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Sony AVCHD HXR-NX5 1/3-inch Exmor CMOS Professional AVCHD Camcorder
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  • Sony HXR-NX5

    Please refer to HXR-NX5R

    This model has been discontined. It has been replaced by HXR-NX5R

  • Features

    - High-performance "G Lens"
    - Natural-touch Lens Operation
    1/3 inch-type 3 Exmor CMOS Sensor system with ClearVid array
    - Enhanced functionality with the technology of Exmor
    - Selectable AVCHD recording Modes
    - Active SteadyShot
    - HDMI output connector
    - XtraFine LCD Panel
    - InfoLITHIUM L Series Battery Compatibility

  • Sony AC adaptor/charger and battery kit

    Includes AC-VQ1051D dual charger
     / AC adaptor and an NP-F970 high capacity InfoLITHIUM® battery

    Sony HXR-NX5

  • Optional
    Sennheiser Microphone
    Sony HXR-NX5
    ME 66 Short gun Microphone Head + K6 Powering Module for Batter/Phantom Powering

    Sony HXR-NX5
  • Sony Flash Memory Recording Unit
    Sony HXR-NX5
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  • Sony Cameras Support
    Sony HXR-NX5
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  • AntonBauer STASIS FLEX™ Power Support System
    Sony HXR-NX5
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What's New? Something different beyond Sony HXR-NX5
Film-makers and Videographers are looking forward to the replacement of the Sony HXR-NX5 HD Camcorder. NX5 is an affordable HD Camcorder based on AVCHD technology with Three 1/3 � inch Exmore CMOS sensors capturing chip and SDI out exclusively for demanding professionals. It's been more than a year that Sony put an end to NX5,  To get the nearest SDI output camcorder from Sony, users are forced to adapt the XDCAM series,  PXW-X160 ( without GPS featrures ) or PXW-X180. However there are two concerns over this choice, the SXS card is costy, and the cameras are even higher by at least USD 600. The only advantage of  the XDCAM camcorders are they are having zoom power more than 20x.
with all the setback,  it gives an advantage to to its rival Panasonic AG-AC160 to be on hype in the market.

It has been a common requirement for the users of compact handy camcorders especially those in video productions to have an SDI output and super zoom feature which can be found both in Sony HXR-NX5 and Panasonic AG-AC160. However, despite of the demand for AG-AC160 with its more than 20x zoom, it will soon be discontinued too.

Currently, Sony does however have the nearest model to replace NX5 and with very close price range and that is HXR-NX3, unfortunately  it  does not have an integrated SDI Output but with only HDMI out. The two aforementioned Sony Camcorders share almost identical bodies; the in-built LED of NX3 being the immediate identifier between the two. Despite of the NX3 built in light, it is not dimmable and there is no supplied light filter which is necessary to make the object look softer and controllable. If the light cannot be controlled it will be a useless feature of the camera that Sony should look into and consider in manufacturing a new camcorder.

What is going to be an ideas handheld Camcorder, learning the lesson and review  from both NX3 and NX5?
Capturing events at the touch of a button should be quick and easy. With the right features on the camcorder, it will do the work for you easier than you think. Building on the strengths of the popular NX5 and NX3 and by combining its best features, Sony will be on the right move to replace the NX5 now with new suggested features.

A video camera that has direct menus to access the parameter at ease and enable to record SD catering for Asia market is most awaited. The replacement of HXR-NX5 should be equipped with a minimum of 20x Zoom or higher and a powerful Clear Image zoom like NX3 that can boost magnification right up to 40x is an effective camcorder to get all your important shots without losing the pixel count.

Learning from the features of NX3, incorporating the adjustable Led light with filter and dimmable should be right way, you would have a powerful tool in your hand with its useful lighting feature and the soft filter kit should be a standard supply instead of optional purchase. Furthermore, with the enhance 3G-SDI output comparable to the HD-SDI output of NX5, this new camcorder will be a sole winner of cameras.

A better quality of view finder like OLED VF would be an effective asset to the camcorder as it has a flexible transparent display that can provide brilliant colours and be power efficient. In addition, having a built in Wi-Fi feature that enables the user to upload via FTP, which lacks in Panasonic models, would be of great preference.

And riding on the Sony unique Audio feature, with built in MI (Multi Interface) shoe element will be a definite added advantage over its competitors. Therefore, this suggested new features will make it the ultimate winner - a good choice for documentaries, corporate productions, wedding and events shooting.

Learning from the past expereinces of HVR-Z7, Sony should consider to build a new camcorder with detachable lens , allowing the user with flexible choice of lens for diversed usage. Within the current range of handhled ENG camcorder this feature will be the market champion for sure.

