able to deliver projects with our on-time delivery, quality and within budgetary cost.

Our experienced project team has been designed and set up high-performance, specialized video recording studio by meeting and exceeding the highest technical specifications and requirements set forth by the customers.

No Small size studio is small for us, If you are planning to set up the Studio whether at home or aboard , office, warehouse and etc, do approach for us for free consultation

In order for us to make proper assessment of the feasibility , we will usually asked the following questions
1. Purpose of the Studio, e.g., for Live streaming, Remote conferences, Training, Recording or other purposes
2. Size and height of the studio
3. Existing equipment owned , or it is a new set up starting from zero
4, Number of the cameras angle required
5. Will you have a crew to operate the set up
6. How often is the usage

Don't worry if some of the  questions are not familiar with you, we can assist you  and will advise you accordingly
If you have any inquiry do send us an email

How to set up a professional video and audio recording studio?

Setting up a professional video and audio recording studio requires the following steps:

1. Determine the purpose and type of recording: Will the studio be used for music production, podcasting, voiceover work, Live streaming or video production? This will determine the type of equipment and space required.
2. Choose a location: The studio should be in a quiet, isolated area with good acoustics. A dedicated room or space with minimal outside noise is ideal.
3. Acoustic treatment: Treat the walls, ceiling, and floor to control echo, reverb, and other unwanted sounds. This can be done using sound-absorbing materials like foam panels or bass traps.
4. Equipment: Purchase or rent the necessary equipment, such as microphones, audio interfaces, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and monitoring speakers.
5. Lighting: Proper lighting is essential for video production. Set up professional lighting equipment, such as LED or fluorescent lights, to achieve the desired effect.
6  Set up a control room: This is where the audio and video equipment will be located and operated. It should be separate from the recording area to minimize outside noise.
7. Test and refine: Test the studio's sound and video quality, and make adjustments as necessary. This may involve adjusting the positioning of equipment and fine-tuning the acoustic treatment.

Keep in mind that setting up a professional video and audio recording studio can be costly and time-consuming. Hiring a professional to help with design and installation can be beneficial.

Consult an expert to ascertain the equipment and devices needed and acquire the necessary cabling in advance

To set up a video studio, you will need the following:
1. A camera: This can be a professional video camera or a high-end DSLR or mirrorless camera. The Number of cameras required will depend on the number of cameras angle needed and with the manpower shortage PTZ cameras system is highly recommended
2. Lighting: Good lighting is essential for a professional-looking video. You can use a combination of natural light and artificial light sources, such as softboxes and LED lights.- Ideally for the studio set up, permanent set up is recommended vs Mobile set up
3. Audio: A good microphone is important for clear audio. A lavalier or a boom microphone are commonly used for video studio. Audio can be wireled or wireless. A audio mixer is always required when you have more than 2 Mic input
4. Backdrop: A plain background behind the subject will make them stand out and look professional.
5. Tripod: A tripod is essential to keep the camera steady and avoid shaky footage.
6. Video editing software: This will allow you to edit and enhance your footage before publishing it.
7. Optional: green screen, teleprompter, additional camera and lenses, soundproofing Once you have all the equipment you need, you can set up your studio space, arrange your lights and camera, and test your audio and video before recording.

Once you have all the equipment you need, you can set up your studio space, arrange your lights and camera, and test your audio and video before recording.


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Our Projects

1) ITE College West
Project Description: Supply, Delivery and Setting up of Chromudio Wall with training provided

2) Republic Polytechnic
Project Description: Delivery and System Integration for Studio Camera and Vision Mixing Systems

3) Management Development Institute of Singapore
Project Description: Studio Upgrade with Installation and Integration of new camcorders, camera Control units, vision mixing switcher, talk back system, chroma green screen and other necessaryAccessories.

4) Wellington Primary School
Project Description: Setting up Production Studio Room with renovation soundproof wall partition and sound acoustic on wall, installation of duo door and duo glass, electrical installation and power points, chromakey fabric on stand with dual colour light ring, lighting, and audio system.

5) Nanyang Technological University, Centre for Excellence in Learning & Teaching
Project Description: Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Studio Lighting System and Chroma Key Wall
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Recording Studio Setup Review

Improved our Lighting By Ong KK
We We do appreciate your help to help us to re-setup our lighting, now our video is much more better with higher video quality
many thank for the patience and proposal to the implementation stage.

Streaming Solutions for our Rental business
By   Shuan
Many Many thanks for helping us to set up the studio for live streaming
Our rental business has improved during this covig 19 pandemic  and our customers are happy with this simple and yet effective set up
And thank you again to make the right proposal for us from scratch.

Best Solutions For our Auditorium
By Paul

Sorry for the late reply, I appreciate it ready very much and Must Kudos to your team that helped me from the proposal, set up, installation till completion of the project.
Your team is always there when I needed help, you helped me to coordinate with several other parties on the site and was very professional to offer valuable advice to make sure all related jobs and done
smoothly. My boss is very happy with the set up and Video quality of the PTZ cameras.
I will definitely be back to you for my future project.
Setup a Church Recording Studio with tight budget
By Greg

I have been tasked by my church to look into setting up a mini recording studio for the video filming that could help to highlight the real stuff of things happened in the church besides worship events. My budget is the tight range of $10-15K to start out. I need expertise advise as I am a newbie to the recording studio setup and also have a tight timeline to deliver the project. What I have in mind a short list of items are as follow,
• Computer / for editing
• Camera / HD footage will be good
• Tripod / to have a firm hold of the camera so that the images are not jumpy
• Lighting / need a fairly basic, easy to use setup
• Microphones / recording clear beautiful voice, chorus,
• Green screen / portable? paint a wall?

Setup a Church Recording Studio with tight budget
By Expandore

You have come to a right place for assistance. We could help you to setup the recording studio that work best for you and within your budget. We will also share with you our Live Streaming knowledge and technique that will widen your horizon on the recording studio business. Our friendly project team will reach out for you within the next 2 working days to illustrate further.