PowerShot S5 IS

PowerShot S5 ISPowerShot S5 IS

Canon Digital Still Camera

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PowerShot S5 IS
Canon Digital Still Camera
Features :

High Image Quality
• 8.0 megapixel CCD with maximum resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels, for large impressive high-resolution prints.
• Powered by Canon’s exclusive DIGIC III Imaging Processor for superior image quality. It boasts significant improvements in delivering images with razor sharp clarity and lifelike color reproduction in accelerated processing speed.

User-Friendly Design
• 2.5” vari-angle color LCD monitor with wide viewing angle for easy composition and viewing of images at difficult angles.

Multiple Face Detection Technology
• Incorporates the Face Detection AF, Face Detection AE and Face Detection FE, which work hand-in-hand to capture stunning photos of subjects’ faces with sharpness and right exposure easily.
- Face Detection AF: Detects as many as 9 subjects’ faces in a picture. If no faces are detected the AF system automatically switched to the conventional 9-point AiAF setting.
- Face Detection AE: Focus and exposure are controlled and set correctly for capturing the human face so that the subject’s best expression is not missed.
- Face Detection FE: Flash brightness and exposure automatically adjusted to ideal levels
• Enables Red eye correction during playback
• Keep subject in focus by tracking the faces even during movie recording.

Superb Optical Performance
• Retractable 12x optical zoom, with up to 48x combined zoom, empowers you to zoom into action over a wide shooting range.
• The lens is capable of achieving high imaging quality over the entire zoom range, hence ensuring the camera’s optimum performance under a variety of shooting conditions – especially good for sports photography.

Optical Image Stabilizer
• The optical image stabilizer helps to eliminate camera shake and enables shooting of sharp images even when shooting subjects that are moving or when shooting from a moving vehicle.
- There are 4 control settings under the Image Stabilizer (IS) function:
1. Off - IS mode is not operational
2. Continuous - Operates in previewing or shooting mode. It eliminates the problem of camera shake even when shooting a distant subject at high zoom settings as image check can be done before pressing the shutter button.
3. Shoot only - Operates when shutter button is fully depressed. Prevents ‘seasickness effect’ caused by unnatural movement of the image on the monitor.
4. Panning - Operates only when camera movement in the up/down direction is detected. Very useful for shooting action packed scenes.




PowerShot S5 IS  


Amazing Beautiful Stills
• Photo in Movie function enables shooting of high resolution stills during movie recording, hence saving the hassle of switching modes for different operations.
• Enjoy smooth continuous shooting at the same speed until the SD memory card is full (depends on the type of SD card, number of recording pixels and compression rate setting).
• Features an improved shutter drive mechanism with shutter speeds ranging from 15 sec to 1/3200 sec.
• Manual pop-up flash gives full control of the flash.

Stereo Movie Recording and Sound Recording Capability
• Movie recording up to 4GB or 60mins
 • Sound recording up to 2hrs of continuous sound recording

Safety Zoom
• Intelligently transits seamlessly from optical to digital zoom without deterioration in image quality.

16:9 Widescreen
• Shoot, view and print still images in 16:9 widescreen format.
• Choose to view 16:9 letterbox format in LCD monitor and even on a conventional 4:3 TV.
• Print 16:9 widescreen format when connected to Canon CP printers using Canon’s wide size papers.
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