In short, if Sony going to replace NX5, the new camcorder "HXR-NX5R" should have better function, not only combining the best features of both NX3 and NX5, it got to be superb to be the winner in this category of cameras. And please forgive our blunt suggestion, that it , if the price point is good, Sony may as well discontinue the current NX3, allowing Sony to place 100% effort to promote the new camcorder. With this new "possible" Sony video camcorder, you can take all the credit for eye catching shots. Own one to get started and record the right look moves!

HXR-NX5: Overview

Introducing the prototype NXCAM product, Sony's first professional AVCHD camcorder.
It can record stunning quality 1920 x 1080 images at 24Mbps (50i or 25p), as well as supporting 720/50p and Standard Definition recording. Operational flexibility is further enhanced by support for dual media. The primary recording media is Memory Stick Pro consumer memory cards, which are affordable, readily available worldwide and subject to continuous development. There is also an all-new optional 128Gb Flash Memory Unit which offers 11 hours recording time at 24Mbps. As with Sony's HYBRID HDV range, usage of the media is designed to be as flexible as possible - allowing simultaneous recording to dual media or a choice between media depending on the customer requirements.

To fully realize the potential of the AVCHD codec in a compact camcorder, the prototype utilizes much of the same advanced technology used in the multiple-awarding winning HVR-Z5. Sony's newly designed G Lens provides excellent resolution, colour and contrast, in combination with 3 x 1/3-inch Exmor CMOS Sensor system using ClearVid array for excellent low-light sensitivity.

This new compact camcorder is ideal when high performance is demanded using only available light. The ergonomically designed body allows flexible shooting under any conditions, while maintaining Sony's worldwide reputation for quality and high performance.


Sony's exclusive high-performance "G Lens"
The NXCAM benefits from the exceptional optical performance of Sony's "G Lens". This sophisticated lens incorporates Sony's unique optical technology and unparalleled quality control. Moreover, it's been optimized to perfectly complement the advanced image sensor and image-processing technology, thus expanding your shooting possibilities.

Major "G Lens" Features on NXCAM
The 29.5mm wide-angle "G Lens" (equivalent to 35mm film) on the NXCAM offers a field of view that's ideal for shooting situations ranging from broad landscape shots to conditions where sufficient distance from the subject is difficult to obtain. A 20x optical zoom also enables shooting over a wide zoom range.

Two ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements reduce chromatic aberrations caused by differences in light refraction to minimise colour fringing. The advanced 10-group, 15-element lens structure also includes compound aspheric lenses
for images that are crisp and clear even when shooting movies at high zoom ratios.

Advanced optical lens technology makes the most of Sony's Exmor CMOS Sensor to realize sharper images with higher resolution and less noise even when shooting in very low light.

The six-blade iris diaphragm is nearly circular, enabling the creation of extremely beautiful background blur.

Natural-touch Lens Operation
Newly designed focus, zoom and iris control functions provide convenient lens operation. The iris ring, located next to the zoom ring as with traditional professional lenses, allows users to adjust exposure with great precision. The zoom function is variable and can be controlled by using the lens barrel ring, the lever at the lens grip or lever on the camera handle. Additionally, once you select the high-speed zoom mode, you can zoom from wide to telephoto 1.5x faster than with the HVR-V1E.

The NXCAM also provides 3 built-in ND (Neutral Density) filters and allows the use of an optional 0.8x wide conversion lens.

1/3 inch-type 3 Exmor CMOS Sensor system with ClearVid array
The newly developed 1/3-inch type Exmor CMOS Sensor system with ClearVid array has 45-degree rotated pixels on each chip
in order to increase the signal density, while each pixel maintains sufficient surface area.

In combination with Enhanced Imaging Processor (EIP), the Exmor CMOS Sensor system achieves high resolution, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and excellent colour reproduction. The pixel shift interpolation technique has been traditionally used in small 3CCD camcorders. However, it normally requires the combination of all three colour element (RGB) signals to maximise resolution. If an object lacks one or more colour elements, the resolution of the object may be degraded.

The Exmor CMOS Sensor system with ClearVid array is different because it can always produce maximum resolution, regardless of the balance between colour elements, thanks to its unique and sophisticated interpolation technology.

Enhanced functionality with the technology of Exmor
Exmor technology, which utilises the full potential of the CMOS Sensor system. Exmor features the column-parallel A/D conversion technique and the dual noise cancelling method also used in the Sony's top-of-the-line models.

Multiple A/D (analogue to digital) converters on each pixel row convert analogue signals to digital as soon as they are generated, unlike traditional technology that only has one A/D converter on each chip.

