Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D Camera

Panasonic AG-3DA1

Fully-integrated Full HD 3D solid-state camcorder

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 Panasonic AG-3DA1 Integrated Twin-lens 3D Camera Recorder

Panasonic AG-3DA1 3D Camera
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The Integrated Twin-Lens 3D Camera Recorder Accelerates 3D Video Production

Real-life 3D images are expected to find widespread application in fields ranging from movies and TV broadcasts to industrial and educational uses. In response to the rapidly growing needs for 3D image production, Panasonic now offers a revolutionary solution: AG-3DA1 the integrated twin-lens FULL HD 3D camera recorder.


The Panasonic AG-3DA1 features a camera section with two integrated lens systems that are configured to resemble the human eyes, and a recorder section that records left-channel and right-channel full-HD images using the high-quality PH mode of the file-based AVCHD format. With the same approximate weight and size of a 2D camera recorder, the AG-3DA1 is easy to handle. It's also quick to operate, as it doesn't require any adjustment of the left and right lens alignment such as vertical gap, size difference, rotation and luminance difference.

The Panasonic AG-3DA1 frees the user from the kind of complex, cumbersome procedures of a conventional rig-type 3D camera system. Data files recorded onto a memory card are readily processed using a nonlinear editing system. With its excellent mobility , flexibility and low cost operation, the AG-3DA1 opens the door to 3D image production

Panasonic AG-3DA1

Schematic of the AG-3DA1:
The Panasonic AG-3DA1 left-channel and right-channel optical sections, image sensors, signal processing circuits and recording section are precisely synchronized. The AG-3DA1 outputs left-eye and right-eye full-HD image signals as simultaneous HD-SDI video and also records to the SD/SDHC memory cards in the AVCHD format.


Twin Lens System
The high-precision HD twin lens system allows easy acquisition of natural looking 3D images
The Integrated Structure Revolutionizes Mobility for Nimble Camera Work

The Panasonic AG-3DA1 Conventional rig-type 3D camera systems are large and heavy because they mount two existing cameras onto a robust frame. They also require a separate recording system and power supply unit, which makes the cable connection complex and restricts the location and the type of camera work. As a result, the scenes that can be acquired with a rig-type 3D camera system are limited. The compact body of the AG-3DA1 integrated twin-lens FULL HD 3D camera recorder weighs only 2.4 kg (5.3lb). AG-3DA1 offers the same portability and mobility as a conventional 2D camera recorder for flexible image acquisition. The AG-3DA1 enhances camera work for all kinds of 3D image production.

The Twin-Lens System Sets You Free From Complex Camera Adjustments for 3D Images
To achieve natural-looking 3D images, you need to pay close attention to the following key points for left- and right-eye images: (1) Vertical deviation, (2) Angle deviation, (3) Difference in brightness and color, (4) Rotation error, (5) Correct adjustment of the convergence, (6) Appropriate image composition. With a conventional rig-type 3D camera system using two separate cameras, these adjustments have to be made precisely for each and every scene. The two integrated optical systems of the AG-3DA1 eliminate the need for manual adjustments of (1) through (4), because they're performed entirely inside the camera recorder.* The optical systems are assembled with high precision, and the lenses, image sensors and signal processing circuits for the left and right systems are accurately synchronized (see the diagram on the previous page). The AG-3DA1 lets you concentrate only on the convergence adjustment and image composition.
*Fine adjustments of the vertical position, focus and iris are also possible.

Panasonic AG-3DA1

HD Twin-Lens with No Adjustment for Image Acquisition
Panasonic AG-3DA1 The distance between the two lens axes is approximately the same as the distance between the human eyes, to provide easy-to-view, natural-looking 3D images. The HD twin-lens system is set with a distance of about 60 mm (2.3 inches) between the two lenses. The lens axes, viewing angle, rotation, and gradation are pre-adjusted before the components are precisely assembled. This eliminates the need for lens adjustment before shooting. Camera operations such as focusing, zooming and iris adjustment are also synchronized for the left and right lenses.

