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JVC Professional High Definition Camcorder- Discontinued

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JY-HD10U ( Discontinued )


JVC New Product 2012
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  • High Definition Recording Capability:

    •  720/30P (MPEG2)

    •  480/60P (MPEG2)

  •  High Definition Playback Capability:

    •  1080/60i

    •  720/60P

    •  480/60i

    •  480/60i 4:3

  •  Standard Definiton Recording/Playback too!

    •  480/60i 4:3 Recording on Standard Mini DV Tape

  •  New developed Lens for HD video image x 10, F1.8

  •  Optical image stabilizer system: with on/off switch

  •  New 1/3-inch 1.18 Mega-pixel progressive scan CCD (Single chip)

  •  16:9 still image capture, MPEG-4 clip capture with SD memory card

  •  Real time video streaming possible via USB interface to PC

  •  Pro pad (XLR x2, Microphone holder)

  •  Audio level indicator on LCD monitor,Color Bar

  •  New PC software for MPEG2TS Editing

JVC HDV Recorder Available now CU-VH1 




JVC has made an enormous leap into the future with the world's first affordrable HDTV pro-camcorder. Previously, HDTV camcorders cost well over $50,000, putting them out of the price range of most videographers. With an explosion in HDTV monitors and rear-projectors, there has been a corresponding need for a cost effective way to create HD content, and distribute it to the new generation of displays.

JVC has developed a complete system that answers that need, beginning with the JY-HD10U camcorder. This single-CCD marvel lets you record high definition native 16:9 content in the 1280 x 720Pmode at 30 frames per second. Your recordings are stored on inexpensive, widely available Mini-DV cassettes, capable of up to 63 minutes recording time per cassette. You can play them back directly from the JY-HD10U camcorder onto an HDTV monitor or projector with component inputs, or dub them to the D-VHS format using the IEEE-1394 interface. The results are absolutely startling--like nothing you've ever seen from a camcorder in this price range!

The JY-HD10U can also be used to make beautiful 16:9 progressive scan recordings in the 480/60Pmode--ideal for viewing on today's high quality DVD players. And, of course, you are still able to make standard 480i recordings in the Mini-DV format compatible with a wide range of systems.


How is this all possible?

JVC has been a pioneer in data compression and is one of the original licensors of MPEG compression technology. With the development of a new high definition codec (encoder, decoder) JVC has been able to pack HD recording and playback into this tiny camcorder and use Mini-DV digital cassettes for data storage. JVC uses a newly developed 1/3-inch progressive scan CCD with 1.18 million pixels to create images in the 1280 x 720 format. Using the DV platform as a data storage medium, JVC has enabled bitstream recording of high definition MPEG-2 data, while allowing the camera to perform as a standard Mini-DV camcorder by simply flipping a switch.


Adapted for professional users

The JY-HD10U, while similar to its consumer counterpart, has been beefed up for professional users. We've added the most requested "pro" feature, dual XLR microphone inputs and a holder for professional shotgun microphones. T h e r ' s also a sturdy die-cast handle for stable shooting and carrying.


IEEE-1394 connectivity

The industry compatible iLink (IEEE-1394) connector allows you to transfer your high definition recordings to JVC's D-VHS format for distribution. You can alsoconnet a PC for simple editing of the MPEG-2 recordings.

PAL  JYHD10U, JYHD10E  JY-HD10E offer sell


Signal system:

HD (750/30p; 1280x720p viewable), SD 525/60p ,

NTSC 525/60p Standard signal systems of

Japan /USA


Recording system:

Mini DV format DVC-SD, DVCATV / DVB compliant


Video signal recording:

Digital component recording


Audio signal recording:

MPEG1 Layer2 16bit Stereo1 channel in HD,

SD mode


PCM Digital recording:

16 bit 2 channels,12bit 4 channels in DV mode


Image sensor:

1/3 1,180,000-pixel progressive CCD)

Effective area for motion pictures:

   840,000 pixels in HD mode

   460,000 in SD mode

   340,000 in DV mode



F1.8 F1.9, f 5.2mm ~ 52mm when compared to a

35mm still camera:

  40.3mm ~ 403mm in HD mode

  55mm ~ 550mm in SD mode

  67.8mm ~678mm in DV mode

  Diameter for filter installation: 52mm


Zoom magnification:

10x (optical zoom), 200x (digital zoom)



3.5" color LCD monitor (200,000-pixel

polycrystalline silicon LCD)


0.44" color LCD viewfinder (180,000-pixel LCD)


Power source:

DC 6.3V (using AC Adapter), DC 7.2V (using Battery Pack)


Power consumption:

At HD/SD mode :

  8.0W ( using viewfinder), 9.7W (using LCD monitor)

At DV mode:

  6.8W (using viewfinder), 8.5W (using LCD monitor )


 Still picture compression system:

JPEG compliant, DCF


Still picture recording size:

(When using a memory card)

1280x960 dots

VGA(640x480 dots)

1280x720 dots

 848x480 dots



114.5 (W) x 99 (H) x 271.5 (D) mm

(Including maximum protrusion)



Main unit: Approx. 1,270g

During shooting operation: 1,490g (including

Battery Pack, Mini DV Cassette, and Hand strap)


Input and output terminals:

IEEE 1394 terminal, USB terminal, D terminal,

headphone terminal, microphone terminal,

DC terminal AV/S edit terminal.

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