Exmor technology can eliminate the influence of external noise that enters the signal chain during transfer to the A/D converter, resulting in high-quality digital signals with extremely low noise. This significantly enhances shooting in low-light environments.

By adopting this groundbreaking technology, the new 1/3-inch Exmor CMOS Sensor system enables the NXCAM to achieve a low light sensitivity of just 1.5 lux*

* At 1/25 shutter, auto iris and auto gain.

Selectable AVCHD recording Modes
The NXCAM will be able to utilise the innovative AVCHD format to record at a variety of bit rates and interlace or progressive depending on requirement.

Recording up to 24Mbps 1920 x 1080 50i or 25p. 720/50P recording is also possible. SD recording is also possible using the MPEG-2 codec at 9Mbps, similar to DVD quality. Audio is recorded in AVCHD modes in full 2-channel linear PCM audio.

Active SteadyShot
The initial NXCAM product will feature an all new Active SteadyShot offering 6.6 x more stabilisation at the wide end of the lens than the conventional SteadyShot. This stabilisation is effective for many hand-held shooting situations where the operator
needs to move with a subject or is carrying out handheld shooting for a long period of time.

GPS Metadata
The NXCAM features a GPS function which embeds GPS metadata when recording. Time and location is recorded and can be displayed on playback. This function is useful for locating footage for specific geographical locations from the archive, else for displaying the location graphically on a third-party mapping software.

HD-SDI Output
HD-SDI output is available for use with other HD-SDI infrastructure such as picture monitoring.

HDMI output connector
Uncompressed digital HD video and audio signals are output from the HDMI connector. You can see stunning HD images on an HDMI-compatible monitor display. During shooting, a pre-compressed 1920x1080i/4:2:2 signal is output from the HDMI connector.

XtraFine LCD Panel
A 3.2-inch type XtraFine LCD is located on the NXCAM in the same position as on the HVR-Z5E. With approximately 921,000 pixels, this is 4x greater than the LCD of the HVR-Z1. The XtraFine LCD displays virtually 100% of the recorded picture area at 6500K colour temperature.

XtraFine EVF
The 0.45 inch type XtraFine EVF (Electronic View Finder) has approximately 1,227,000 pixels (852x3[RGB] x 480). This device
has three independent LEDs for Red, Green, and Blue colours. This technology allows users to monitor objects with remarkable
colour reproduction accuracy and high resolution*. The EVF has a selectable display mode between Colour or Black and White. The Xtra Fine EVF displays virtually 100% of the picture area at 6500K colour temperature.
* When the camcorder is panned quickly or when an object in the screen moves quickly, the primary colours of R/G/B may be
seen on the object in the EVF momentarily.

InfoLITHIUM™ L Series Battery Compatibility

The NXCAM uses the same NP-F970/B batteries as the HVR-Z5, HVR-Z1, HVR-V1, and DSR-PD170P, so you can use your existing chargers and batteries.


One-touch Clip-type Microphone Holder
A one-touch clip-type microphone holder makes it easy to attach and remove the microphone for quick setup/storage.



Exceptional Picture Performance
Set yourself apart from the competition with superb quality images and superior low-light capabilities providing the ability to work in the most demanding natural light conditions. The key to this exceptional performance is one of the best camcorder front ends on the market. Sony's "G Lens" incorporates unique optical technology and unparalleled quality control. Moreover, it's been optimized to perfectly complement the advanced image sensor and image-processing technology of the newly developed Exmor CMOS processors with ClearVid array.

Superior Audio Performance
Outstanding images demand similarly high quality audio and Sony is the first manufacturer to provide Linear PCM audio for a compact AVCHD camcorder. You can be confident of getting the best possible audio whatever the circumstances.

Recording Media Choice
The NXCAM Camcorder provides a choice of recording media to suit different applications. Dual Memory Stick PRO Duo slots
mean you can make use of affordable, easily available consumer media products for most shoots. However, when recording
time is a key requirement, the optional 128GB Flash Memory Unit offers over 11 hours of recording time at 24Mbps. You can
also use both media simultaneously. Many customers require simultaneous recording for a variety of different client needs, including ease of editing and archiving. The recording of SD and HD at the same time is also possible. Flexibility is key to the NXCAM concept.

Advanced, Flexible Workflow
Work the way you want to with a wide-ranging choice of bit rates, interlace or progressive recording and even Standard Definition using MPEG-2 codec at 9Mbps. High Definition recording is possible at up to 24Mbps 1920 x 1080 50i or 25p. 720/50P recording
is also possible. Audio is recorded in AVCHD modes in full 2-channel linear PCM audio.


