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  • Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera
    Blackmagic Micro Camera
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  • Micro Cinema Camera: Features

    - Extremely Customizable Design
    - Revolutionary Expansion Port
    - Remote Monitoring
    - Transmit and monitor video wirelessly!
    - Wide dynamic range and global shutter!
    - Interchangeable Lenses
    - High quality audio recording with built in or external microphones
    - Use removable batteries or DC power sources

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    Philippines - Manila
    Indonesia - Jakarta
    India - Chennai

  • Optional Accessories
    Sony Headphone
    Sony MDR-7506


    Buy Sell Sale Sony MDR-7506

The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera has been described as the world's smallest, open and customizable camera by just taking the first glance at it, there is truth in this. This miniature Super 16mm has been designed to capture images in any condition. It is a professional digital camera that comes with built-in ProRes and RAW recording capabilities, is equipped with an MFT lens and has 13 dynamic range stops. The Micro Cinema Camera is designed to capture images in areas where other professional digital cameras wouldn't dare be used.

Top Features

One of the most sellable aspects of the Micro Cinema Camera is its design. With a uniquely expanded port that combines well with its advanced miniaturization, the carefully crafted design of the camera makes it possible for personalization of rigs and remote operation and monitoring. The body is slightly larger than the Micro Four Third Lens mounting, and this effectively ranks it the smallest camera that comes equipped with a professional lens. It is created for outdoor shooting with the combination of both strong and lightweight magnesium alloys ensuring its durability. It has front buttons that allow for its operation when mounted and if completely out of reach, you can control it remotely.

The camera has a 16mm sensor and an impressive global shutter of up to 30 frames per second (fps). This shutter acts as a still camera by exposing a full image at the same instance, and this allows for non-distorted or rippled images as compared to those captured by rolling shutters. This also allows the Micro Cinema Camera to be as effective in low lighting as it is in favorable shooting conditions.

The lenses of this digital camera are interchangeable, and you can use a wide number of professional and high-performance photographic lenses. Better, you can control the Focus, Iris, and Zoom functionalities remotely and this ensures that you can get the perfect lens for even the toughest image capturing jobs and still deliver.  The Micro Cinema Camera is capable of recording high-quality audio and has a port for using external microphones too. The Omni-directional stereo microphone has mechanical design features that allow for noise filtering.

Other Important Features

With Canon compatible LP-E6 batteries, the worry for power is eliminated as the batteries are rechargeable and easily removable hence an extra battery pack can be carried. For long shoots, the camera can be plugged into DC power using the standard AC power connector provided.

The Micro Cinema Camera can make wireless video transmission up to 300 feet away using the RF-Link and Nyrius video transmitters. The camera can also be monitored remotely by use of low-cost external video transmitters.

Users can create custom cables that can be attached to the expansion port and unique access functionalities of the camera.

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  • URSA PL Shim Set
    Blackmagic URSA PL Shim Set

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  • URSA Shoulder Mount Kit 
    Blackmagic URSA Shoulder Mount Kit

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  • URSA VLock Battery Plate
    Blackmagic URSA V-Lock Battery Plate

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  • Alphatron EVF
    Alphatron EVF-035W-3G

    Model :EVF-035W-3G
    Electronic Viewfinder
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