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 Model Line - iSP416-PoV

IP Network Surveillance for Enterprise - Gateway Servers iSP416-PoV

       IP Network Surveillance for Enterprise - Gateway Servers iSP416-PoV
16 Channel H.264 Encoder with Power over Video line (Cat 5 - Power)

Convert analog camera streams to IP streams that can interact with powerful IP Network Video Management Software. Easily install and manage unlimited servers via the web. These ready-to-install stand-alone units deliver a reliable enterprise IP Network Surveillance solution with scalability. iSP416-PoV is a stand-alone multi-channel IP networked surveillance encoder using TI DaVinci™ technology for enhanced video monitoring, robust data streaming, and operation reliability. It is a unit that guarantees easy installation and integration with most existing security systems. With iSP416-PoV you can provide a cost effective solution to upgrade any existing DVR system to an IP networked surveillance system without replacing any analog cameras. Simply connect the existing cameras to iSP416-PoV to generate IP video streams. Control individual channels through Milestone XProtect™ or any other IP Video Management Software as desired. In fact, VideoSpider™ VMS enables users to handle networking, storage management, and client-server operations very easily. iSP416-PoV delivers high quality video for all channels – 30 fps H.264 per channel performance. It is a modularized networked video encoder NVE that offers the ability to stream high-quality video over IP LANs, WANs and the Internet using RTSP (over UDP, TCP) and RTMP protocols. iSP416-PoV also includes up to 16-channel audio, alarm, and relay capabilities, thus further enhancing security system functionality. Our Network Video Encoders provide users with local or remote storage possibility for optimal and reliable surveillance data storing without interrupting the streaming process to multiple client all over the world. Local storages (USB HDD, USB Flash) can be directly connected to iSP416-PoV video encoder, while the network storages require NAS (NFS/SMB/CIFS). Configure storages and shared folders via web interface, as well the individual storage options for every channel, event triggered recording on motion, external alarm events, etc. The iSP416-PoV built-in web interface supporting multi-screen capability has a Flash player option compatible with all available browser applications (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera, etc.).



Cost Effective
▲Stand-alone device
▲Option of local (USB) or network storage (NFS/SMB/CIFS)
▲No system installation and integration cost

Easy to Install and Integrate
▲Control and management are easily handled
▲Full control and management via robust embedded web-server
▲PSIA compatible for easy integration with various IP Video Managing Software solutions including Milestone XProtect™
▲Use of RTSP (UDP, TCP) and RTMP protocols for video and audio streaming over network
▲Compatible with external devices, including sensors and relay output

▲Hardware OEM and software SDK options available
▲Easy to integrate into 3rd party web applications via our ActiveX (RTSP) or Adobe Flash Player (RTMP) controls. RTMP streaming does not require any additional client software excepting Adobe Flash Player already installed at 95% of all computers in the whole world

Scalable and Reliable
▲Expands with user's needs and applications
▲Use VideoSpider™ Management Software to build enterprise surveillance system.
▲Flexible with storage, video playback, and system connection
▲Connection to external alarm sensors and relay output
▲Dual streaming support for efficient data storage and transmission

High Quality
▲Real time, hardware H.264 video compression
▲DVD quality

Advanced Image Processing
▲Individual TBC & Advanced Kalman filtering for noise reduction
▲Programmable object tracking
▲Motion detection, blind camera detection, static detection, and signal loss detection

Accessible Remotely
▲Full control and management via web interface
▲Cross-platform web interface - view and administer with various browsers on Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers

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