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Real-time 3D Virtual Set Solutions


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What are the benefits of classic camera tracking support?
The ability to realize real perspectives and zoom/close-up levels at expense of additional cost and production staff involvement.

What are the benefits of sensorless virtual camera control?
Sensorless camera control means more visual variation with much less time and effort. All camera motions and switching between shots are accomplished by manipulating the 3D virtual set itself, rather than the actual physical cameras. Each physical camera is assigned to a specific shot (establishing shot, medium shot, two or three shot, close up or over the shoulder close-up) and then locked into place, without the need for a camera operator at each camera.

Changing camera perspectives with user-created icons:
All actions required for production–camera switching, inserting and moving 3D objects with animation, for example--can be translated into icons using the programmable authoring software, HotAction. This gets live shows on air quickly--simply select the desired Action icons from the prepared list. Real-time 3D Virtual Set Solutions - Virtual Studio Production

Changing camera perspectives in real time using a joystick:
Track and control sensorless cameras in real time within the virtual space. With joystick operation, camera movement control is just as smooth as a mechanical tracking unit. There is virtually no limitation to the degree of freedom of movement.
In the real-world setting, multiple viewpoints with large sweeps in a limited space are still difficult to achieve with real tracking sensors--or even with X-Y robotic systems. That prevents users from tapping the full potential of mechanical tracking to enliven the production. In contrast, Virtual Studio’s sensorless tracking technology creates scenes with attention-getting visual variety, like those below, with infinite perspectives from multiple cameras.

Real-time 3D Virtual Set Solutions - Virtual Studio Production
Real-time 3D Virtual Set Solutions

What are the possibilities for creative video display?
With its ability to play or feed video onto a virtual video wall or virtual monitors, Virtual Studio opens up a whole new world for your viewers. The advanced method requires neither complicated rendering nor an external mixer. This approach saves a lot of bandwidth, allowing you to show at least three live videos (SD, 2 HD) concurrent with the actor, and more than three full D1 video files simultaneously on video walls or multiple virtual monitors. Play a file simultaneous with the chromakeyed actor without using any extra video servers. Our Virtual Studio not only saves storage space, production time, and money. You’ll experience a new level of flexibility and capability as it improves broadcast quality while using interactive 3D effects. Video effect over live video:
Real-time 3D Virtual Set Solutions - Virtual Studio Production

What effects can I add?
Add 3D video texturing to your show! All video can be manipulated to twist, fold, revolve, burst into bits, etc.
Real-time 3D Virtual Set Solutions - Virtual Studio Production

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