The new twin HD lenses were designed exclusively for FULL HD 3D image acquisition. They boast low chroma aberration and high resolution, and deliver superb color reproduction, detailed nuances and crisp 3D images even in dark scenes - with minimal flare and ghosting. A built-in 5.6x (approx.) optical zoom function, which extends from 47.1 mm (35 mm equivalent) wide angle to 264 mm (35 mm equivalent) telephoto, covers a wide viewing angle that is well matched to 3D content production.

Convergence Point Adjustment Function
AG-3DA1 The convergence angle between the two lenses is varied inside the optical unit. This moves the convergence point (the reference plane of the 3D image) in a fore-and-aft direction to control the leaping and depth effects of recorded objects, and acquires natural-looking 3D images. The AG-3DA1 convergence point can be adjusted easily by using the CONV (convergence) dial* while viewing the L/R-MIX image on the LCD monitor.
*The dial function is switchable between CONV (convergence) adjustment and IRIS (iris) adjustment.

Display Functions Assist 3D Image Acquisition
The LCD monitor and viewfinder of the AG-3DA1 both display a variety of information to assist 3D image shooting and ensure superb 3D effects.
• 3D Guide: This displays numerical values for the distance range of the subject to achieve better 3D effects while viewing. Natural-looking 3D images can be captured by using the displayed information as a guide. This function offers two modes: Guide Display 1 mode assumes playback on screens that are 196 cm/ 77 inches or smaller, and Guide Display 2 mode is designed for a screen size of 508 cm/ 200 inches.
• Convergence Point: This displays the numerical value of the convergence point together with the 3D Guide to assist adjustments.
• L/R-MIX Monitor Image Selector: The image display on the LCD monitor and viewfinder can be selected from three modes: Left Lens (no mode indication), Right Lens (R-IMAGE) and Left/Right Mix (MIX).
*When the subject is located outside the distance range indicated by the 3D Guide, it may result in a double image or an unnatural image without proper 3D effects.

Panasonic AG-3DA1

Dual 3MOS for High-Quality FULL HD 3D Images
The AG-3DA1 is equipped with two 1/4.1 type 2.07-megapixel (approx.) 3MOS units for left- and right-eye images. Full-pixel full-HD left- and right-eye images are accurately synchronized to create FULL HD 3D images.