Note : The new model and replacement available now

Supplied Accessories**
AC Adaptor/Charger (AC-VL1)
Rechargeable Battery Pack (NP-F570)
Lithium Battery (CR2025)
Connecting cord (DK-415)
Component video cable
A/V connecting cable
USB cable
Microphone (ECM-XM1)
Remote Commander (RMT-845)
Large eyecup
Lens hood with lens cover
Accessory shoe kit
Application Software (CD-ROM)


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Sony ECM-66BC 130dB SPL max. Input Sound Pressure Level
Sony ECM-673 Flat-and-wide Frequency Response
Sony ECM674 Flat-and-wide Frequency Response
Sony ECM678 Flat-and-Wide Frequency Response
Sony ECM-680S Built-in Low Cut Filter
Sony ECM77B High-Performance Frequency Response
Sony ECM-77BC/9X Fitted with 3.9 ft Cable Terminating in SMC9-4P Connector
Sony ECM77BMP Omni-Directional Electret Condenser Microphone
Sony ECM77BPT High performance, Frequency Response 40Hz to 20,000Hz
Sony ECM-88B Flat-and-Wide Frequency Response
Sony ECM-88BC Miniature Omni-Directional Electret-Condenser Microphone
Sony ECM-88BPT Miniature Omni-Directional Electret-Condenser Microphone
Sony ECM-88FPT Miniature Omni-Directional Electret-Condenser Microphone
Sony UWP-D11 Belt-pack UWP-D Wireless Microphone Package
Sony UWP-D12 UWP-D Wireless Microphone Package with Handheld Transmitter
Sony UWP-D16 UWP-D Wireless Microphone Package with XLR Plug-On Transmitter
Sony DWZ-B30GB Provides 24 bit Linear PCM Digital Audio
Sony DWZ-M50 Ideal for Vocal Performance
Sony CU-E672 Extreme Directional Response Minimizes off-axis Pickup
Sony CU-F117 Built-in Windscreen helps Reduce Wind Noise & Popping
Sony CU-F780 Dynamic Cardiod mic Capsule
Sony CU-G780 Capsule Design to F-780/9X Dynamic Microphone
Sony DWR-S01D Dual Channel Digital Slot-In Receiver
Sony DWRS01D/4244 Mounts Directly in PDW-700 XDCAM-HD422 Camcorder Slot
Sony DWTB01/4250 Compact, Lightweight and Built with a Sturdy Die-Cast Magnesium Body
Sony URXM2/4244 Space Diversity Reception Provides Stable RF Reception
Sony UTXP1/3032 Plug-on Transmitter Designed only for use with UWP Series Tuners
Sony UWPX7 Simultaneous Multi-channel Operation
Sony UTXB2V/3032/9X Compact and Lightweight Design
Sony UTXB2X/3032 Compact and Lightweight Design
Sony UTXH2/3032 Internal Antenna Design
Sony UTXH2/4244 Internal Antenna Design
Sony UTXP1/3032 Plug-on Transmitter Designed only for use with UWP Series Tuners
Sony UWPX7 PLL-Synthesized System
Sony UWPX8 Space-diversity Reception System
Sony WRR855B Convenient Factory-Programmed Channel Plan
Sony WRR855B42 Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Synthesized Frequency Tuning
Sony WRR861B Wide Operating Frequency Ranges
Sony WRR862B 62/64 Rugged, Die-cast Magnesium, Construction
Sony WRR862B 42/44 Rugged, Die-cast Magnesium, Construction
Sony WRT8B 30/32 Switchable Input Level (Mic/Line) and Variable Attenuator
Sony WRT8P/4244 Switchable Input Level
Sony WRU-8N30/32 Space Diversity Tuner for Camcorder Use

Optional Accessories
Sony Projector Lamps
Sony VPL-EX100 Cost-efficient & Energy efficient Design
Sony VPL-EX120 Cost-efficient & Energy efficient Design
Sony VPL-EX145 Cost-efficient & Energy efficient Design
Sony VPL-EX175 Auto keystone Adjustment
Sony VPL-FX35 Hassle-free Maintenance
Sony VPL-FX30 Hassle-free Maintenance
Sony VPL-FX500L Twin-lamp System
Sony VPL-EX70 3LCD Projection System with Sony's BrightEra Technology
Sony VPL-EX7 3LCD Projection System with Sony's BrightEra Technology
Sony VPL-ES7 Short Projection Distance
Sony DVW-2000 High Quality Digital Betacam Recording
Sony DVW-2000P Digital Betacam Pal Editing VTR
Sony DVW-M2000 Legacy Format Playback
Sony DVW-M2000P Digital Betacam Pal Multiformat VTR