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Sony Robotic Cameras 
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Sony's FCS-IX color block camera series incorporate high-performance Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and firmware that greatly enhance their operation and picture quality compared to conventional block cameras. Inheriting the outstanding features of Sony's previous generation of block cameras, Sony's FCS-IX cameras are ideal for numerous general-purpose applications such as low vision system, mobile police car, pipe inspection, photo booths and document stands. The FCS-IX47A/IX47AP and FCS-IX45A/IX45AP color cameras incorporate a 1/4- type Super HAD TM CCD and feature a 72xzoom ratio (18xoptical,4xdigital) and a minimum illumination of 1.0 Ix -expanding their vast application appeal. The FCS-IXllA/IXllAP color cameras incorporate a 1/4- type Exview HAD TM CCD and feature a 40xzoom ratio (10x optical,4x digital) into their ultra-compact and light  weight body, making them ideal for space restricted applications. Offering high picture quality and a variety of functions, the FCS-IX Series is ideal for your demanding applications.


· High-performance Digital Signal Processing

· High-speed Serial Interface (max. 38.4 Kb/s) with TTLSignal-Level Control (VISCATM protocol)

· High-quality Image in both Digital-zoom and Slow-shutter Modes (FCB-IX47A/IX47AP,FCB-IX11A/IX11AP)

· Various AF Modes including Zoom Trigger and Interval Modes

· Various AE Modes including Spot AE Mode to Optimize the Brightness within the Specific Area

· Expanded Mode Parameter for Shutter Speed and Gain Level

· Superb Sensitivity

· Various Customizable Settings

· Low Power Consumption (1.5/1.6 W with motors inactive)

· EEPROM Backup System without Battery

· Lead-free solder and Halogen-free Printed-circuit-boards


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