Panasonic AJ-PX380 P2HD Memory Card Camera Broadcast-Quality 2.2-Megapixel 3MOS Sensor and AVC-ULTRA Codec

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Broadcast Quality Image and Comfortable Workflow with AVC-ULTRA*1, microP2 Card Slots, and Network Functions**.
The shoulder-type AJ-PX380G Camera Recorder raises broadcast picture quality and enhances network-based workflows, while adding compact, lightweight mobility and low-cost operation. Its 1/3-type 2.2-megapixel 3MOS sensor achieves high sensitivity and high S/N. The AJ-PX380G Broadcast-level AVC-ULTRA codecs (AVC-Intra, AVC-LongG, and AVC-Proxy) further enhance recording quality. You can select the most suitable codec for your purpose, from high quality 4:2:2 10-bit recording to low-rate HD streaming and FTP transmission. The AJ-PX380G also supports 1080/59.94p,50p acquisition and 3G-SDI output. The AJ-PX380G comes equipped with a P2 card slot*2 and microP2 card slots. Network functions** support wired LAN, wireless LAN, and 4G/LTE connectivity. New workflow functions include Wireless Preview/Remote with PC/Mac, tablet device or smart phones, Rec during Uploading, and On-Air Streaming. An SDI input and wireless slot are also featured, providing all-round networking support.

The AJ-PX380G also comes in two variations, one consisting of only the camera recorder,*3 and the other bundled with a FUJINON 17x Zoom Lens and AG-CVF15G Color HD Viewfinder.

*1: AVC-ULTRA is the name of Panasonic's professional video codec family. The AJ-PX380G does not support all of the formats included in the AVC-ULTRA family.
*2: The AJ-P2AJ1G memory card adaptor cannot be used.
*3: This model is not available in some regions.
** For details, refer to "Notes Regarding Network Functions" on the back page.
The use of DCF Technologies is under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

Key Features:
- Ultra speed
Various network functions
- File transfer: P2 Cast, FTP
- Streaming: QoS, LiveU direct connection
- Ultra efficiency
AVC ULTRA codec. Various memory cards
- Longer recording time by AVC-LongG
- P2x1 slot, microP2 x2 slots
- Ultra lightweight
Light weight for camera person health
- Lightweight 2.7kg (body)
- For employee satisfaction, union issue
- Ultra Simple Studio
Camera Adaptor is not necessary
- Simple connection with two SDI cables
- No need to buy special cables

Other Features:
- 1080/59.94p, 50p recording
- SDI-IN (1.5G) and Two simultaneous SDI outputs (One 3G-SDI)
- UniSlot
- Dual codec function enables MOV sub recording
- Kit includes Functional View Finder and Traditional type lens


Broadcast-Quality 2.2-Megapixel 3MOS Sensor and AVC-ULTRA Codecs
- Featuring the 2.2-megapixel 1/3-type 3MOS image sensor, this advanced camera recorder achieves high F11 (59.94 Hz)/F12 (50 Hz) sensitivity and excellent picture quality.
- 1080/60p*1 supported. 1080/60i,*1 24p,*1 30p,*1 720p multi-format HD and SD recording. Switchable between 59.94 Hz and 50 Hz for 50i, 50p, and 25p support.
- Features the AVC-ULTRA*2 multi-codec family, including the popular AVC-Intra100/50, the AVC-LongG50/25 with low-bit-rate Full-HD (1920 x 1080) 4:2:2 10 bit picture quality, and the AVC-LongG12 (8 bit 4:2:0) for extended recording.
- The AJ-PX380G Dual-codec recording with the low-bit-rate AVC-Proxy further enhances network operation.
- The AJ-PX380G has Two standard-equipped microP2 card slots dramatically reduce media costs and enable Simultaneous Rec. and Hot-Swap Rec. One P2 card slot*3 is also equipped.


Versatile Network Functions** Include FTP Data Transfer and Streaming
- Wired LAN, wireless LAN, and 4G/LTE connectivity. FTP server uploading and Streaming are supported.
- A new function, Rec during Uploading, automatically uploads recorded clips to an FTP server or cloud server. Uploading is done in the background, and recording/playback continues during the transfer.
- On-Air Streaming can also be conducted while recording. In addition to selecting from 800 kbps to 6 Mbps (Full-HD), a QoS (Quality of Service) mode is available for streaming. It automatically controls the bit rate and frame rate to match the network conditions, for stable streaming performance.
- When connected by wireless LAN, recorded clips can be previewed and metadata can be checked and edited with a PC/Mac, smartphone or tablet device.
- P2 ROP App for iPad, is provided, enabling an advanced wireless camera remote function.


SDI IN, Wireless Slot, and Other Broadcasting Functions
- The AJ-PX380G is Line recording is enabled by standard-equipped SDI input. 3G-SDI OUT and HDMI OUT are also equipped.
- High-quality 24 bit/48 kHz/4 channel audio recording is supported.*4 A UniSlot compatible wireless receiver slot (2 channels) is provided, and an audio source can be selected for each channel, choosing from mic-in and line-in.
- Wired remote control is possible using the AK-HRP200G, AG-EC4G and AJ-RC10G. This enables quasi studio camera use.
- Two SDI OUT, HDMI OUT, VIDEO OUT, GENLOCK IN and TC IN/OUT are equipped.*5
- 1/3-type interchangeable lens mount system is featured to support various lenses.
- Lightweight at approximately 2.8 kg (6.2 lb) for the main unit only. Approximately 4.85 kg (10.7 lb) with the lens and viewfinder bundled in the AJ-PX380GF package.

Image Sensor: 1/3" 3MOS 2.2M pixels
Horizontal Resolution: 1000TV lines
Sensitivity: F11@59.94i, F12@50i S/N XXdB
Cam. System: HD:1080/60p, 60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, 24p
720/60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p (native quality)
SD:480/60i, 30p, 576/50i, 25p
Compression: AVC-Intra, AVC-LongG, AVC-Proxy,
Rec. Media P2 card x1 slots (microP2 adaptor not usable)
microP2 x2 slots, 1 slot SD/SDHC/SDXC card
Remote AJ-RC10/AG-EC4/AK-HRP200
Weight 2.7kg (Body only)
Power Consumption 19W