PowerShot G11

PowerShot G11PowerShot G11

Canon Digital Still Camera

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PowerShot G11
Canon Digital Still Camera
Continuing the Canon G-Series Legacy … The Mastery of Image Quality, Functionality and Performance.
• The fourth-generation PowerShot G11 continues the Canon’s G-series legacy as the camera that supports and nurtures creativity with a full range of shooting and recording modes and compatibility with exciting accessories including Speedlite flashes.

Dual Anti-Noise System
• The new Dual Anti-Noise system comprising of Canon’s proprietary DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor and a high-sensitive CCD to deliver crisp, clear images in all demanding lighting situations.

Improved Smart Auto Mode
• Smart Auto mode is improved with Servo AF/AE. Camera automatically tracks moving subjects when you half pressed the shutter button.
• Smart Auto mode uses both Scene Detection and Face Detection technologies to detects subject (people/item) and determine subject brightness, contrast, distance, overall hue and motion. The mode can also differentiate between day-time and low-light (night time) scenarios for an effortless capture of the perfect picture.
• The Smart Auto mode intelligently selects the proper settings for the camera based on 22 pre-defined shooting situations.

5x Optical Zoom, 28mm Wide Angle and OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer)
• Highly versatile camera with a wide-angle zoom lens that reaches all the way from 28mm at the wide end to 5x optical zoom (28mm – 140mm) at the telephoto end (35mm format equivalent). You'll capture more in every shot, and add greater depth to your overall photography.
• Canon’s superior Linear Lens system with lens-shift-type image stabilizer enables you to shoot distant subjects with razor-sharp precision.
• Digital teleconverter and safety zoom functions allow you to double your zoom power with uncompromised image quality.

Full Range of Shooting and Recording Modes Including RAW + JPEG for The Ultimate Creative Control.
• In RAW mode, images are recorded without modification and as the files are unprocessed, colours can be manipulated to precise requirements before converted to TIFF or JPEG.
• To edit, use Canon’s DPP image adjustment software.
• The camera can also be set to allow the simultaneous recording of both RAW and JPEG images while shooting.

Full Fledge Shooting Mode
• Movie Recording - Smooth 30fps, high quality movie clips in smaller file sizes while retaining all startling details and sparkling colour.
• SCN - Instant access to 17 different scene modes.
• Quick shot - Quick Shot utilizes the optical viewfinder. Shooting is possible immediately after pressing the shutter button halfway.
• Low Light (NEW) - Maximum ISO speed of ISO 12800, you can capture the atmosphere of dark scenes even when shooting without the flash. (up to 2.5mp)
• Auto - The camera chooses all the settings so you can concentrate on your subject.
• P (Program) - Access advanced exposure compensation features while shooting mostly
• Tv (Shutter speed priority) - Create a flowing effect to express the passage of time with moving subjects.
• Av (Aperture Priority) - Set the aperture to create the depth of field (the area of focus) and the camera automatically selects the shutter speed.
• M (Manual) - Full creative control to capture images that best express your vision rather than leave the controls to the camera.

Hot Shoe
• Enables attachments to Canon’s Speedlite EX series of flashes when requiring advanced lighting techniques to create powerful, breathtaking images.


    PowerShot G11


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