PowerShot SX100 IS

PowerShot SX100 ISPowerShot SX100 IS

Canon Digital Still Camera

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PowerShot SX100 IS
Canon Digital Still Camera
• A sophisticated, high-power zoom camera so beautifully designed and engineered that virtually anyone can shoot like an expert.
• 2.5” LCD screen with wide viewing angle packed in a compact camera body.
- Night Display function automatically brightens with the subject on LCD screen for easy framing and viewing.

Features :

Superb Image Quality
• Powered by Canon’s proprietary advanced DIGIC III Imaging Processor
- Multiple-face detection
- High speed ISO 1600 shooting
- Red-eye correction
- Low power consumption

Powerful Imaging Performance
• Zoom in and capture distant details with the 10x optical zoom - maximum zoom power of equivalent to 360mm (35mm film equivalent)
• Reduce the AF frame 25% lesser than its original size for precise focusing.
• Lens shift-type Optical Image Stabilizer uses the superior responsiveness of its ceramic ball support system to give you shake-free sharp images.
• In-built High speed ISO 1600 & Auto ISO Shift,
- Fast moving objects
- Low-light conditions
- Flash is prohibited

Perfect People Picture
• Multiple Face Detection intellectually detects and priorities faces in the scene to give you stunningly photograph of subjects’ faces with sharpness and the right exposure.
• Face Detection AE cleverly adjusts to the ideal exposure setting for that perfectly lit face.
• Face Detection FE captures your main subject in the most flattering light regardless of your subject’s clothing or environment.
• Correct and eliminate Red-Eye on your subject during playback.
• NEW Face Select and Track lets you select and focus on your choice subject of your photograph.

Ease of operations
• Mode dial provides easy access to a variety of shooting modes.
- Manual: P, Tv, Av and M
- Point-and-shoot Automatic: Auto
- Preprogrammed scenes: Portrait, Landscape, Night Snapshot, Kids and Pets, Indoor, Special Scene*, Stitch Assist and Movie
• Special Scene Mode: Foliage, Snow, Beach, Fireworks, Indoor, Night Scene and Aquarium
• My Colors Mode: Neutral, Sepia, Black and White, Vivid & Custom Color




   PowerShot SX100 IS PowerShot SX100 IS


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