Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Action Cam

Big, wide world
Kodak’s innovative Pixpro SP360-4K Action Cameras has opened the door to remarkable 360° immersive videos, creating a cost-effective entry point into the world of VR for a fresh generation of filmmakers footage
Kodak SP360 4K Action Camera

With the level of interest in the world of 360 and VR increasing by the day, the arrival of the highly innovative Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K Action Camera is timely in the extreme, and it offers the filmmaker a headache-free route into this exciting arena at an affordable price. Previously 360° panoramic photography required users to possess advanced technique, specialised equipment and multiple cameras: with the arrival of the Kodak Pixpro SP360- 4K everything has moved on and so much more is now possible.

Naturally, for a product that’s right at the cutting edge of technology, the appearance of the camera is somewhat space age, being an unconventional square with a dome-shaped f/2.8 lens. There are neither conventional controls nor a viewfinder: instead the camera comes with integrated Wi-Fi and NFC, allowing it to be used with the PixPro Android and iOS apps, and these allow you to access ten different viewing modes, including LiveView, Dome and Panorama, plus a motion detection feature. For serious filmmakers the good news is that this is a powerful piece of kit that offers – as the name suggests - a 4K still image burst mode as well as timelapse video. It comes with the ability to capture a 360° field of view in multiple directions and can be panned not only 360° horizontally, but also up and down
with a host of different vantage points and views for playback post capture. Extra appeal is provided by the fact that it’s easy to use and is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand or inside a pocket for extreme portability.

“The Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K is set to revolutionise video recording and how you see and experience the world around you,” says Mariame Cisse, marketing manager of JK Imaging Ltd, the privately held company that, through a global licensing agreement with Kodak, is manufacturing and selling the company’s branded digital imaging products. “This is the next step to Evolution for 360° cameras: you can now create the most pristine videos and photos in 4K and even direct and act in your own VR movie.”

The Power of 360 What is truly exciting about 360 and VR filmmaking is the fact that it’s not some far-fetched vision of the future that won’t be here for years to come: instead, it’s here already and more and more cutting edge filmmakers are looking to get involved. And who is the potential audience for this footage? Well, just forget for a moment all of those visions of having to wear a pair of goggles to access this medium. They help, of course, and undoubtedly make the experience more immersive, but they’re not compulsory and many people are accessing 360 fotage on their phone or laptops, moving the device to explore the virtual world they’re entering.

“Opens all kinds of creative and commercial doors, and it’s up to the filmmaker to explore the possibilities”
Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Action Cam
YouTube has been quick to see the potential for this format and it already offers support for 360 videos, with growing numbers now being hosted on its site. Google has now recognised the Pixpro SP360 as being one of only a handful of devices that can create material for this outlet, and by using the Pixpro free PC and Mac desktop editing software filmmakers can directly transcribe any video created with a press of a single button to the YouTube 360° format and upload content seamlessly to their YouTube Channel, creating Virtual Reality movies.
Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K Action Cam
This kind of ability opens all kinds of creative and commercial doors, and it’s up to the individual filmmakers to explore the possibilities. The fact that this lightweight and rugged device is termed an action cam points to the fact that it was originally conceived as a camera that would appeal to the sporting community, who would be able to use it to record their adventures in a remarkably inclusive way. Other uses that have also been explored include estate agents using the camera to record the interior of properties they have for sale so that customers can virtually visit a property, while others have seen the Kodak Pixpro SP360-4K as the perfect security camera, given its motion detection feature and the breadth of its field of view. Its ability to offer split viewing 180-180° also allows it to be used as a dashboard camera in the car to record the subject and everything around you.

Another really useful feature of the camera is its video conferencing that, together with LiveView, enables participants to see in real time the world around them and to be a part of it. Distance is no longer a limit, and the ability to bring others into your world is another key benefit of the camera.

Extra flexible
It’s a fact that once something really innovative has made an appearance it’s not long before accessories appear that stretch the boundaries of what it can do still further. And although it’s still a relatively new model the Pixpro SP360-4K already comes with a wide range of attachments that range from a waterproof housing – up to 60m – through to a flat adhesive suction mount and a remote applications is a sign of the times and it’s one area where our 360° VR cameras and technical advantages are poised to make a huge impact, The ability to use only two SP360-4K cameras on a SOLO drone to capture full spherical 360° video is a game changer.

The SP360-4K AERIAL Pack is available at afforable price and comes with two SP360-4K VR cameras, a made for SOLO Dual Camera Drone Mount that places an SP360-4K on the top of the drone and one on the bottom, two standard housing mounts, dual camera mount, selfie pole, suction cup mount, and an RF Remote Control, to synch and control multiple devices (up to eight SP360 4K-VR cameras) for those wanting to record and render full 360° interactive spherical video.

Sensor: 12 megapixels, BSI CMOS
Lens: Fixed focus lens (f/2.8) that takes 360° spherical images
Viewing options: Dome (235°), Front, Global (360°), Ring, Segment (180° front and 180°rear) or Panorama mode
Movie formats : High speed videos 1280x720 (120fps); plays back with normal 50fps speed. 4K HD videos
Dimensions (WxHxD): 46.5x50x53mm/1.8x1.9x2in
Weight: 121g/4.2oz