PowerShot A550

PowerShot A550PowerShot A550

Canon Digital Still Camera

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PowerShot A550
Canon Digital Still Camera
Features :

High Image Quality
• 7.1 megapixel CCD for high-resolution images.
• Retractable 4x optical zoom with 4x digital zoom.
• high ISO 800 reduces camera shake and blurring of fast-moving subjects even in low-light condition.
• Powered by Canon proprietary DIGIC II Imaging Processor for high-definition images with natural colour reproduction and razor sharp clarity at accelerated processing speed, even under high ISO shooting.
• Uses Optical Zoom Viewfinder to save battery life and help to focus better in dark condition and bright sunlight.

User Friendly Design
• Attractive light gray silver color.
• Large 2.0” LCD monitor with
- Night Display function which automatically brightens the subject on the LCD to improve visibility.

16:9 Widescreen Still Shooting
• Shoot, view and print still images in 16:9 widescreen format.
• Choose to view 16:9 widescreen format in LCD monitor and even on conventional 4:3 TV.
• Print 16:9 widescreen format when connected to Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printers* using Canon’s wide size papers.

Point & Shoot Simplicity
• 9-point AiAF (auto-focusing) or single point AF (fixed to center) ensures the subject is sharply focused even if it is not in the center.
• 13 shooting modes including 5 special scene modes.
• The Special Scene modes are pre programmed camera settings for specific shooting conditions: Fireworks, Snow, Beach, Indoor, Kids & Pets, Night Snapshot, Foliage.
• Vertical/ Horizontal Gridline Display for easy photo composition and framing.
• Smooth Continuous Shooting capability to shoot continuously at the same speed until the memory card is full.
(Depends on the type of memory card/no of recording pixels/compression rate settings)
• Self-timer function with Custom Timer, which can set a delay between 0-10secs, 15s, 20s and 30s and number of shots from 1-10.

Movie Recording
• 5 Movie Modes: Compact/Standard/ Fast Frame Rate
• Approx. 4x digital zooming while shooting of movies (only in Standard mode).
• Record movies continuously up to a max. of 1 GB or 60mins.
(Depends on the memory card capacity and data writing speed.)

Selectable Lens Retraction Timing
• Choose to retract the camera lens at 1 min or even at 0 sec.
• Protect the lens from being scratched when not in shooting mode.



PowerShot A550


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