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Maxell D-5 1/2" Component Digital Videocassette (Metal Tape)

Digital Videocassette
  • D-5, the ½ inch component digital format, utilizes its high data transfer rate of 301 Mb/s for realizing uncompressed component picture quality for high definition TV.

  • Maxell’s unique 0.1 um New Ceramic Armor Metal Particles exhibit a high magnetic energy, and a new calendaring process for optimizing tape surface smoothness realizes higher short wavelength output and decreased realizes higher short wavelength output and decreased noise.

  • Employs a patented SW (Smooth Winding) reel which maintains extremely precise tape winding.


  Unit Typical Value

Physical Properties

Tape Width mm 12.650
Tape Thickness mm 10.8
Magnetic layer thickness mm 2.8
Base film thickness mm 7.5
Backcoating thickness mm 0.5
Yield strength N (kgf) 17 (1.7)
Breaking strength N (kgf) 34 (3.5)
Magnetic Layer Electrical Resistance W/sq. 1x1010

Magnetic properties

Coercivity (Hc) kA/m (Oe) 148 (1,860)
Retentivity (Br) mT (G) 290 (2,900)



Cassette Size



Recording Time

Tape Length

Cassette Dimensions

Case Dimensions





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296 X 167 X 25

315 X 182 X 34



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212 X 124 X 25

231 X 144 X 33

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