Power Supply: DC 7.2 V (when the battery is used)/7.9 V (when the AC adapter is used)
Power Consumption: 17 W (recording)
Operating Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C (32 °F to 104 °F)
Operating Humidity: 10 % to 80 % (No condensation)
Weight: Approx. 2.4 kg (5.3 lb) (excluding battery)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 158 mm × 187 mm × 474 mm, excluding the projecting part
(6-1/4 inches × 7-3/8 inches × 18-11/16 inches)
Pick-up Device: 1/4.1 type MOS solid-state image sensing device × 3 × 2
Picture Elements: Effective picture elements: Approx. 2,070,000 pixels × 3 (16:9) × 2
Lens: Motorized 5.6 x zoom, F1.8 (WIDE) to F2.4 (TELE)
Focal Length (f=4.2 mm to 23.5 mm)
(35 mm equivalent: 47.1 mm to 264 mm), 16:9
Optical Color Separation: Prism system
Optical Axis Interval : Approx. 60 mm
Minimum Shooting Distance: Approx.1.2 m (47-1/4 inches) (all zoom range)
Gain Settings: 0 to +24 dB (variable in 1 dB steps)
Color Temperature Settings: 3200 K/5600 K preset, Ach, Bch
Shutter Speed [set to 59.9 Hz]: (Preset)
60i, 60p mode: 1/60 sec., 1/100 sec., 1/120 sec., 1/250 sec.
30p mode: 1/30 sec., 1/50 sec., 1/60 sec., 1/120 sec., 1/250 sec.
24p mode: 1/24 sec., 1/50 sec., 1/60 sec., 1/120 sec., 1/250 sec.
(Synchro Scan)
60i, 60p mode: 1/60.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec.
30p mode: 1/30.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec.
24p mode: 1/24.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec.
Shutter Speed [set to 50 Hz]: (Preset)
50i, 50p mode: 1/50 sec., 1/60 sec., 1/120 sec., 1/250 sec.
25p mode: 1/25 sec., 1/50 sec., 1/60 sec., 1/120 sec., 1/250 sec.
(Synchro Scan)
50i, 50p mode: 1/50.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec.
25p mode: 1/25.0 sec. to 1/250.0 sec.
Recording Specification: AVCHD
Compression Method: MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
Recording Media*1: SD Memory Card: 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB (FAT12 and FAT16)
SDHC Memory Card: 4 GB, 6 GB, 8 GB, 12 GB, 16 GB,
32 GB (FAT32)
Recording Format: AVCHD PH mode
[set to 59.9 Hz]
1080/60i*2, 1080/30p*2 (over 60i*2)
1080/24p*2 (native*3), 720/60p*2
[set to 50 Hz]
1080/50i, 1080/25p (over 50i), 720/50p
Transmission Rate: Approx. 21 Mbps (VBR/PH mode)
Recording Time: Approx. 180 min. (rough indication)
with a Panasonic SDHC 32 GB Memory Card is used
SD Memory Card slot: 2 slots (for left/right)
SD Memory Card: Maximum number of clips to be recorded continuously: 200 clips
(when formatting and recording continues without removing the card)
Maximum number of clips to be played back: 200 clips
(up to 200 clips can be displayed)
Thumbnail Display: 8 thumbnails/page
Editing Functions: Delete, Protect
[Video Output]
HDMI Output: HDMI type A connector × 1, HDMI (3D)
3D compatible (not compatible with VIERA Link)
[set to 59.94 Hz]:
1080/60i*2 (Frame Packing)
1080/24p*2 (Frame Packing)
720/60p*2 (Frame Packing)
1080/60i*2, 720/60p*2, 480/60p*2
[set to 50 Hz]:
1080/50i (Frame Packing)
720/50p (Frame Packing)
1080/50i, 720/50p, 576/50p
HD SDI Output: BNC × 2 (HD SDI 1/2 for L/R), 0.8 V [p-p], 75 Ω
[set to 59.94 Hz]:
1080/60i*2, 1080/24PsF*2, 720/60p*2
[set to 50 Hz]:
1080/50i, 720/50p
[Audio System]
Compression Method: Recording/playback: Dolby Digital/2 channels
Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz
Quantization: 16 bit
Compressed Bit-Rate: PH mode: 384 kbps
[Audio Input/Output]
Internal Microphone: Stereo Microphone
XLR Input: XLR 3-pin × 2 (INPUT 1, INPUT 2), High Impedance
LINE: 0 dBu, MIC: ?50 dBu/?60 dBu (selectable in menu)
HDMI Output: 2 channels (Linear PCM)
Headphone output: Stereo mini jack (3.5 mm diameter) × 1
Built-in Speaker: 20 mm (round) × 1
[Other Input/Output]
Camera Remote: Super mini jack (2.5 mm diameter) × 1 (ZOOM, REC S/S)
Mini jack (3.5 mm diameter) × 1 (FOCUS, IRIS)
Super mini jack (2.5 mm diameter) × 1 (CONV.)
LCD monitor: 81.3 mm (3.2 inches), approx. 921,000 pixels, 16:9,
LCD color monitor
Viewfinder: 11.4 mm (0.45 inches), approx. 1,226,000 pixels, 16:9,
LCD color viewfinder
[Standard Accessories]
Accessories: AC adapter with AC power supply cable,
Battery (5400 mAh × 1),
Battery charger with AC power supply cable,
Microphone holder with adapter and screws,
Eye cup, Lens cap, Input terminal cover × 2,
Screw spacer, CD-ROM (contents repair software)


 Optional Accessories

Recommended Microphone

Panasonic AG-AF101
Sennheiser ME66+K6

ME 66 Short gun Microphone Head + K6 Powering Module for Batter/Phantom Powering

ME 66 Short gun Microphone Head

Uncompressed HD  Video Monitor / Recorder-Optional Accessories

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Convergent Design Odyssey 7

Odyssey 7 is a professional 7.7” OLED monitor with high-end monitor features, including Waveform, Zebras, Histogram, Vectorscope, Focus Assist, False Color, Timecode Display and Audio Level Meters, and 1:1 Pixel mode

Convergent Design Odyssey 7



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