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  • Sony UWP-D12 Wireless microphone
    Product Code : UWPD12
    CE33 566 to 630MHz or
    :794.125 to 805.875 MHz ( Not usable in Singapore )

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The Sony UWP-D12 wireless microphone is a massive improvement of traditional analogue wireless microphones regarding sound quality and transient performance. This microphone, which is sold as a package operates at up to 72MHz bandwidth and takes full advantage of the Sony Hybrid Digital Processing system offering users a complete hybrid digital audio system performance. The package comes with important accessories such as the URX-P03 portable receiver, a microphone belt-clip and holder, a shoe-mount adaptor and a UTX-M03 handheld microphone transmitter.

There are four exceptional models to choose from and all four integrate important features such as a headphone output, an automatic setting function, a small size receiver that easily and neatly fits on different sizes of DSLR cameras and camcorders and a large display unit for effective control.

Main Features
High-Quality Sound

The Sony UWP-D12 sound quality is improved by the Hybrid Digital Processing system that improves the performance of the microphone's transient response when compared to analogue wireless systems used in the past. The sound quality is so high with this model that it can accurately reproduce sounds that analogue systems would be unable to such as a handclap, tee shot or a bell.

Channel Setting and Scan
The UWP-D12 model comes installed with IR Sync Features, an Active Channel Scan, and Clear Channel Scan. These three combine effectively to ensure for an easy system set up. With the Auto Set channel mode, users can automatically detect from the available frequencies within the system the best possible frequency to use for different set-ups.

Small Size Receiver and Compatibility
With your UWP-D12 package, you will find a URX-P03 receiver that comes in a small-sized design which is essential in fitting it to other small camcorders or DSLR cameras. The transmitters and receivers for this series are compatible with other Sony series such as the WL-800, Freedom, and UWP series. This allows for users to easily make the switch between companding modes.

Robust Design
The Sony UWP-D12 wireless microphone, as well as the URX-P03 portable receiver and the UTX-M03 unidirectional microphone transmitters, are constructed using metal. This makes the model a strong and durable option and a worth consideration for use in tough conditions.

Diverse Reception System
The UWP-D12 wireless microphone operates with two independent receiver sections within its unit. These deliver the optimum signal quality, and an installed comparison circuit is used to determine the best signal quality and gives it a dropout free transmission. This mechanism helps the UWP-D12 achieve high quality and stable audio signals.

Wide Frequency Range
The four models of the Sony UWP-D12 series provide users with a wide choice of channels. The UWP-D12/K21 model operates at a 72MHz bandwidth across channels 21-29. The UWP-D12/K33 offers across channels 33-41 a bandwidth of 72MHz with the UWP-D12/K42 operating at a 56MHz bandwidth with the channels 42-28. The last model in this series is the UWP-D12/K51 which offers a bandwidth of 72MHz across channels 51-59.

Other Features
Easy to Use

The UWP-D12 series is easy to use with both the transmitter and receiver featuring large displays. The series also comes with a headphone output which enhances the microphone's use, especially when working with a camera that lacks a headphone output. The series also provides users with a function that helps automatically set channels.

Rechargeable Batteries
With the UWP-D12 series, the Ni-MH batteries are rechargeable. The microphone package also provides a control for variable output levels of ±12dB which fits in well when used with DSLR cameras and other camcorders.

Packed with Accessories
With your Sony UWP-D12 microphone, you will find additional packed accessories including;
- UTX-M03 unidirectional microphone transmitter
- A microphone holder
- Two belt clips
- Two 3-pole locking mini plug (1 being an XLR-3-12C male plug and the other a stereo mini plug).
- A URX-P03 portable receiver
- Wireless microphone frequency list and instructions on how to operate.

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