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IP Network Surveillance for Enterprise- Discontinued

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 Model Line - PVE 400 Series  (Discontinued)

IP Network Surveillance for Enterprise - IP Cameras PVE 400 Series

Wireless Protable Video Encoder/Streamers

PVE400/ PVE400M/ PVE400E are unique portable / wearable video encoders and streamers which can withstand harsh operating environments (IP-65 rated). Users can easily connect a Bullet-Cam, Flir® Thermal Imaging Camera, or any composite video source for real-time A/V compression and network streaming. Supported network streaming protocols include - 10/100 Ethernet, 802.11b/g, wireless MESH and Motorola Expedience®. The PVE400 also supports internal Flash Memory for local 'black-box' storage and a GPS module with Google Earth integration allowing a command center to view, control and track multiple PVE400's from a network connected Computer or Mobile Phone. These compact and portable units are specifically designed to meet the needs of harsh operating conditions or critical/emergency response teams (the demanding Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Tactical Operations and Harsh Environment surveillance communities) and to deliver real-time video and audio information from outdoor environments back to a centrally managed control location in order to communicate true "Point-of-View" situational awareness.

Public Safety and Security
▲Provides robust and reliable, broadband communication
▲Quickly deploy as permanent or temporary wireless video surveillance platform for sporting events, fires, road accidents to emergency response teams
▲Stream live video to and from vehicles in route to, or engaged at an incident site
▲Industrial: Quality inspection and support assistance for large equipment, airplanes, ship building
▲Mining: Video transmission with remote control
▲Military: Training assistance
▲Integrates seamlessly into wide area

Local Government
▲Highly scalable camera solution allows deployment of networks of any size
▲Stream live video to and from vehicles, even while travelling at high speeds
▲Provide improved system management and enhanced rider experience
▲Integrates seamlessly into wide area networks

Deployment Examples
▲Wearable device with head camera
▲Mobile camera on car/bike
▲Mounted on dog or robot for rescue operations
▲Pole mounted fixed IP camera as a wireless router with PTZ interface
▲Wireless data acquisition (sensors, GPS)

Ordering Information:
 - PVE400 – XX -basic kit. Includes PVE400 with integrated 802.11b/g module, bullet camera with Fischer connector, antenna, battery and charger, CD with software/documentation and regional power cord.

 - PVE400M24 – 8G – XX - basic kit. Includes PVE400M with antenna, battery and charger, CD with software/documentation and regional power cord. WMC6300 card must be ordered separately.

 - PVE400E – 8G – XX - basic kit. Includes PVE400E with antenna, battery and charger, CD with software/documentation and regional power cord.

XX - Regional power cord option: EU, AUS, US, UK
**Note: PVE400M – 8G and PVE400E – 8G available only through authorized Motorola distributors


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